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A Tour Group, Made Possible by Us, Siblings, on Filial Relations

Is that, family vacation again???  Translated…

From last October to now, we’d said goodbye to my younger sister and my youngest brother-in-law who were both diagnosed with cancer, and this made us all, siblings, feel extremely saddened.

Maybe, it’s the impact from their deaths that we’d felt, everybody became very comfortable, talking about the future, and the issues surrounding death and dying, that we shouldn’t keep scores, and just go and do what we want to do right now, at the same time, we had become closer than before.  In my younger brother’s attention, we’d first set up a group using LINE, we’d welcomed the younger generations to add themselves to the group so we can all catch up too.  In the two months’ time, the results were amazing, we’d traded a TON of secrets from our own daily living routines, and my eldest sister, who’s already seventy, who wasn’t adept in using the computer or the cell phones, in the trainings by her son, she could finally use the technologies, and managed to create a TON of surprises for us all too.

Two months ago, the siblings, in my urging, set up a tour group that’s headed to China, the “Eight-Day Trip to Kundali”, other than my younger brother who’d already had something ELSE scheduled who couldn’t make it, everybody ELSE was there, the seven of us, sisters.  And, because we’d assigned the leader of the tour being my younger brother-in-law’s younger brother, it’s like the whole family going on a tour group.  And what’s more moving was, that the guide bought a TON of specialty foods from the local areas, and fruits from his own pockets, and he’d donated almost ALL the tips he’d received from us.  Every night, we’d LINED our friends and family, and shared with them, the goings-on during the day.

With this family touring group, we, the sisters are even MORE confident, as we’d made a date for the years that followed.  The task at hand is now, saving up on the money, and training our physiques, so we can face the challenges the next time around.

And so, this, is a family vacation, made possible by siblings who shared the same minds, and, this, is a good thing to have, but, NOT all of us can share like this, after all, getting along with one’s own family is still a very rare thing.

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