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Contributions to the World, Made by the Elderly Population

Making ourselves feel useful, even as we’d, stopped working in our jobs here, translated…

The Japanese man, Akasegawa mentioned the ideas of “elderly power”.  This is a sort of a reversal thinking, turning forgetfulness, nagging, repeating the behaviors of the elderly years, into the “powers of the elderly”.  “Elderly Ability”, on the inside flip it had, “normally people say that you’re old, that you’re, stupid, or that you can’t sit still, but the reality is: ahhhhhhh, the energies of an old man like me, had always been great, it’s been told like this, then, don’t’ know why, I’d, become, more active in aging, and I’d felt, that it is, a good, thing.”

There are the sightings of elderly energies all over Japan, when I’d traveled to Japan, there was an elderly worker who’d, left that deep impression with me.  It was during a February downpour, we’d arrived to Atami, to go see the camelias in bloom, the cold weather season, plus the downpour, it seemed, that the trip had, gone to, total, waste then.  The counter clerk at the hotel was an elderly woman, dressed in a kimono, she’d kneeled on the floor, squinted her eyes, smiled and told us, “In this cold a weather, I’m very grateful for all of you, our, honored guests to come here, today is, a good day, the plants in the courtyard had been quenched with the water, they’re all in a good mood, and, expecting to see all of you.”  Her words, helped lifted up the gloom of all of our, moods then, and, that trip, we went out in our umbrellas, and, looked at the beautiful camelias, the red ones, the white ones, each one is, quite, beautiful, there’s a species called “the crown”, with the red-bordered white petals around the red stamens of yellow, looked exactly like a crown, very noble-looking.  At supper, we’d met the lady who’d lightened up our moods earlier, she was eighty-three years old already, and told us, she was, glad to, still be, working, that helping the travelers feel happy, it made herself, happier.

There’s a shortage of caddies in the golf course in Chiba long-term, the elderly population who were retired during the time, had suffered cuts of their retirement funds, and are falling ill too.  The golf court started hiring the elderly folks to work as caddies, the eighteen holes of a game, split into nines, with the two elderly caddies servicing the golfers.  The elderly carrying the golf bags around, breathing in the fresh air, conversed with the customers, and making a paycheck too.  I’d gone to the particular golf course, and I became, deeply impressed of how the Japanese enterprises solved the shortages of staff members by hiring the elderly population to work, that it’s a resolve, for the welfare of the society at the same time.

There are, the elderly volunteer tour guides at the sights in Japan, they’d led the tours, told about the histories of the places, and their work ethics, made the visitors, truly loved, their hometowns.  As I’d gone to see the maple leaves, an eighty-year-old tour guide of the location, was showing signs of dementia, being forgetful.  As he’d finished up his tour with the group, he’d realized, that he’d, missed a tiny part, and insisted on leading the group to go on the tour, all over again, and it’d, added more wonderful memories of the trip for us.

There are those elderly populations here who are, giving in silent here in Taiwan.  The seventy-two-year-old Aunty Yang originally sold the fried crisp chicken pieces at the marketplaces, since her retirement, everything Wednesday, she’d prepared the items, and brought the foods to the tribal elementary schools to help with free meal plan for the children.  On the days that Mrs. Yang was in the school, the kitchen smelled aromatic, the teachers and students became more enthusiastic in teaching and learning.  Seeing how the students were enjoying her meals, Mrs. Yang was the happiest of them all.

contributions in the elderly years…

staying healthy through exercise…photo from onlne

The eighty-year-old professor Huang, had depression that he’d almost, committed suicide; and by chance, he’d found that a corner of the Da-An Forest Park in Taipei was filled up with the weeds and the fallen leaves all over that particular patch, and he’d brought along a broom, and the dustpan to clean up that lot, and became, best friends with the squirrels, and the wild birds in the park, and it’d given meaning to his life suddenly.

Being alone or feeling lonely means lacking that connection with other people, it would make us feel empty inside, that we aren’t needed, that we are, worthless.  Loneliness may increase the risks of many illnesses (including myocardial infarctions), there was the loneliness department set up in Great Britain, and the British government started sending the officials of the courts to work there.  A lot of elderly complained of loneliness, boredom, blamed their young for not staying with them.  Actually, the children had their own lives.  The elderly may be weak, may be forgetful, but, relying on the self is the best means, using one’s abilities as an elderly person to work, to volunteer, not only would you have the company that you needed, you can learn, and feel that sense of achievement.  Improving your own qualities of life, getting your health better, psychologically, and physically too.

and by giving back to the community…

like this…photo from online

And so, the key here is, continue to make your contributions to the world, like the cases the writer gave, the elderly in all of these cases all found their new purpose in life, because after we retired, the time became, free, and, with nothing to do, we can only, watch the days get torn off on that page-a-day, and the days will be slower than usual, because we can’t find a brand new purpose, because we got nothing else we are doing but staying at home.  The key here is to socialize, to get involved with the society all around us when we’re, elderly, to keep our minds, our bodies, healthy, even after the retirement.


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A Woman in Midlife Who’s Excellent with High-Tech Products

Because she’s NOT afraid of these new-age, high-tech products???  Translated…

My next door neighbor is just as capable and knowing as the younger generations, she is close to sixty years of age, two years ago, because her kids are out of school, she chose to retire, said that she’s worked hard her whole life, now that the kids are grown, she should take herself into unknown territories, to up her quality of life, and, learn something new while she’s still able to.

Since she retired, she’d worn a grin on her face, “you don’t need to be trendy in the way you dress, but, your thoughts and beliefs MUST catch up to the times.”, was her motto.  She’s a high-tech junkie, SmartPhone is a must-have accessory for her, and, she’d learned how to use it on her own, using her phone to upload the photos, to help her company develop their calendars, downloading a photoshop program, checking the train schedules, getting the online receipt checks, downloading music, etc., etc., etc., she’d even used Facebook, LINE, to connect with her friends and families, to post the goings on of her life; and, checking in on Facebook as she’d gone to certain locations is not at all hard for her, she’d even taught me how to calculate within three seconds, the expiration dates of the lotto.

Once, I’d wanted to delete a friend from LINE for good, but I didn’t know how, and, she’d fixed it for me instantaneously, and had me write down the steps she took, in case I will need to do it again in the futures.

She’d even gotten a small photo printer, used her Bluetooth, or NFC, and, she can print out the photographs she’d taken, every now and then, she’d gone out with her friend for lunch or afternoon tea, and she could capture the memories, and she can also pick her favorite pictures and print them all out.

She loved exercising, and keeps her figure really well, she’d gone on hiking trips with her husband often, enjoyed gourmet, and, loved learning new things, to broaden her horizon, and had gone to the Taipei Exhibition Halls to see what’s going on, took up English, and, in her spare time, she’d planted a TON of vegetables in her small patch of land close to her house.

A lot of people who wanted to retire, before they’d left the workforce, they were ill-prepared, didn’t plan, and, they just have a difficult time, adapting to too much time on their hands after they retired, and, this next door lady, she’s living a fulfilled, and enriching retirement, and, she and her husband are closer as ever, it’s very envious to all.

And so, here, we have a woman, who still kept her mind sharp, she’d gotten into all those high-tech products, so she could get connected with the times, and, everything that younger people are doing, she’s doing too, because she didn’t want to be too disconnected with the world, after she got out of the workforce, and, she is able to fulfill her life after retirement too…

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The Potential of After Age 50, the Growth of a Woman

I thought you’re headed down that slope after 50, apparently, I’m mistaken here!!!  Translated…

The sixty-year old Mr. Lai, had run his toddler percussion classes for a couple of decades now, in recent years, many of the preschools either closed up shop, or took their businesses to China, making the instructors unemployed, or making them find another kindergarten to teach in.

He’d sighed on how the market is getting smaller, but he wasn’t willing to keep these musical instruments in a storage unit, to let them rust up or gather up dusts, so, he’d decided, to build a musical instrument museum.  He said that nothing in his life had made him so energetic as this.

At fifty-two, Ya-Hui had planted pineapples for almost a decade, she’d wanted to make changes in her life, but, there’s nothing else she can do in the countryside.  She’d thought long and hard, and, decided to utilize the resources of the vegetable farmers in her region, and set up a restaurant that gets the produce from the growers, to cook what she knows best, to sell the tastes of her home.  She’d told me, that she was once, very swaying, didn’t know what a middle-aged woman can do, and now, life is so busy, she’d forgotten how old she is.

I’d once feared too, that don’t know what I can do at age fifty.  Worked for so long, the days became routine, it’d made me believe, that I was only, mediocre, and I’d felt fear when I contemplated about the future, I’d asked myself, “What, am I able to give back to the world?”

One day, I’d decided to combine my love of writing and photography, made it into a curriculum, sent it to an orphanage nearby, told them that I’d wanted to give a class to the older kids there on photography and writing, after they’d read my proposal, they thought it was interesting, and, I was able to make the trip there.

As the children took up the cameras, focused, took the pictures, whether they’re taking pictures of themselves, or the sceneries, the smiling faces, they’d moved me so.  After they’d shared their photos with one another, I’d asked them to pick one that was their favorite, and had them write something encouraging on the back, to make it into a card, that they get to keep forever.

Because of this experience, it’d made me sent out my second proposal, and, each and every time I’d finished a project or an activity, I feel my happiness factor rise up.  I’d found, that I can bring smiles to other people’s faces, and, this smile, became the strength for my own life as well.

Turns out, that everybody over fifty CAN have the ability to find a separate set of skies they can work under, and are able to offer energies to others too; because potential doesn’t fade with time, instead, it’s increased, with each coming year of life you’d had.

How old are you?  Are you afraid that people might ask you this?  Tell yourselves, so long as I’m willing, my potential is waiting, to EXPLODE!

So, this woman had found her drive, and, she used that drive, to help herself through her midlife crisis, and this goes hand-in-hand with E. Erikson’s Generativity vs. Stagnation phase of psychosocial development, because this woman was willing to step outside, she was able to find her own skies to fly under…

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My Grandma’s Small Food Shop, the Wisdom of the Elderly


Grandma told me, that she was going to open up a small food shop, at the head of the street, and we were all surprised by this.

“Why are you so surprised about?”  Grandma saw the members of the family, with a huge QUESTION mark on our faces, she’d used her loud voice, and shouted out to us all, “Are you worried, that with my age, I won’t be able to handle the hard work?”

Pops told her, that she isn’t needing anything in life, that she doesn’t need to work herself to the bones, for some extra few dollars.  But, my close-to-ninety grandma said, “You all think, that when people get older, we don’t need to do anything, and just sit and watch television all day long, is that your definitions of being well in old age?  I need to get up and get going, to keep myself busy, that way, I can make my life more meaningful, and live happily!”

These words, had once again, shocked everybody.  Aside from feeling the shocks, we’d all believe that she has her reasons, and so, we’d all supported her to “open up shop” then.

Grandma took out the private stash of money, amounting to over $100,000N.T., and rented a small shop front that’s no more than the size of a master bedroom, and set up six small tables, and sold just ONE item—sticky rice wrapped in bamboo leaves, this, was what she knew how to cook from the very start too.

Ever since, each and every day when she got up, she’d gone to the marketplace, to buy the freshest pork, peanuts, mushrooms, carrots and radishes, and baby shrimps, etc., etc., etc. and after she’d returned from her shopping, she’d busied about, washing the bamboo leaves, chopping up the meats, cooking the peanuts, the radishes, the carrots, then, she’d stuffed them into the leaves, “Wow!”, when my grandma placed her wrapped up items into the steamer to steam, the aroma of the food came out, it’d often made me want to just take one out, and start chowing down.

When her shop first opened up, there were not very many customers, I guess, it’s because she didn’t do any advertizing.  Right around the time I’d wanted to make posters for her shop, grandma told me not to do it so hurriedly, that waited until how great her food tasted gets passed around by word of mouth, then, the business will surely be going well then.

Turns out, she’s absolutely RIGHT, when the customers ate her stuffed traditional Chinese celebration food item, the words got out, fast.  In just a little over a month’s time afterwards, she’d have a packed house every single day.

“I didn’t set this shop up for the sake of these earnings, but to prove, that even though I’m elderly, I can still be useful, and so, when I see a LOT of guests coming in, I feel very achieved!”, see how my grandma is now gloating, I couldn’t help but nod in agreement.

And so, this, is the Generativity vs. Stagnation Stage of this elderly woman’s life, because she wanted to feel useful, that, was why she’d set up the shop, and because she wanted to share the love she puts into preparing the item for her guests, and, seeing those guests’ satisfied faces after they’d had her food, is more than enough for her.

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Being Old & Useless??? Not According to the Younger Generations

Problem with Generativity vs. Stagnation, anyone???  From the Newspapers, translated…

The elderly often feel, that they’re “old & useless”, and that, is actually a stereotype.  The most recent survey done by the National Health Agency showed, that compared to the younger generations, the elderly would have the negative preconceived notions of “elderly and frail, without ability to work, becoming the burdens of society”, along with other negative beliefs.

The Citizens’ Health Organization posted the results of the “Factors for Dangerous Behaviors Survey”, and it’d shown that the younger generation who were surveyed don’t believe the elderly are stereotyped because of their age.

The survey found, that sixty-five year olds and older scored higher in the three categories of “Elderly and Frail”, “Becoming a Burden to Children and Society”, and “Elderly Can’t Find Work”, compared to people younger than sixty-five years of age.  Especially the members of the age group from nineteen to twenty-five agreed that “elderly can resolve their own problems” more, and, the sixty-five and older group had scored low.

The director of the National Health Agency, Chiu said, that the younger generations in Taiwan are very supportive of elderly people, “the elderly MUST be brave and reach their hands out to the society too.”, to participate in socialization.

The eighty-five year old retired colonel, Wang, attended the gathering that showed the findings.  Ten years ago, he was diagnosed with depression too, back then, his mother had passed on, his wife and child had a car crash, his wife hurt her spine, and his son had passed away, he was almost beaten by all of these bad things that happened in his life.

“Don’t stay at home all day long to stare at the television or the ceilings and the walls, you MUST step outside.”, Wang, as someone who’d been there, consoled with the elderly population, and because of the community service group of Passing on the Love, he’d finally, slowly, walked out of the gloom; and had used his talent of reciting rhymes, attended the “grandpa, grandma energy shows”, and became a spokesperson of actively aging.

The WHO advocated active aging, Chiu stated that last year, there were over two thousand energy teams, and a TOTAL of over eighty thousand elderly who were involved in the activities, and the leaders of the communities are all younger generations, and this became a cross-generation activity; and plus, elderly who had been diagnosed with long-term illnesses who can attend the functions, will get better more quickly and easily too.

And so, this, is how important it is, to REMAIN active, especially in old age, but, as those elderly people see themselves as “I’m too old”, and, “what’s the USE of learning all of this?  I’m never going to use it in life”, etc., etc., etc., that, was what’s barring them from enjoying their elderly years to the fullest extent.

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Having a Fulfilled Life After the Retirement

How to remain active, translated…

I’m currently seventy-six, I’d retired from a public position for over ten years now, I have enough money, with grandkids, surrounding my side, and, they ALL have their separate lives, everything is in order. And what’s more precious, is how we’re ALL very healthy too, I’m real glad.

I’d once served as a standing guard, gone through the rigorous military trainings, a soldier for a day, a soldier for life, I wanted nothing, I needed nothing, I live my life for others, comfortably, orderly, without much to worry about, and I’m having a leisure retirement.

The ancients said: that you’d have to think hard, before you do anything. The decades before my retirement, I’d already prepared my home for old age, spacious, with an elevator, a place to allow me to age naturally, to read, and to relax.

Then, I’d gotten involved with the blood donating volunteers, I’d served for about ten hours a month, to usher in the donors, to make them feel, that we’re blessed to have them there. And, I’d worked as the person responsible for the community, and patrol man too, and all of these tasks, they’re easy for me to do, and I’d feel that the days fly right by, that I can live, spontaneously, and free, and I’d become unconcerned, and unaware of old age coming.

My wonderful son and son-in-law would from time to time, set up schedules, to take my wife and I to travel abroad, one time, we’d camped out at the campsites in Yosemite, and we’d hid out in the cabins at night, as we watched the grizzlies come out to search for food, it was very impressive.

The sun is slowly setting, it can be very beautiful, and we can be very happy, hoping that we will be able to illuminate the paths of the younger generations, with the amount of light we have left in us.

And so, this, is one MORE example, to aging gracefully, the person, in order to NOT have too much spare time, he’d jam-packed his schedules, but NOT too much that he’d feel hurried, and that, is the RIGHT way to live out one’s retirement, and he doesn’t have to worry about money either.

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In Order to Live, You Must Remain Active, to Save Up for Your Own Elderly Years


Someone inquired, “How old are you”, I would use a female tone of voice, replied, “I’m just nineteen, still hadn’t found someone to marriage”.  Actually, my age is flipped over, ninety-one, only nine more years to go, and I’m a centurion!

Don’t say that it’s bad, being in the army, that you couldn’t get enough food, and must work like hell, but, my body had never been seriously ill, and, even toward the elderly ages, I’m still very active and spirited.

Recalling back when I was younger, even if mountains crumbled in front of me, I’d been unwavered, and now, as a beautiful woman stood naked before me, I am still, unmoved at all.  Getting older and dying is merely a process of life, and the way I keep myself well, is by moving around a lot, in order to live, you must move.  The elderly has nothing BUT time, and every day is an off day, one can utilize those days, to keep up one’s health, to exercise to get more muscle tone.

Health is the top priority, with absolutely, NO ailments.  The major events occurring in the country is NOT yours to worry, and, if the skies were to fall, someone younger would surely be shouldering the weight.  In old age, you must live with a heart of ease, be optimistic and free, what’s more importantly, keep oneself young in the mindset.

The most important is to save up on some money when you’re younger, that way, you’d be able to keep yourselves well at old age.  Money is closer than people; from the past, keeping the children is to ensure one’s old age, saving up on the food, so one doesn’t go hungry, and now?  It’s not to say, that we can’t rely on our offspring, it’s just that the economic is unstable, and our children are having a hard time making their own ends meet as is, not needing money from the parents, would be good children.  In this world, there are many leeches, are there more leeches, or those who gave back to their parents?  Actually, for elderly like myself, all we can do, is to make sure we keep ourselves well.

And now, I’m only nine years away from a hundred, I must stay health, to move around more, to exercise regularly, to make myself look even prettier on my 100th!

And so, this person believed that the way to age gracefully is by staying active, and she is right too, because by staying active, your minds will stay sharpened, and, if the mind is sharpened, then, the rest of your systems will be JUST as well kept.







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