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Can’t Put His Ex Out of His Mind

Can’t get his ex out of his mind, NO wonder his current feels bad, and it is understandable too, from BOTH sides here, translated…

Chih is a middle school instructor, she’s around age forty, but because she’s sweet looking and kept herself well, it’s HARD to know her age by looking at her.  She didn’t want to get married from before, but, with the coming of age, she’d wanted a partner, and everybody in her family supports her on it.

Through the introduction of friends and family, she’d met Ming who’d lost his wife, the two of them hit it off like old friends, and they’d had similar interests too.  Everybody is happy to see them out dating, and, after they’d dated for a year’s time, we’d all thought that they’re going to get married.

One day, Chih’s older sister asked her when she’s getting married?  Chih told her that she’s going to stall on the idea.  The older sister was surprised and asked her why?  Chih said, because every time she’s with Ming, he’d commented to her, “You look so much like my former wife, even your voice, and the way you’d smiled, it’s exactly identical to her.”  It’d displeased Chih.

Especially when they’d gone out to dine at the restaurant, Ming would order items that his former wife enjoyed; everywhere he’d gone, he’d talked of the days that he and his former wife had shared, totally disregarded Chih’s feelings, like she’s only a replacement for his former wife.

After hearing Chih’s complaints, her older sister never PUSHED her to get married again.

And so, apparently, this man still had YET to get OVER his lost wife, and, because the woman he was dating reminded him of his former wife a lot, that, is why he kept talking about his deceased wife with his new love, and that would totally TICK off a woman, after all, NONE of us want to be anybody ELSE’s replacements here, do we now???  Nope!!!

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