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Say Farewell, to Living Alone as an Elderly, the Observations Made by a Daughter-in-Law


My father-in-law always believed, that even IF there’s just one broom left in his house, he must return to his roots just the same.  But, started last year, after he’d gotten the three letters of warnings from high above, he’d finally said his proper farewell, to living alone in the south, came up north, and lived with us.

The very first letter was from before we headed back home last year after the New Year’s holidays, my father’s asthma was worrisome for us, we’d failed in our attempts to convince him to move in with us, but, it was, unsuccessful, and so, we’d bought him medications to help his airway stay open, just in case.  The second letter was all too scary, my father started having a skin condition, and, his legs were redden and swollen, and so, he’d come up north for his doctor’s appointments; back then, the nurse at the hospitals saw him, she’d started screaming, feared that it may be an infection, but gladly, with the bathing of the love of his families, and my husband’s careful looking after him, a little over a month later, he’d healed up completely, even his doctor felt it was incredible.

After he got better, my father-in-law wanted to continue his living alone as an elderly, but, the heavens sent him a third letter, he’d slipped and fallen on his back in front of his own garage, to the point that he passed out.  But gladly, this happened outside of his home, and the neighbors saw and called an ambulance for him.  Because of his days in the ICU, struggling with death, after he’d overcome the shock, after my father-in-law made his recovery, he’d not read the dates, took the ancestors’ plaques, moved up north with us.

My husband who is a fitting son, set up a schedule, based off of my father-in-law’s living, so, the grandkids who took turns looking after him could make him feel more at home; and he’d also posted the goings on of my father-in-law’s days on Facebook, so everybody could show cares and concerns for him daily.  My father-in-law, who was basking in the love of his family, started from getting white in the face after just a few short steps, to walking up to five thousand steps a day, and he’d even gotten involved in the New Year’s Marathon Walk at Daja Riverside Park this year.  At age eighty-three, he was able to walk for more than 15,000 steps that day.

Living alone for the elderly population, although they get to have their own free living space, but, there’s a huge risk, and they must put up with the loneliness that attacks long term, and, it’d make the families worry.  Living with the family members, maybe, they’d had to make adjustments, because of moving into a brand new city, or the living schedules, but, so long as one is willing to change, it is beneficial for both the children and the older adults, just like my father-in-law, he said farewell to living alone, and, is now, embracing, his healthier, happier life.

And so, because the elderly didn’t want to impose on the younger generation, or because they worry that they may not adapt too well in a new setting, that, was what prevented them to keep an open mind when their children asked them to move in, and yet, this elderly man, was forced to move away from his own home, and move in with his children, because of his health issues, and, sure, there was, a period of adjustment to be had, but, this arrangement had proven to be beneficial for all.


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