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A Gift that Brings Hope


My eldest sister sat, listlessly, beside me, shaking all over, with an unease on her mind.

After my eldest sister got married and had a child, she’d started having psychological troubles.  Other than having paranoid and feeling that others are out to get her, she would, from time to time, wander off from her home.  And, every time when my front door rang, I’d opened up, and saw my eldest sister there, looking panicky, not long thereafter, I’d get a call from my brother-in-law.

One day, I’d gotten the call from my brother-in-law again, but this time, my eldest sister didn’t return home.  We’d started searching for her frantically, not long thereafter, my cell phone rang, it was a cabdriver.  He’d told me, “There’s this woman who got on my car, and didn’t know where she’s going, and, after we’d circled around the block several times, she’d given me this number.”

That day, we half-tricked, half-consoled her, to go to the hospital with us.  Seeing how the doctors and the nurses in white, coming out to get her, she’d lost control and started screaming.  The doctor and nurses went up to her, and subdued her, I saw my eldest sister struggled hard, at the same time, she’d called out to me for help, hollered out my name, said, “Help me!”  But I was so shocked to the point that I didn’t move at all.  After they’d given her some sedatives, she’d finally fallen asleep on the bed.  Sitting next to her, seeing how she was subdued, in her dreams, she kept mumbling, “I’m not ill.”, and, all of a sudden, my tears I’d been holding back, came out.

In the help of religion, my eldest sister got better.  That day, my door bell rang again, I’d opened up the door, saw my eldest sister radiating with smiles, with a bag in her hand, smiling at me.  She’d handed the bag to me, said, “These couple of years, I hadn’t been the older sister you needed, this, is a birthday present for you, happy birthday.”

This gift, not only was it a heart, but it also symbolized how my eldest sister was getting better, and to me, THAT, would be the BEST present.

And so, you can see, how psychological difficulties can put strains on a family, and with treatment, this woman got better, and that just shows you, that asking for help when it counts is the most important thing in getting better.

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