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Ready to Embark on the Journey Called Love Yet???

Ready to embark on the journey called love yet???  Nope, still NOT packed up completely, plus, what, would the weather be like there?  I must, be prepared, for any and everything here!

Ready to embark on the journey called love yet???  Perhaps, you’d been waiting, for this day so long, as your last love had left you, brokenhearted, and in pain, and you’re just, eager, to getting yourselves, back on the “market” again, after all, getting WITH someone, IS the best way of getting OVER someone, right?

Ready to embark on the journey called love yet???  No, not really, but, since you’d left, my friends kept setting me up for blind dates, trying to get me to go out more, without knowing, that I needed time, to mourn for you, for us, even, I know that their hearts are in the right place, but, I just wanted, to be left alone, with the memories of you, of us…

Ready to embark on the journey called love yet???  Don’t worry if you’re not right now, because, you will soon be, as, everything will eventually, heal back up, and becomes, brand new again, you’re not just, quite ready, to move on from your last yet, and, sometimes, these wounds, caused by love, takes a BIT longer than expected, so, just, give it time.

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Found online, translated…

The memories of the past

Still tasted quite sweet

But the promises~~~had all, turned into regrets


My heart had ached

Your tears, fallen too

No matter how unwilling we both are, we will

Eventually, come to forget

The need of keep hanging on, will eventually, faze out

What we couldn’t let go of, will eventually BE let go of

And, so, everything will be okay, after the time had passed, is what this one is about, but, is it true?  How can one forget about the betrayals that someone close to the person imposes upon her/him.  This is still, wishful thinking, based off of my interpretations.





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