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Falsified Himself as an Attorney, He’d Tricked Her into Thinking that He Wanted to Marry Her, Managed to Get a House, and Then, He Ran Off

How DUMB can you get???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A cab driver, Lin, posed as an attorney, with a woman named Jeng, then, claimed that he needed to trade in his property, sold Jeng’s two properties, and got himself seven million dollars, and then, three months after they wed, he’d run off with her money; after three years on the run, Lin was caught, and, settled with Jeng, yesterday, the judge found him guilty of taking over her properties and money, sentenced him to a delayed jail sentence of two years, and, he’s supposed to pay her back in installments.

Jeng stated in her case to the courts, that in 2010, she’d met the sixty-four year old man, Lin (with priors in fraud), and he claimed himself to be an attorney, a department manager of the cab associations, along with an important figure for the KMT political party, after he’d gained her trust, started dating her, they were engaged in December of the same year, they’d registered for their marriage in April the following year, and lived together in Sinchuang, Hsinbei City.

Two months before they wed, Lin used the excuse of changing properties to the Yangming Mountain, scammed her to sell two of her properties in the city of Taipei, he’d gotten over seven million dollars from the sale of her houses, and, three months after they wed, he’d taken her money, and, vanished, after the woman realized that she was scammed, she’d called the cops, and sued him for taking over her possessions, and, because Lin refused to see her, there was an active arrest warrant on him; two years ago in August, she’d filed for divorce, and was allowed.

The verdict stated, that three years after the active arrest warrant was placed on Lin, he was caught, he claimed, that he’d put the $5.65 million N.T. into the seafood farming in Tainan, but couldn’t tell the precise identity of the man he was partner with, Chang the D.A. prosecuted him based off of taking over the woman’s properties and assets.  During the time the case was pending trial, Lin and Jeng agreed on the settlement of $2.3 million N.T.s, and, he’d paid her $1.11 million N.T. in court, and got up to say his apologies to her, gained her forgiveness, and received a delayed sentence.

And so, this man is in it for the money from the very start, and, he’d targeted this woman, and, she just fell for it, how stupid can you get, ladies?  Or, must you wait, until those loser had scammed you for every single DIME you owned, to finally wake up, like this woman finally had?

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A Man Made Up Stories with the Scripts that Sounded Like the Soap Operas, and Managed to Trick a Third-Year Middle School Girl

So, how gullible CAN you get???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A fifty year old cabdriver, Kuo falsely claimed that he own a filming studio, and that because he was sought after by his enemies, that, was why he’d falsified himself into a cabdriver, he’d lured a last year middle school girl by using these stories, to have sex with him, and captured the footages; later, he’d suspected that the young girl is dating another guy, he’d threatened to kill her then himself with a gun, the Taipei District Attorney’s Office found him guilty of possession of ammunitions, threats, and having sex with an underage minor.

As the D.A. interrogated, the adolescent denied having dated him, and sued Kuo for rape, but the D.A. reviewed their messages, and found how the youth nicknamed Kuo “hubby”, and they’d shared sexually illicit dialogues, and in the sex tapes, she’d interacted naturally with Kuo, and so, the D.A. dropped the forced sexual acts charges against Kuo.

The indictment papers from the D.A. pointed out, that Kuo met the adolescent last September on Facebook, falsely claimed that he’d owned a filming studio somewhere up in the mountains, and had shot commercials for underwear; but because his ill, and was about to die, and was pursued by enemies, which, was why he’d falsified his identity as a cabdriver.

Six months after they met online, they’d met up, on two separate occasions, Kuo took the adolescent out on different high-end cars, making her believe in his lies about his own status, she’d rode the car, to the Daja Riverside Park with him, and parked in the parking lots under the bridges, and had sex for the first time with him; afterwards, Kuo took the girl to Taipei, Hsinbei, Keelung, along with other places to have sex, they’d had sex over fourteen times, and he’d recorded the process of them having sex with his tablet computer.

The young girl had asked Kuo to take her to his filming studios or his home, but he’d always diverted her attention to something else, and the youth started suspecting that he’d been lying to her.

In October of this year, Kuo discovered that that adolescent girl went out with a male friend, thought that she’d found another guy, he’d called her, texted her, to threaten her, said that he was going to leak the sex footage out onto the internet.  The girl was forced to meet up with him again, and Kuo took out a modified gun, pointed it to his own head, and the gas tank of his car, threatened that if she won’t be with him, then, he will not only leak out the video footage, he will kill all her friends and families, and then, himself.  The youth agreed, even though she didn’t want to, and afterwards, she’d notified the police.

Those girls ARE really getting dumber by the nanosec here, aren’t they?  Or, are they just into getting famous quickly these days?  But in the end, this LOSER still didn’t get away unscathed, but the girl’s innocence was also, lost, and it’s still, too high a price to pay…

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