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Marry While You’re Still Young

So, as men age, they’d become MORE valuable, but as we women age, we become more WORTHLESS, is that it???  translated…

My college classmate, Chien is a beauty inside AND out, plus she’d taken extra care of herself, even though she’s a cougar of mid-forties, approaching her fifties, there’s still NO tracks of time on her face.  Her headshots were posted on Facebook, she looked like one of the younger girls, and we called her, the “Frozen-in-Age Beauty”.

But, this beauty had it hard in love, after she’d ended one bad marriage, although she was involved with someone, for over a decade, but in the end, because the man had NO intentions of starting a family or marrying, it was over.  Even though, Chien had NO more expectations for her romantic life, but recently, because her mother showed extreme care and concern over it, she’d still gone to the matchmaking set up by her mother.

“The man is a professor, he was more than satisfied already when he saw my pictures, but when he’d heard about my age, he’d backed out!”

On a gathering of friends, Chien told us the story of what had happened in this set up, then, she’d added another, “He worried that I won’t be able to reproduce, but with the medical advances, I might still be able to, who knows?  Plus, I may NOT be at all, into him either!”

We can all get, that this last sentence from her was out of anger, but it’d also stressed how in looking for a partner in marriage, men and women DO have the tendencies to focus on what they see, and that’s caused the gender inequality.

Seeing how there are a TON of ladies around me, just like Chien, good looking, with great abilities in work, but, they’d waited, and waited, for so very long, for Mr. Right to show up; and, looking at the men in the same age group, even IF they’re already wide in the center regions, they can still get younger girls to fall for them, for instance, there was a forty-five year-old male friend of mine who’d just become a father recently, and his wife is ten years his junior.

And, there was another “older brother level” man who works in the same industry as I, because he never gave up on having children, so, even as he’s passed fifty, he’d still sought out younger, beautiful ladies, and doesn’t accept the ladies who are more mature in age, and so, year after year, he’d wasted them all away.  Seeing how there are so many older males and females around me who are sighing right now, all I can say, is, “Do get married when you’re still young.”

And once again, you still see this GENDER inequality, and it’s still ALL because of our biological make up differences, because as we women approach midlife, our reproductivity slows, and, while you losers are still able to “reproduce”, so, you are seeking out younger, more vibrant ladies, who many only BE into your money.

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The Incidences of Rape in India

This, is still a story from a WAY-TOO-BACKWARD country in a world that’s fastly moving forward, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

In the provinces of Northern India, in just three weeks, there had been FOUR incidences of women being kidnapped, gang raped, then, hung on the trees until they’d died, the prime minister Modi called out to the politicians, to offer protections to the women in the country.

The population of northern India had exceeded 200,000,000, it’s the most densely populated region in India, also one of the poorest provinces of the country too.  There had been multiple incidences of women who are from lower status quos getting raped, and the women had often succumbed to the pressures from the police, and these incidences are reduced because of the press, reporting on them, but, it’s not eliminated altogether.

On the northern regions, the corpse of a nineteen-year-old woman was found, hung on the trees, the family members stated that she was raped before she died, and the coroners are doing an autopsy to confirm their claims.

And, there was a forty-five year old woman who was from a lower socioeconomic status who’d gone up north to the doctors, on the evening of the tenth, she’d lost contact with her families, and her dead body was found the very next day, hung, on the trees, and was suspected of being raped, then murdered.  The police had already taken five male suspects into custody, but NO arrests had been made yet.

Even the subprecincts of the police department had sex scandals.  A woman who was victimized, went to a county jail to visit her husband who was taken into custody because of possession of weapon, she was bribed by the assistant deputy for 20,000 rupees.  She’d refused to take his bribe, and, on the early morning of the tenth, she was forcibly taken to the back of the police dorms, located behind the station, and was gang raped by the assistant deputy and two other officers for two hours.  After that, her husband was released, and the officers warned her NOT to tell what happened to her to anybody else.  The victim came out to the police chief, that, was when this got blown wide open.  The assistant deputy had already been caught, but the two officers are still at large.

The Prime Minister of India, Modi called out to the politicians to offer protection to women, that, was the very first statement he’d issued on the topic of sex violence since he took office in May.

And so, this, is HOW it works, in the “bad parts” of the world, where women are seen as items, NOT as people, and if you’re a woman from those areas, then, you got NO right, because you are seen as properties of men, and this, is still NOT isolated incidences of violence against women in India, or anywhere for that matter, and, it is going to happen again, maybe NOT in the same regions, or the same country, even, but, it WILL happen again, because the world is still NOT well aware enough yet.

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Girl Infants Shouldn’t Get “Sacrificed”

We’re NO longer STUCK in the M-I-D-D-L-E A-G-E-S, and yet, there are still so many who are still BACKWARD in T-H-O-U-G-H-T, believe it or don’t.  A “report” from the Front Page section, translated…

Eight years ago, Taiwan had ranked as the TOP THREE on the list of gender imbalance, last year, finally, the gap between the number of males and females being born had become more “normal” compared to the past.  But, with this wave of marriage, with the Year of the Dragon, can Taiwan lose the bad raps for having an imbalance of genders?

The imbalance of genders not only symbolized how uncivilized a culture is, because when baby girls weren’t born because of the natural laws, to appear on this planet, based off of this natural “ratio” of things, this also means that a LOT of lives are being ended, simply because the parents held an expectation of the fetus’s gender, this “black number” of life, the government has NO way of controlling.

The imbalance of genders is caused by sexual discriminations, causing the deviations of the interactions between the genders.  Having less children, plus special measures taken to ensure the genders fetuses, causing the birthrate of boys and girls to get more widened.

What’s wrong with having a daughter?  From the traditionalist views of children taking care of the parents, daughters aren’t necessarily the ones who won’t fulfill the filial piety responsibilities, and, in a lot of families, the ones taking care of the parents are the daughters, and NOT the sons who took after the father’s companies OR the sons who got the MOST amount of inheritance.

And, this is still due to the S-E-X-I-S-T belief that OMG, boys are better than girls, because boys can have children that take OUR last names?  Uh, what C-E-N-T-U-R-Y are YOU from?  And, if this discrimination continues, then, guess what, NONE of us women who are “marriage age” will GET married, because why the FUCK (oopsy!!!) would we want to?  Especially the GENETIC DETERMINANT of the genders is NOT up to us, it’s up to your STUPID baby boys, and, when we couldn’t conceive a S-O-N, you, the elders try to get RID of us, your daughters-in-law???  Are you FUCKING kidding me?  And, here’s a “side note”: GIRLS are WAY BETTER than B-O-Y-S, and, when you get ill, who’s the ones coming to take care of you?  Could it be your sons who have their HIGH-END careers to look after?  Or, is it more likely to be your daughters, who are working their nine-to-fives outside the homes, and inside the homes 24/7?  You do the math, and tell me T-H-E-N, that you still want to have MALE heirs…

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The Daughter Became Too Westernized, the Parents Resorted to Executing Her

Found online, translated…

A nine-year murder mystery finally cleared up recently in England.  A seventeen-year-old Palestinian woman, became among the missing in 2003, her parents even went on television to ask the public for help.  At the end, the police investigations found that the parents were the ones responsible for her death.

The reasons why the parents resorted to killing their own daughter was because six months ago, she tried running away from having to go through the arranged marriage made by her parents, the parents were ashamed of her behavior, but, the truth is that this abusiv

dressed more like the westerners.

The police found that on the day that the girl went missing, she had actually died, and, the perpetrators were her own parents, based off of the statements given by the girl’s younger sister, the mother gave the order to “finish the daughter off”, and so, the mother and her husband put a plastic bag over her head, until she stopped breathing.

The events that sparked this murder was the fact that the girl ran away from an arranged marriage that the parents had planned for her six months ago, the parents felt that she’d brought shame to them.  But, the truth of the matter is that the girl’s westernized way of attire had already made her the butt of the parents’ abuse from way before.

After two years of deliberating by the court systems, the parents were found guilty of murder, the “honorary execution” not only didn’t bring honor back to the family, it also caused a young woman to lose her life.

Because, the people in the Middle East are considered less civilized than the rest of the world, so, it is NO surprise, that parents would kill their offspring due to something so minute as not wanting to go through an arranged marriage, and that, just shows you how BACKWARDS some parts of the world still is, and how women are still treated like inanimate objects, and, this all started way back when, when the preacher asked “who gives this woman away”, uh, we women are NOT possessions, and we can’t be “given away”, NOT even by our own parents on our wedding days, uh, get real, why would anybody want to get married is still beyond ME here!!!

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Iraqi Suicides Linked to Arranged Marriages, by T. Arango, with Contributions from D. Adnan

Yes, there ARE those nations that are still so backwards in T-H-O-U-G-H-T out there, from The New York Times…

SINJAR, Iraq—With her father sitting nearby, 16-year-old Jenan Merza struggled to explain why she was lying in bed recovering from a gunshot wound.

“I didn’t know the gun was loaded,” she said.

A couple of moments later, after her father left the room, she cried softly and admitted what really happened, how she had shot herself in the abdomen with her brother’s Glock pistol after first trying with

a Kalashnikov rifle—a weapon too long to point at herself and pull the trigger.

“I tried to kill myself,” she said.

“I didn’t want to get married.  I was forced to get engaged.

In this desolate and tradition-bound community in the north-west corner of Iraq, Ms. Merza’s reaction to the ancient custom of arranged marriage is becoming more common.  Officials are alarmed by what they describe as a worsening epidemic of suicides, particularly among young women tormented by being forced to marry too young, to someone they do not love.

Officials say there have been as many as 50 suicides this year in this city of 350,000 compared with 80 last year.

Among the many explanations, one is offered most frequently: access to the Internet and to satellite television, which came after the start of the war.  This has given young women glimpses of a better life, unencumbered by the traditions that have constricted women for centuries to a life of obedience and child-rearing, one devoid of romance.

“The society had been closed, and now it is open to the rest of the world,” said Kheri Shingli, an official in a local political party.  “They feel they are not living their life well compared to the rest of the world.”

Last year the International Organization for Migration conducted a study on the suicide problem in Sinjar, where mental health services do not exist, and concluded that “the marginalization of women and the view of the woman’s role as peripheral contributed to the recent suicides.”  A report compiled this year by a researcher at a local health center concluded, “The way to solve this is to put an end to forced marriages.”

Officials here say that some cases that are judged as suicides are actually honor killings, in which family members kill women who commit adultery or seek to marry outside their religion or class and then cover it up by claiming suicide.

“This happens too,” said Dr. Majia Khalaf, who runs a government health center.

Many people here blamed the suicides on the Turkish soap opera “Forbidden Love.”  A romantic drama of the upper class, it is a favorite program of women here, and some say it provides an unrealistic example of the lives that could be available outside Sinjar.

Ms. Merza said she watched the show, and she admitted, “I wish I had that life,” but her anguish seems more basic.  At 16, she wants to remain a child.

“I want to stay with my mom and not go back to my husband,” she said.

Ms. Merza’s father, Barkat Hussein, interviewed later in private, said he was aware that the shooting was not an accident.

“We gave her to her cousin less than 20 days ago,” he said.  “She accepted him.  Like anyone who gets married, she should be happy.”

He said he would not for her to return to her husband.  But, he said: “I hope she will go back to him.  His father is my brother.”

He, too, blamed the soap opera for his daughter’s unhappiness, and he nodded toward the room where his wife was working.

“I got married to my cousin,” he said.  “I wasn’t in love with her, but we are here, living together.  That’s what happens here, we marry our relatives.”

You do see how this young woman would want to SHOOT herself, right?  I mean, hello,, because we’re born female, that still doesn’t make US your “properties”, and, we shall NOT be SOLD into another household as second-rate citizens who will do nothing BUT clean, cook, and WIPE your asses, and, this is happening, in a “third world” country that’s still developing, but, because of how the “foreign media” is getting into these “lands”, the people are beginning to see, that hey, maybe there’s another option for us out there, and, they ARE initiating change, because they’re unhappy with their own lives.

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The Queen’s Chastity & the King’s Fidelity

More stress is placed on the former than the latter, although both are initially the S-A-M-E here…

This, is just how UNEQUAL the sexes still are (forget about your “average” equal rights!!!), when the Queen’s chastity is in question, the entire nation starts to boil, how could she be such a slut, blah, blah, blah.  While IF the King’s fidelity is being “blurred”, people are more likely to say that oh, he’s just being a man, and, seeing how men still got N-E-E-D-S, etc., etc., etc.

The Queen’s chastity “weighs” more, morally, compared to the King’s fidelity, after all, the King gets T-I-R-E-D, of FUCKING his Queen all the time, because we all know how easily B-O-R-E-D you sons-of-bitches can be.

The Queen’s chastity is not in “question” here, it’s the issue of equality that people are “dodging” when they bring up this “topic” of discussion, and, with the modern-day equality call starts “ringing”, the people are starting to wonder IF the Queen’s chastity is being over-emphasized, after all, the King’s had his “share” of ladies, and that, is when he is still M-A-R-R-I-E-D to the Queen too!!!

Who cares IF the King has a TON of W-H-O-R-E-S?  After all, he IS a M-A-N, and with “needs” too, but, IF the Queen starts to think about looking elsewhere?  CALL in the G.E.S.T.A.P.O., because she’s going to cheat on him, and, even IF that was only a T-H-O-U-G-H-T, she’s earned herself the label of the “town whore”?  Does this look F-A-I-R to you???  If so, I would STRONGLY recommend that you get your EYE SIGHTS C-H-E-C-K-E-D out by a PROFESSIONAL…

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The Chastity of the Queen

Because we should ALL know by N-O-W, how you SONS-of-BITCHES (not name-calling!!!) want to FUCK V-I-R-G-I-N-S, because you want to be the VERY first one to “open” us up…

Life in the Castle is real hard, the Queen thinks to herself.  Her husband, the King, has a LOT to do, going to his council meetings to talk about how he’s to govern the kingdom, which leaves little time for the Queen and him to be alone.

But, the Queen was raised by TRADITIONAL values that she should OBEY and HONOR (yeah right!!!) her husband’s wishes, because that was what her own mother had done.

One night while they were sleeping together in the same bed, they were dreaming of different dreams, the Queen wakes up in cold sweats, with that “deer in the headlights look”, and it startled the king.

The next morn, the Queen was long gone before the King wakes.  The Queen left him a note telling him that she could NO longer live in the BIG CASTLE, with EVERYTHING she wants and more alone, that she is lonely, she needs some company.

The Queen’s chastity had been long L-O-S-T, I mean, sure, she WAS a virgin when she married the King, but, that’s only in the PHYSICAL sense, and she knew she could stand UP on her own, so, she doesn’t get held back by the VALUES that the People places on her.  She wants her freedom, she WILL get her freedom, and she had been set free, and chastity is still B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T, I mean, why the FUCK would we stay true to Y-O-U, LOSERS, if you can’t even keep your WAY too SMALL (not that I had seen one, as in E-V-E-R still…) “wee-wee”, inside of your P-A-N-T-S.

Why the FUCK should we be the ONLY ones to keep our “fortress” (home???) safe, after all, it IS “our” homes, meaning that we SHARE it with you???  The Queen’s C-H-A-S-T-I-T-Y is NOT the issue here.  Plus, she is only faithful to herself.

Whoever the HELL out there still think that we, women are the only ONES who need to uphold the END of our “bargain”, go SLAP yourselves, if you do NOT control your “urges” (ewwwwwwwww!!!), why the FUCK should we stay with you???  Exactly MY P-O-I-N-T, plus, we have “needs”, just like Y-O-U would, losers!!!

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