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The Freedom of Assembly, Put to the Test

Time to put THEORY to practice, and see how it ALL works here…

The Freedom of Assembly, put to the test, and, it still wouldn’t matter WHO threw that very FIRST punch.  Point is, this originally peaceful assembly had broken out, into a HUGE riot, and, the cops are having so hard a time, keeping the violence contained, as violence, like anything ELSE that’s infectious and contagious, can and WILL spread, too quickly.

The Freedom of the Assembly, put to the test, and, it’s either a STEP forward, toward a “freer nation”, or, it’s THREE steps BACKWARDS, into oblivion.  So, how does it all roll out?  The Freedom of Assembly, put to the test, because the world has TOO many SHIT going on, and, people are slowly, standing UP, to SHOW the government, HEY, we will NOT take it anymore, and, that, is the gist behind the Freedom of Assembly, isn’t it?  Gathering together, so OUR voice can get LOUDER, so the government will PAY attention, because ONE voice gets buried easily, and two voices, well, they’re just NOT quite strong enough yet, but three, four, or FIVE voices combined, now that’s C-H-O-I-R, isn’t it???

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