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Tripping and Falling, and, Acknowleging it…the very first step to starting to heal…

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Wounded Knees & Broken Hearts

Wounded knees and broken heart, guess which one takes longer to heal back up???

Wounded knees, I’d gotten, broken hearts?  Got ‘em too!!!  The knees took a while, to finally heal back up, because I keep on, peeling back those UGLY scabs, making my wound bleed over, and over again.

Broken hearts, I’d gotten too, and what came along with my broken hearts were the feelings of being betrayed, and that took forever, and I’m still not quite healed back up yet…

Wounded knees and broken hearts, we all got ‘em, and, maybe we’re way too young, and unable to talk about it, the scars started growing bigger, and bigger inside of us.  Wounded knees and broken up, I’d patched them all back up, dressed the wounds, and now, it’s slowly, scabbing up…

Wounded knees and broken hearts, which would you rather have?  I’d much rather have the wounded knees than the broken hearts, because the physical wounds heal a whole lot faster than those emotional scars on the inside!

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A little to late

Staring to Hurt, on the Road to Recovery…


Only if you can understand what I am going through.

Only if you knew how many times I’ve hid my tears from you, and not let you sense my pain.

If you knew about the pain, the pain that lives in me and won’t leave me.

Just because I’m not crying do you think I’m not hurt. Why? Do you think you left any tears in me?

If you don’t see me complaining, does that make you think I’m not hurt? Oh how much I’ve complained to you, but not once did you hear me complain.

Oh how you have destroyed me, and yet I don’t let you sense my pain.

Only if you can see what you have done to me.

Maybe one day you will be able to open your eyes and see what you have lost, only then it will be a little to late for you…

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A Shattered Man

And no, it’s still NOT Humpty Dumpty, that EGGHEAD already D-I-E-D???

A shattered man, why?  He is incomplete for some reasons, perhaps, pieces of him broke, from when he was younger, nobody knows, we just found him shattered, all over the places, and, because this may be a crime scene, all of us just stood around this man that shattered, not helping him!

A shattered man, we’d examined his broken bones, and tried to piece him back together again, but, it’s like there’s always a piece of the puzzle that went missing, and we just couldn’t get him as a “whole”.

A shattered man, there’s NOTHING we can do for him now, he’d been shattered in more places than one, and, fixing up one shatter is no big deal, but, there are just so many CRACKS on him that it’s beyond even the BEST magician’s repairs.

A shattered man, that, was what you’d become, and I am still NOT the one, responsible for how you ended up, shattered, because I wasn’t the one who caused ALL of this to happen, because I wasn’t even CONCEIVED, when this FUCKED UP cycle of abuse started happening, that, was MORE than FOUR generations ago, hello, hello, hello???

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