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Pushing You to Dream

I ORDER you, to D-R-E-A-M, N-O-W!!!  But, but, but, I’m NOT even sleepy yet…

Pushing you to dream, because I was NEVER pushed, hard enough to dream, and had I been, I would’ve done great things, achieved wonders, and, because I don’t want that missed opportunity to be missed by you again, that, is why I’m pushing you so hard.

Pushing you to dream, and dreams will become imposing, even IF at the very start of your dreams, your dreams are what you wanted.  Pushing you to dream, because I’m the adult, and I KNOW what’s BEST for my child, you, and, you have NO other way, but DO as you’re told!!!

Pushing you to dream, you’ll thank me one day, but, you will hate me, for imposing those dreams onto you, and, there’s NOTHING I can do about that, because I am the parent, and I don’t want the same things that happened to me (being deprived of my own dreams!!!) to happen to you, that, is W-H-Y I’m pushing you SO hard to dream, don’t you see, child, it’s ALL for your benefits.  Sure don’t feel like it though………







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