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It’s been a long time, since I really cried, and tonight, I had, cried like HELL…

So, why, did I cry?  Because I’d screwed up my romance, my friendships, and I’d also, made, a HUGE mess of my interpersonal relationships.

It seems, that nothing I do, is ever right.  That there’s no way, of pleasing everyone.  Everything I did, was wrong.  I just, can’t get satisfied with life.  

I want to change, but, nobody gives me the time, to make these changes to myself slowly, bit, by bit.  No matter how hard I’d tried, I can’t, satisfy anybody.  And in return for my efforts, I just, have to, keep on, proving myself, keep on, arguing with you.  I’m so scared, fears took over my entire being now.  I feel sad, feel broken, what else, can I do, what is there, for me, to do?

Just let go, give the other person a break, and, set yourselves free too.

Tonight, I’m halting, EVERY single ONE of my interpersonal interactions, right here, right now.

And I will, restart, anew again, tomorrow morn.

And so, you DO feel that sense of being beaten, that strong sense of helplessness, right?  And, this narrator is just, running into dead ends, s/he’d WRECKED her/his brains out, trying to find the answers, and, at the end, the narrator just, gives up, and hopefully, after a goodnight’s sleep, the individual will gain a brand new perspective to his problems from the night previous…

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