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The discussion on how much you’re giving to the world here…

Are you productive?  Are you doing ALL that you possibly can, to help someone in need out?  Or, are you just, keeping to yourselves, making SURE that you get YOUR share of work done, and totally, oblivious to someone else’s needs?  And, what, would be considered, a productive life?  Doing all that you can, to make a difference, or, just enough, to get by?

Productivity is defined, differently, by everybody, because you and I may have similar views, but, our views are never going to be exactly identical, because we’re NOT clones of each other, are we?  So, are you being productive, and, how, do you define, “being productive”?

Productivity is defined, based off of your separate personal experiences, along with the observations you’d made, of others, but, is what you see the truth?  How, do you know that, for sure?  After all, NOT everybody wear their real selves on their sleeves, do they?  Many put on various masks, that they are required to, so, HOW, is productivity defined?

Productivity is merely this: are you doing everything in your ability, no matter how small you may be, after all, we are, only just singles here, like those millions of grains of sands, inside that hourglass, and, yet, each of us play a vital role in the world, and, had you, found your place, like I already had yet?

Those, are my questions, feel free to take with, take from, take a “doggie bag” even!

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I’m Eighty-One, I Don’t Want to Retire Yet

Delaying the onset of aging, by staying active, at work, in the elderly years, translated…

My husband died young, left me and a couple of kids.  My children are all very well-rounded and well-behaved, either that right after they’d graduated they’d gone into the workforce, or that they’d set up their own businesses, to help out with the household economy.

My two daughters chose to set up studios at home, primarily, because they feared that I might feel lonely, and other than work, they can also, accompany throughout the daytime.  Normally, other than cleaning the house, and cook the meals for my children, I’d also worked as the receptionist, bringing in the mail, and pour the teas for their clients, I’d jokingly called myself, the receptionist, moonlighting as the janitor.  My children felt bad, and called me the CEO of their workshop.  On the first day of the year when we open for business, my two daughters would ask me, the CEO for a red envelope.  Actually, no matter if I’m the janitor, or the CEO, after my husband’s death, I still had my kids accompanying me, I feel very blessed already!

In these past decades, I’d consoled my kids to get married, to not focus their whole heart and soul on me, I’m a strong woman, I don’t want to be a burden to my kids.  Every time someone asked for my daughters’ hands, I’d first stated, that if they are good together, to not worry about me, so long as my kids can live on happily, I will NEVER become a burden to them.

Of my children, two were married, only the two daughters who have their separate workshops are still single.  These couple of years, the three of us, mother and daughters, kept this workshop, and, we’re getting busier and busier still.  Seeing how my daughters are no longer young, I truly worry, that they might not be as able bodied as when they were still younger!  And I am already eighty-one too.  I’d still work at my post by the day, day after day, year, after year, although this work is very busy, but I feel very accomplished, especially when the clients heard my voice, and they’d all thought that I was my daughters’ younger sister, when they’d been told, that I am their mother, they all exclaimed that it was impossible, for me, to sound that young.

A lot of friends and families asked me why must I work my fingers to the bone as an elderly person, why not just retire, and live on easily?  I’d always replied, “Learning until I’m dead, not letting the seconds pass me by!  Although I have some minor conditions, but, work can help me keep young on psychologically, and, I get to keep dementia away, and I can help my kids with some of their workloads, killing multiple birds with just one stone here!

And so, this, is the story, of how a woman manage, to keep her body, heart, and mind young, by keeping herself active, and, her daughters started the workshop that they have, for her sake, because she’d lost her spouse when she was very young, and, her kids don’t want her to feel all alone, so, they’d all work together, to make the mother feel useful, and, this managed to keep the woman active in old age.

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