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A Man Posted His Girlfriend’s Nude Photos, the Woman Leapt Off of a Building, the Man Was Charged with “Artificially Causing” the Suicide

Let’s see what the L-A-W has to say about this, shall we???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A forty-six year old male, Cheng had been having an affair for many years on end, last year in October, after he’d broken up with his girlfriend, he’d posted sexually illicit photos of his ex, and had invited her family and colleagues to be “friends” on Facebook with him.  The ex-girlfriend begged him to take the photos off, or she’ll kill herself, and Cheng replied, “then let’s die together”, refused to do so.  Three days later, the woman leapt off of a building.  The District Attorney’s Offices in Shihlin believed that Cheng was involved in “artificially causing” suicide, and yesterday, they’d prosecuted him.

The D.A. believed, that Cheng had acted against the laws of privacy and personal information protection laws, and had given the woman the will to kill herself.  Based off of understanding, Cheng’s wife doesn’t even HAVE a clue about his affair, it wasn’t until she’d received the court papers indicting her husband, did she learn, that he was having an affair, and involved in the other woman’s death.

Cheng yesterday told the press, that the charges on the indictments were all false, that the family of the deceased didn’t read the whole story from top to bottom to get the entire situation.  He said, “It was NOT me”, and denied having uploaded the nude photos, and claimed, “I had only loved her, cherished her, I wouldn’t have hurt her.”  He believed, that the woman’s family “has their own issues as well.”

The D.A. investigated and found out that last October, Cheng had a fall out with the affair he’d had since twelve years ago, and on November 23, used the name “Hated Tseng” to get a Facebook account, and posted his ex’s picture as his display picture, then, uploaded the photographs they took together whilst they were still dating, and among them were photos of his ex, taking a bubble bath, and their intercourse too.

Cheng then asked the ex-girlfriend’s current boyfriend, colleagues, and families to be his friends, as the niece of his ex got the invite, she’d gone and looked, and found that the photographs were of her aunt, nude, and notified her aunt immediately.

The woman saw how her private photos had been made public, cried as she flipped through the album, and used her niece’s Facebook account to beg “Please, let me go”, “I’m willing to give my life for you to show you how sorry I am, please, just take those photographs off”, and left the message, “If I died, it’s because you gave me NO options”.

Cheng wasn’t moved at all, instead, he’d replied, “well, let’s DIE together then!”, and claimed that he got a hold of more of her friends list.  Cheng wanted his ex to come back to him, threatened, “If you no come, I won’t hide it, I’d SHUT down completely”, and that he’d only “lived for you alone”.

The woman believed that Cheng had NO intentions of taking those photographs down, she’d climbed up to the fifth floor of her building, and, jumped downward, was DEAD before the EMTs could get her to the hospitals.  The woman’s father was very unhappy about how his child had died, wanted the D.A. to help get the man who did this; the police did a search of Cheng’s residence, and took in the computer with her nude photographs, along with thirty-six DVDs.

And so, that, is how a SOCIAL networking S-I-T-E can make it worse, and, it’s ALL because of how this man would NOT let this woman go, and, that still just S-H-O-W-S YOU, that you should NOT allow those pictures to get taken in the first place, because IF and WHEN (it’s more of a “when” than it is an “if”) you two break up, then, that, would become the LEVERAGE the other person has!!!




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