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Raped, by the Silences…

We are raped, by the silences, because, we’re, afraid to tell anybody what had, happened to us, because, if we tell our truths, the outside world will only, ostracize us more, saying, that it’s our fault, that we shouldn’t have, behaved too provocatively in front of that man, that we were, just, asking for it, therefore, we’d, kept our silences.

what we were…picture found online…查看來源圖片

Raped, by the silences, we were, because, we’re, too afraid to talk, too afraid for our lives, as well as the lives of, those we loved and cared about, and, can’t even begin to imagine the shame they will feel, if our stories, busted out into the open!

Raped, by the silences, there’s, no way this will, ever come to an end, because, those predators are still, lurking, waiting, for their chances to, attack, and even though, we only come out, during the daytime, sometimes, it feels, like nights…

Raped, by the silences, we were, we were all, victims before, but, I’d, managed to, turn myself, into a god DAMN survivor here, I will, NEVER be quieted, be silenced again!!! what we are now…

what we have the potentials of becoming…picture found online

Raped, by the silences, there’s, nothing we can do, to change the past, change what’s already been done to us (and no, we NEVER enjoyed it!!!).  Raped, by the silences, no we don’t, keep our lips sealed, because what was shameful, wasn’t US, it was, what was, done to us!


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Victim, NO More

I am a victim, NO more, I’d decided, to take matters into my own hands, I’d put myself OUT of my own misery (NOT by way of committing suicide still…).

Victim, NO more, I will NEVER allow myself to become someone’s P-R-E-Y again (and that’s NOT to say, that I’m on the HUNT either!!!).  Victim, NO more, I will NEVER again BE controlled by your words, your emotional blackmails, along with ANYTHING that you do, OR say, OR even F-E-E-L.

Victim, NO more, and I still don’t need ANYBODY’s S-Y-M-P-A-T-H-I-E-S, or condolences for the LOSSES I’d endured in my life (I’d already gotten over ALL of that, FYI!!!).  Victim, NO more, and I’m still a HELL of a LOT more (and that’s a F-A-C-T!!!) intelligent than a LOT of folks out there, and no, that also still doesn’t mean, that my E-G-O is inflated OR bloated, even, okay???





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