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The Two Teenage Girls Ran All Over Taiwan and Made a Mess, Was Charged of Three Counts, Could This Be, the Rebellions of Teenagers?

Is this, their ALTERNATIVE cries for H-E-L-P, by acting OUT and breaking the L-A-W??? From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The two renters who were originally from Hong Kong that destroyed properties, Chiu, and Tseng, was accused of renting under a false name, taking the landlord’s television set at the rental place, and they’d even shoplifted hats in the night market in Shihlin; the Taipei district attorney’s office charged them with falsifying legal documentation, theft, and squatting.

The D.A. pointed out, that Chiu (age 18), and Tseng (age 19) are still very young, and are still in the teenage rebellious stage, and even though, they didn’t think things through, but, in the interrogations, they’d held a good attitude, and show they’re willing to change; reached an agreement with the person who pressed charges against them, and had paid the price, and the D.A. asked the judge to give them a fitting punishment.

Chiu and Tseng had come to Taiwan using a tourist visa back on January 18th, they’d used a false name, to rent a place from Lin, the landlady in Da-An District; on the evening of February 8, they’d gone to shop at Shihlin night market, and stole two hats that a store had placed in the areas outside the shop, and they’re also involved in falsifying legal records, and theft.

On February 24, they’re suspected of being displeased at how pricy the rent was getting, they’d gone to Danshui of Hsinbei City, and used a false name, to rent another place with the owner, Cheng, but, as they moved out of the place in Da-An, they’d taken everything that belonged to the landlord, the television, along with other small affects, and was suspected of squatting.

And because while the two people rented in Da-An, they’d placed cigarette butts, food, trash, into the toilet bowls and the sinks, causing them to clog up, and the rental place was packed with expired foods, and they’d even slashed the couch, the sheets too, and they’d managed to break the microwave, and wrote messages on the walls, using their lipstick, and, on the part where they’d trashed the house, because they’d already reached an agreement with the landlord, they weren’t prosecuted for.

And, they were also accused of not paying for their perms after they’d gotten them, shoplifting chocolates from super convenience shops, and made graffiti on the walls of the hotel room they stayed in Tainan, and, on these charges, because there’s NOT enough evidence, or that the victims refused to press charges, the charges were dropped.

And so, you have TWO teenage women who ACTED UP, while in someone else’s country, and they were only charged with THREE counts? Because they had a good attitude, and had reached an agreement to pay up the price with the people who owned those places, and, what sort of values is that teaching? Oh yeah, I CAN pay MY way out of TROUBLE, that’s W-H-A-T!!!


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