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The Garage Owner Put Up $100,000N.T from His Own Pockets Per Month to the Meals-for-the-Poor Free-of-Charge Program

Someone who is using everything he has to help others in need, a story of hope here, and he’d, given a whole lot to this free meals program for those in need, found the shops that are willing to come onboard this meal program he’d started on his own, off of the Newspapers, translated…

The garage owner of Xinyi District in Taipei, Weng started up the “suspended meal” packed lunches, he said, that the Xinyi District isn’t as glitter or golden as the outside believed it to be, there are many who are in need of assistance there, he’d put up $50,000N.T.s to $60,000N.T.s for the charitable causes, and, as the pandemic hit hard, he’d put up more than $100,000N.T.s, “my wife fought with me on this”, and he only hopes that the world can have more warmth, to show more care and concerns for those around.

Weng doesn’t work in the food industries, and so, he’d worked alongside the food shops, those who are in need can go to his garage to pick up a business card, and take the business card to the shop that are working with his garage, to get the free meals, and the shop would tally up the tabs, and at the end of the month, he’d gone to the shops to pay up the tabs.

the photo of the man…

in his garage…from UDN.com

When asked of his providing the free meals to those in need from two years ago, he’d told, that back then, the pandemic starting caused a ton of troubles for the livelihoods, the shop where his garage ordered the lunches went out of business, there were also those around him whom had lost their jobs during the outbreaks, it’d made him realized, that there are a lot who needed help around him.  And so, he’d found the shops that are willing to work with him and notified the online community of the meals-for-free for those in need, “There are too many trolls online, a lot of those who are in need don’t dare asking help as they are in need of it.

Weng found that the number of those in need of the free meals are increasing, and started, expanding his “jurisdiction”, brought the program to Shijr, Nangang, Songshan, and other districts of Taipei.  Other than the free meals, he’d also shipped out the boxes of items for those who are in need free of charge.

He’d spent more than $100,000N.T. by the month as the outbreaks were hitting the country hard, and currently, the pandemic slowed down a bit, and, he’d spent around $50,000N.T. per month right now, he’d even used the unused space of his own garage for the storage of the goods he is shipping out.

And so, this is an amazing man, who’d noted the needs of the world around him, and, without any hesitation, he’d started, gathering the resources, found those who are like him, willing and able to, help out, and together, he and his group are, making a huge difference, especially right now, as the outbreaks are still, hitting very hard, and, not all of us have steady jobs, to put the food we need on our, tables here.

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A Woman Who Looked After Someone at the Hospitals, Free of Charge

Giving, without wanting OR expecting anything in return, knowing that she’d made a difference, that, was enough for her, translated…

Awhile ago, I’d gone often, to the hospital, to visit my relative who fell ill, I saw a plain-looking, smiling older woman, in and out of the ward close by.  I’d heard the head nurse told, that this woman helped as a bedside assistance, but doesn’t charge the people who looked after, she specializes in caring for those who couldn’t afford to hire a bedside assistant, or those elderly who lived alone, and, the days passed by quickly.

I was in awe, at how much she was willing to give to the world, after all, most who’d worked as an around-the-clock caretaker do it for the money, but she had, taken care of the ill, whom she’d never been in contact from before, free of charge, she could be an angel for all we know.

Later on, as I’d struck up a conversation with her, I’d learned, that she’d worked as a manager for the banking systems and had once, walked on Wall Street too, and now she’s retired, she’d become a volunteer caretaker.

Reason why there was this drastic change to her life was because as she’d started working, she’d fallen super ill, and, because there was, a kind volunteer who looked after her, that, was how she was able to recover; and ever since, she’d made up her mind, that one day, she will, give back to the world.  As she was working, she’d often donate her wages to the hospitals, to help those who are too poor to pay for the treatments; after she retired, she’d had the time, and earned her caretaker’s certification.

In the hospitals, I’d often seen the family members showing their gratitude toward the older woman, she’d always replied that it was no big deal, that helping the patients make their full and speedy recovery, is what she’d wished for.  All of these family members and patients all promised her, that they will cherish each and every day from now on, working hard, to give back to the world, that her heart on them, will not, go to waste.

The older woman said, although being a volunteer caretaker doesn’t pay, and she’d often had to take money out of her own pockets, but she felt fulfilled on the inside; being able to help someone else heal up, so they’d start smiling once more, it’d made her life filled with meanings.  I believe, that in everybody’s thoughts, she had managed, to plant some kindness, and, one day in the future, these fruits of kindness will eventually be reaped, making this world even better.

And so, this, is how an act of kindness can affect someone else, and change into many, many, many acts of kindness, the cycle of kindness is rolling, because of this woman’s own life experiences, and her willingness to give back to the world that we live in.

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Her Angel in Green Uniform…Delivered the Groceries for Her for Five Years on End

There’s still kindness in the world that we’re living in, despite how many pieces of bad news are out there, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A woman diagnosed with cerebral palsy, Pan, who lives alone in Sanchong, had met a post office worker, Wang, when she’d dropped off a package awhile ago, and, for the five years since, other than picking up her packages, Wang also delivered rice, vegetables to Pan regularly, when Pan had a stroke, Wang had gone to the hospitals to visit her three times, even helped pay for her fees for the hospital stays, causing Pan to be moved by his kindness.

The fifty-nine year-old Pan dropped off a package five years ago at the post office, the post office didn’t have the handicapped railings, she couldn’t get into the building, and waited outside anxiously, and, Wang happened to pass through, not only did he help her mail her package back then, he’d also promised, “In the future, you don’t need to come to the post office, just call us up, and, we’ll come and pick up your packages.”

Because Wang had interacted with those who are disabled regularly, he’d gotten a few friends to set up a compassion group together, and, everybody from the group would put in donations of one to two thousand dollars a month, to get donated perishable items such as rice, crackers, and they’d taken the time away from work, to deliver the items to the area’s elderly who lived along, single mothers.  And, every year right before the New Year’s, Pan would buy wholesale snacks, and sell them, when he’s busy, working at the post office, he’d asked along his friends and relatives to help him out, to shop together as a group, helped Pan get her sales quota of over twenty thousand dollars a month, Pan wanted to give him some good in return, but he’d insisted on paying her for it, “She’s making a living the hard way, I should not take advantage of her.”

Wang said, that as a mail carrier, he’d trekked all over, and, it’s no trouble at all, for him to go out of his way, to see if someone needed extra help, several of the elderly in the community whom he’d treated like fathers had passed away one by one, and, he’d carried the mails from their homes that could no longer be received, and felt sad about it.  This also made him realized, that he must take advantage of now.

And so, this man had shown care and concern to others, helped a handicapped woman with delivery and receiving of her items, and this stemmed from his empathy, because he saw that there’s a need, therefore, he’d gathered a group of individuals who are willing to help out too, and, they’re doing a ton of good.

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The Santa Claus from the Orphanage


Last year on Christmas Eve, I went to an orphanage to see a magic show.  The beautiful and graceful female magician was amazing in her magic tricks, making the children intrigued.

Afterwards, the grand finale, she’d metamorphosed in the midst of white smoke, and became a Santa Claus, carrying a huge bag made from yarn.  The elderly person took out several gift-wrapped boxes, and, handed them out, one by one.

This Santa Claus, I’d known him since he was in his elementary school years, he’d often made the top score in his class, had won numerous awards for representing his school in competitions, is very passionate about helping others, is a role model for his fellow classmates.  I’d originally thought, that he must’ve had a good family background, for him to have become so very well-rounded, but, at the carnival, I’d found, that it wasn’t really so at all.  The one who represented him to the carnival, was a kind nun, someone he’d called “headmistress”.  Surrounding the nun, other than him, were students from other classes.  That, was when I’d learned, that he had grown up in the orphanage, not knowing who his parents were, to him, the nuns who looked after him, is the best kind of parenting he’d ever gotten.

In middle school, he’d performed outstandingly, gotten into his first choice high school, then, he’d moved out of the orphanage, he’d part-timed his way through school, after a few years, he’d relied on himself, for his own living expenses, and could still handle his own coursework, received the scholarship moneys from the public university each and every semester he’d attended.  Several years after he’d started working, he’d accumulated some wealth, and started a business with a couple of his coworkers, and, his company is up and running quite well.

And, when the time permitted him to, he’d returned back to the orphanage to help out, whether it be donations of money, of goods, or performing at events, you’d see him there, participating.  A female classmate who belonged to the same magic club he was in during his college career would often accompany him back, and slowly, she was moved, by his kindness, and, end up, marrying him, and, the place they got married WAS at the church of the orphanage, with the woman in charge of the orphanage as the matron of honor.

To him, the days he lived at the orphanage, it was Christmas every single day, he’d made a wish, that he wanted to become Santa, to bring joys to the kids, to allow the kids to feel, that the warmth of the world is surrounding them.

The kids all rushed up towards him, wanted his autograph, treated him like a super star.  I couldn’t help, but believe, that so long as you have a heart that shares the love, and, actions that showed that you cared, anybody CAN become Santa.

And so, this is the story of a man, returning the kindness shown to him by the nuns at the orphanage where he grew up, back to the orphanage, this, is a great way, to make a difference in the lives of other children who were like him, to give back to the community, using what one has.

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The Moving Tale of a Second-Year Middle School Student Helped Her Mother Win Back a Washer

On helping out, from the Online Papers, translated…

The second-year middle school student, Huang is a Tae Kwon Do competitor, his mother, Feng-Mei Chen is a foreign bride from Vietnam, because of domestic violence, she had filed for a restraining order, and filed for divorce with her husband, raising up three kids on her own.

Huang felt bad for her mother having to raise them, work, and because they couldn’t afford a washer, in the evenings, when his mother had to do the laundry by hand, her hands would freeze and become red, she’d written an essay, for the “Newly Migrated Spouses and Children, to Build Dreams”, he’d written down the moving story, hoped that she could win the prize money, and buy his mom a washer, his story moved the readers.

The man in charge of the Office of Immigrations went to the house, gave the family a brand new washer, it’d made Chen moved to tears.  

Huang who took up Tae Kwon Do had won numerous medals, and hoped to become a representative to compete on the nation’s behalf, and even, becoming a coach, to change his household economics.

“We FINALLY have a washer now, and mom won’t freeze her hand doing the laundry anymore!”, the fourteen-year-old signed up for the “The Plans for Dream Building of Newly Migrated People and Their Children”, his essay won a special prize in the individual group, the man in charge of the local immigrations offices, Mo went personally, to the Huang’s household in Hsinbei City, gave the family a brand new washer, as Huang’s mother, Chen saw the washer, she was so surprised, and she’d started crying, because of how considerate her son was.

Mo said, seeing Chen cry, he too, was moved as well, because she had to take care of her three children on her own regularly, but she’d still made the time, to volunteer at her kids’ schools, and, in the poverty stricken conditions that she was living in, she’d still had the mind, and the heart, to help others, that it was, very hard to come by.

And so, this, is how a single mother’s tale got known, because her son’s considerations for her, and, this mother managed to raise a very good child, despite the badness of her own life, and that, is resilience, as she was able, to rise up from above.

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Having a New Year’s Eve Meal with the Families that Aren’t as Fortunate as We are

A cycle of kindness is still rolling here, translated…

Awhile ago, my old friend, Chong called to ask, “this year, on New Year’s, a group of us will be doing as we’d done the past years, set up a ‘love & concern” group, to visit the less fortunate families, are you interested in going with us too?” without a second thought, I’d said yes.

It’s because that these couple of years, before the New Year’s holidays, I’d always gone to the schools I’d worked in to hand out scholarship money to the outstanding children who are from poverty stricken backgrounds, although I didn’t give them much, but, seeing the faces of those children lighting up, I’m very happy too.  AT the end of last year, when my group of old acquaintances saw that Lucky Buns who’s in Taipei had put up the money, to host a banquet for the homeless, it’d initiated our caring and concerning hearts too, and I’d gotten into the program, of lighting up the less fortunate families’ lives, and gotten involved too.

Recalling how a week before the Chinese New Year last year, the twelve of us became a “Love & Care and Concern” team, we’d started discussing, how we’re going to start the projects, other than the twelve of us who’d put up a set amount, as the red envelopes for the elderly who lived alone, we’d gone on visits to our friends and families, to get their unneeded items, including quilts, coats, and rice, etc., etc., etc., which met the needs of these low income households the most.  And, in the end, in no more than three days’ time, we’d gotten a truckload of donated clothes and rice, as well as other supplies too.  Then, we’d started making the deliveries to the single-parent households, the poorer families in our communities, and handed the items to them, they were so very surprised to receive the donated goods, kept saying, “we’re so surprised, can’t believe, that someone out there had remembered us.”, and they’d said thank you endless to us.

Of them all, we’d found that some of the elderly who lived along were immobilized, and their living quarters were somewhat messy, and, we’d taken the chance that we were all there, to help them tidy up, and posted the red celebratory paper strips on their doors for them, and had prepared the New Year’s Eve meals for them too.  We separated ourselves into six groups, and headed to the homes of six elderly who lived alone, to share the New Year’s Eve meals with them, I saw the elderly of about eighty, with tears of joy in his eyes, pulled on our hands, kept saying, “We hadn’t had this sort of heartwarming holiday since a very long time ago!”, hearing them claim that, we’d all felt, that what we did, was something meaningful too.

Yes, I think I’ll participate in this sort of meaningful thing again, it’ll start off my brand new year with a good note!

And so, you got the thought, of showing cares and concerns for someone who needs, and, in the end, they were not the only ones who benefitted from your assistance, you’d also felt more fulfilled, because you’d given back to the world, using what you have, doing what you can…

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A Man Who’s Been Paralyzed for Thirty Years Saved Up on His Disability Payment, and Managed to Help Those Physically Handicapped Find Work with the Money from His Own Disability Payment

Helping out in his own way, even though, he’s immobilized, a story of inspiration, translated…

A man who lives in Da-An District, Lin, thirty years ago, while he was serving in the armed forced, he’d become a quadriplegic from a diving accident, and for years on end, he could only live on his own bed.  But he’s still filled with hope for his own life, and used empathy, to show cares and concerns for people who are handicapped, in a year’s time, he’d managed to save up over ten thousand dollars from his assistance from the armed forces along with the government, and worked alongside the super convenience shops, to provide temporary jobs for those with handicaps.

In recent days, Lin was hospitalized because he wasn’t feeling well, needed a respirator.  The office manager of the Da-An District Offices, Su said, that Lin helped in silence, if his kindness can be known to the world, and, it might help initiate more of the world to help out too.

Through his friends, Lin learned, that a super convenience shop in Zhudong provided temp jobs for those with handicaps, that they’d wanted to help out too.  Although he was without a job, and didn’t have a stable source of income, but he’d still every penny he possibly could, and donated the amounts he’d saved up, to the program in the Family Mart, to offer as the payments for the temporary workers with disabilities.

The store manager said that he was in awe at how Lin who’d handicapped himself, and still showed care and concerns for the world, that the shop had continually offered positions for those with disabilities, especially for the individuals with the mental problems, because it would be harder for them to adapt to working in the real workforce, and, the shop, other than allowing them to make their own ways, there would be shoppers who helped the workers out too.

Su said, Lin had a bedside assistance to help take care of his daily living, and the Department of Armed Services had also called upon those younger generations who are serving alternatively, to go to his home, to help flip him over, to massage his limbs, along with the necessities of his daily living, and had accompanied him on using iPad to see the world, to make his world less boring.

Su said, that Lin wanted to remain anonymous in his good deeds, believed that he was only putting up little that he could, but the families and the personnel at the land offices all consoled him, that if someone like him who’s a paraplegic can help someone out, he should open up about his story, so, it could inspire more to lend a helping hand.

And so, we have a man, who wanted to, and actually managed to help, because of his own situation, it’d given him the empathies toward those who are handicapped, and, he was driven, to help out in any way he could, and, although he’s immobilized, he’s still making a difference, this, is a story that, hopefully can and will inspire!

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Turning a Love on a Smaller Scale into a Grander Scheme

The stories in the neighborhood, translated…

Yesterday afternoon, I’d taken along three bowls of noodles to visit Grandma Chang, my neighbor, and because her foreign aide doesn’t eat pork, so, I’d bought a vegetarian noodle soup for the help.

Seeing how Grandma Chang look so happy as she ate the food I brought over for her, I felt well too.  At age eighty something she’s no longer that swift on her arms and legs, but she’s still very energetic.  Last year, she’d fallen ill, and, there was a kind relative who’d found her a nurse’s aide, to accompany and take care of her.

Many years ago, after Grandma Chang’s husband passed away, he’d left over a million dollars of assets after the funeral, and, she’d donated the amount to the schools using her husband’s name, as scholarship money for students who were raised in poverty.

Back then, she wasn’t able to conceive, they’d adopted a daughter, and her husband loved this daughter, provided for her until after college, later, the daughter got married, once, she’d told her husband, “my mom has just me as her daughter, her assets will go to me in the future anyway!”, and this, made Grandma Chang unhappy.

Once she’d gone to stay with her daughter, and her son-in-law told her, “Mom, sell the property, and move in with us!”

The very next day, she’d packed up her things, and never went to her daughter’s again.  Later on, she’d given a little over a million dollars to her child, told her to leave her alone!

One day, I’d even heard her tell her relatives, “after I died, donate ALL of my assets and my property, to a certain not-for-profit organization.”

And so, this elderly woman, does NOT leave ANY of her money, to her adopted daughter, which she shouldn’t, as the daughter only had the eyes SET on the assets, that, was why she’s being kind to this elderly woman, and, this daughter IS an ingrate, she not only didn’t show ANY sign of gratitude for the couple for adopting her, putting her through school, she’d had her eyes set on the elderly woman’s property, no WONDER the elderly woman is angry!

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The End of Year Company Parties Asked the Literary & Art Groups to Come Along, to Help Children in Distant Areas Chase Their Dreams

Giving back to the community, to help those in need, good deeds, caught on “camera” here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The atmosphere of which company has the best kind of end-of-year meal is slowly turning around.  The UDN Group is putting forth the “Not-For-Profit End of Year Company Parties”, hoping that the leaders in the industries can start being an example, to make these not-for-profit end of year company parties into a trend, to make a better reputation for the enterprises of being aloof and cold.

The concepts of this not-for-profect end of year company parties took a total of over two months, gotten over forty extracurricular organizations from the elemegtary school and middle schools, and had these groups from the school perform at company end-of-year banquets.  Not only was this act allowing the children from those distant schools to have a stage to perform on, the money they’d received can also be put into furthering these performance programs in the future too.

The CFO of the UDN Cultural Foundation, Chiu pointed out yesterday, that there are already twelve companies that put forth the funding, to support the activities; and these companies will also be providing for the transportations for these kids to go to perform, and, the schools who were given the opportunities to do this include the Ching-Ai Elementary School’s Orchestra in Nantou, the Arts and Cultural Clubs from elementary schools in Taidong and Taoyuan.

Chiu said, all the company needs to do, is to save up on some of the costs they use to get the foods from their year-end parties, then, they can show support to more organizations such as these.  He’d stated, that in the past, a lot of the companies would hire the performing singers or actors, and if these enterprises would be willing to change their ways, start inviting the schools’ performance arts community to come, then, it not only adds the artistry, but also, it could help out, and rid these large-scale companies of their aloof or extravagant images to the world.

And so, this, would be a great way, to help out, after all, we ALL know that these big-shot companies can afford to ask along those famous actors, actresses, singers, groups or whatever to perform at their year-end company functions, but, why not spend just a portion of that money, and hire those distant region school kids to perform, that way, they’d be helping out with the schools, and, it would have more artistry, even though these children are NOT professional performers, it would be meaningful, compared to hiring those bigshot performers to come………

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Seven Hundred Hand-Knitted Hats, Given to Elderly Who Lived Alone

The power of the masses here, translated…

The average age of seventy volunteer moms, in the urging of councilwoman, Huei-Jen Jaing, finished knitting a total of seven hats, and before the winter comes, they’re to deliver the items to elderly people who lived alone.  The volunteer, Liu told, that even though she’d just had surgeries on her eyes, she’d thought about the good she’s doing, she doesn’t dare slack off, and spent twelve hours a day, knitting away.

Jiang said, that the office she worked in, the volunteer, Chien, had taught knitting for over forty years, but, with the times changing, less and less people are taking it up, “I don’t have any place, to show my talents”, and so, she’d found manufacturers of yarn, to donate the material, to allow Chien, to teach the seventy volunteers how to knit, and, as the finished knitting the hats, they’d given it to elderly who lived alone.

The volunteer, Lin-Chang knitted sixty yarn hats in just two months, she said, I’m able to finish one per day, “And leaving ALL other household chores to my husband to do”, she could fry a fish, while she knits too!

And so, this, is how someone CAN help out, even IF they don’t have any specialty skills, they just put their heads together, and come up with an innovative way to make a difference in the lives of others, in this case, it’s the elderly people’s lives they’d managed to touch.

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