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He Grew Up in Poverty, and Now, Gives to the Poor, Huang Fixed Up the Stays of Those Who Live in Poverty Now

Grown up in poverty, that’s why, he could understand those who are living in poverty-stricken means even more, which drove him to help those in need out, kindness in the world here, off of the Newspapers, translated…

The leader of the Goodwill Group of Hengshen Foundation Changwha Chapter’s Fifth Group, Huang, due to being raised in poverty stricken means, he’d started working after his final year of middle school, after we got married, he’d used his hardworking means, his ingenuity, and started up a business, with no money to begin with, from taking on the cases of the government’s helping the low income families to fix up their roofs, it’d sparked up his desires of one day, giving back to the communities, and now, he’d spent over millions of dollars in helping those in economic hardships to fix up their homes, and he’d described that he has a “heart of joy” in so doing.

At fifty-seven, Huang has a total of nine siblings, his father was a long-term employee of a rich family, his mother worked odds and ends, and the family was listed as a “Level A poverty family (what’s low-income household currently), his fourth eldest brother graduated first of his middle school class in Beidou, but because of his families’ poverty stricken means, couldn’t afford to get higher in his education, and he’d watched and followed his older brother’s lead, dropped out of school, and got an apprenticeship at a bakery, at age twenty-six, he’d set up a construction company, and build the steel shack homes for a living.

In 1994, there was a mother who was sterilizing a bottle that’s caused a fire in Er-Lin Township, Huang immediately got involved in the social welfare group to help out, and that was the very first time he’d helped rebuilt a home for someone who can’t afford to do so, and because of the high quality of work of the group, and the goodwill group reached a consensus, they’d started helping those in need in the communities, and in the process of volunteering, he bore witness to the sorrows of living at the bottom of the socioeconomic ladder.

He said, he saw an eighty-six-year-old blind elderly with multiple disabilities, living in an old home without the electricity nor the water, the relatives went to pick up his government assistance money of $30,000N.T. a month, but only provided the person with a meal a day, and not helped him sort through his living environment at all.

the photo of the man

with his construction truck, going around locally, to help those in need fix up their homes, coutresy of UDN.com

He also saw so many families that couldn’t get the help that they needed, and those who had a lot, but pretended to be poor, he’d believed, that the social welfare foundations needed to examine the cases that came to them carefully, and hoped that the representatives don’t fear that they may offend the people they represented, and give the empty promises out, knowing that they don’t qualify for the assistance, and still promised to deliver, referred these individuals to the welfare groups, causing them the troubles.

Huang told, that he’d worked in the nonprofit organizations for thirty one years, and already knew that the number of those in the lower end of the socioeconomic status is increasing, that on the one end, it has to do with the structures of the industries, and, another due to how those who live on assistance grew reliant on the assistance given to them, he’d encountered the “lazy and refusing to work”, and he’d, turned those away immediately, to not waste away the goodwill of those who’d donated.

“It’s better to give than to receive” Huang told his children often, that even if it’s just because of one’s laziness, and not earned enough money, and asking for handouts, as the handouts were given, the individuals will get looked down on, that they will have a difficult time, reestablishing themselves in the world.  That those who are positive in attitude, who are hard working, will gain more and more positive energies around them, and, the health will improve, and, everything will get better for the person.

And so, this is on how this man grew up hard, and started helping those in need out after he was able to, giving back to the communities, and he’d realized, that there are those who just wanted to cheat the kindness from those who are willing to help out, and he’d, stopped giving to those, and what he is doing is amazing, instilling the right values in his own children, and helping those who are really in need.

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A Master Degree Holder Became a Postmaster, and Delivered Meals on Wheels for the Elderly in His Hometown

Giving back to his town still, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

“Uncle, here’s your letters!”, the postmaster, Chiu would bring the residents their expected mail with the morning runs.  With a master’s degree, and the physical appearances of a star, four years ago, as he’d passed the postmaster’s examinations, he was battling with himself; but now, he knew the roads well, and realized the calling of bringing warmth to people with the deliveries of the letters.

The thirty-two year old Chiu graduated from the Automated Business and Management Graduate School with a master’s degree, his high education, along with his good looks, a LOT of people couldn’t help but inquire WHY he’d become a postmaster“I am just as shocked too!”, Chiu smiled and told, as he was still a student, he’d imagined himself in the futures, either that he was over in China working, or in Taipei, and now, when his classmates heard he worked as a postmaster, they’d all shook their heads in disbelief.

Being an only son, his parents wanted him to come back home to work, and he’d decided to take the postmaster examinations, and, “the green angel” became his first job.  But, do NOT think, that for one second, delivering mails is an easy task, it took him almost a year, to finally get the roads, and the people’s names right.

“At first, I wasn’t too familiar with the roads, I’d delivered the mails until it was completely dark out, I don’t know when I am headed home!”, Chiu recalled the days when he was still a “rookie mail carrier”, and made fun of himself, that even though he didn’t do it like in the movie, tossing the mails away, he’d often get stressed out that he won’t make the deliveries completely, especially in the rainy days, he feared, that his mails might get drenched.

He’d even helped delivered meals to the elderly, he said, that the time is changing, less people are writing now, but a lot of people would still expect the mail carrier to come calling, especially for the elderly who lived alone, only the mail carriers would make calls to their houses especially.  An elderly who lived alone fell down in his residence, couldn’t get out to get his mail, he would enter the house with the post office’s keys, and realized that the elderly had passed out from drinking too much.

And because he’d often delivered meals to the elderly often, an older man, Lin would wait for him at a very early time, and, as the meals were delivered, the elderly person would comment, “This is a good post master!  He would often engage me in conversations a lot.”

He’d realized that a lot of dogs are all too sensitive to the engines of the postmaster’s motorcycles, and when they see the greens, they’d run outside, but, after a few times being “baptized by the bites” of the dogs, he felt, that it was easier for him, as a postmaster now.

And so, this man gave UP his prospective future and went back home, because he realized that he was needed more there, and that, was what kept him, “pumped”, doing what he was doing.

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Helping the Tribe Out of Poverty, a Doctoral Graduate Went Back Home and Helped Sell Vegetables from His Hometown

Giving back to the community here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, from the Maliguan Tribe in Hsinchu is a doctoral student, he’d originally wanted to use his studies, to get himself away from what he thought to be a washed out hometown, but, he saw how his people are facing the hardships of planting the vegetables, and gotten cheated out of what they should’ve earned by the businessmen, he’d returned home, and helped his father advertize the vegetables planted by his tribesmen, not only did he manage to bring about new business ventures for his people, he’d also instill that life back into his own tribe.

En-Jia Lo was a doctoral student of the Poli-Sci University’s Nationality Department, because he missed his hometown so very much, he’d returned back to the tribe, and worked in the “Program to help the natives achieve their dreams” program, to help the kids with tutoring sessions, hoping that they can get better educated, and make a better life for themselves, “As the tribes become self-sufficient, there would be hopes for the next generation.”

He saw how his parents had, in order to make more money for him and his siblings’ tuition, sprayed large amounts of agricultural chemicals, his father was diagnosed with a skin conditions and illness of the respiratory tracks, his mother too, was diagnosed with cancer; and, the field of vegetables that they managed to reproduce would often sell at a lower prices because the middleman’s “there’s a LOT of this kind of vegetable, you MUST sell it at a lower price”, they often had to get loans from their friends and relatives, he’d decided to change the situations of being scammed by the middleman, to help better the tribe’s economical conditions.

Six years ago, he’d the Atayal way of coexisting with nature in peace as the basis of his planting, went to Korea to learn how to use enzymes, to get the field better; as he’d returned, he’d gone all over Taiwan, to find the rotten leaves, and found the condition for which the microorganisms thrived the best in, and found a way to extract, from the plants, to be used, as the fertilizers.

And now, he’d only needed to feed his field for just three weeks, his vegetables are growing faster and healthier too, and, other tribes from Kaohsiung, Nantou, and Chiayi, had all come to him to seek out the way.

Two years ago, Lo and his father used the “communal plans” of the Atayal people, started the “Atayal Eating Club”.  They’d planted just ONE kind of vegetables per year, and the members would pay first, and, when they get the harvest, they’d receive their produces, they make two deliveries a month, and, at most, one kilogram can be sold at as high as $200N.T.s, it’s a LOT higher than the market prices, as the middleman is eliminated, not only would the buyers get the best quality foods, also, the planters can make some small profits.

And so, this man took his ideals, and put it into actions, and, it worked, and, his drive for returning back home is obvious, he wanted to do something for his people, and, he did JUST that.

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