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Natural is the Best

With the recent “wind” of bad oils, poisons, etc., etc., etc., translated…

“I want to get a nose job, to make my nose stand out more.”

“I’d heard, that if you get a sort of electric treatment on your face, it’ll make your skin firmer!”

With the advances of modern day, some are using plastic surgeries, to make oneself better, and this, had become the trend, it’d made me think, that aren’t foods like so too.

On a hot summer’s day, it’s a great way to cool down with a scoop of ice cream, or tapioca shaved ice.  But, if you feel even thirstier after you’d had the ice cream, or that the tapioca that’s unfinished and left on the plates for overnight still hadn’t spoiled, then, you may need to pay heed, because these things may have chemical additives.

And because of the market’s needs, foods needed to be processed, for instance, having chemicals added to prevent from rotting away, or, bleach, to elongate the expiration dates, or maybe, to be made into multiple flavors, to fit the needs of the consumers.  And still, these couple of months, there’s a RED flag on food safety, and some had asked me, “is processed foods safe or not?”

At which time, I’d posed out the example of the pineapple pastries: in recent years, the locally grown pineapple became really popular, and, what’s fazing me was, what, were the fillings of the pineapple pastries we’d had from before?  The answer, winter melon.  Because the fibers in pineapples are too rough, the tastes are too acidic, the earlier days, the bakers would use winter melons instead of pineapples as filling for the pineapple pastries, not only does it taste good, it’d also upped the sales quota too, and, pineapple pastries became a well-known items in all the households.  And so, you can see, that the additives in foods may not at all be chemical, there are natural foods being added too.

I have a friend who enjoys instant noodles very much who’d used the instant noodles as his primary meals, he’d often claimed, “how can I turn this aromatic fuse down!”, but, these sort of aromatic foods usually have additives inside, and, if you’d eaten more of that, then, it would burden your bodies.

I’d once seen a news story, someone had found, that her features became odd in ratio after she’d had plastic surgeries done, after she’d gotten an X-ray, she was shocked, to discover, that every part she’d had work done became slanted.  This is similar to how we don’t know the process of the foods being processed, what we saw, are the finished products, and so, because of this, when we shop for our groceries, we must pay attention to the wrappings outside, does it have the contents, the ingredients, the additives, and, how much of the additives, manufacturer dates, expiration dates, the manufacturer’s information, etc., etc., etc., so we don’t pick up products with too much additives, or items that aren’t clearly labeled.

As the saying goes, “natural IS beautiful”, all-natural foods are the best, eat more fresh, in-season, locally grown items, so, we can give our bodies the most natural nutrients they’d need, and we’d feel safe, eating the food items too.

This shows the IMPORTANCE of needing to DUMP the artificial and return to the natural, because you don’t KNOW what, is being added, in the processing of the food items, that you are picking up, prepackaged from the shops, unless you were there, through the whole processes of processing the items, packaging, and, seeing the foods getting distributed to the shops nationwide, which you’re not, and, unless you’re a self-sustaining farmer, who can make ALL of your produces, all of your meats and fishes, and eggs, along with other needed food items, then, you are at risk, of consuming bad foods, because those merchants only have one thing on their minds, making a PROFIT!






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Blaming His Teenage Grandson’s Stroke on the Bad Oils

Story from the news, translated…

The former representative of the voting committee of the KMT, Liu told the shocking tale of how his young fourteen-year-old grandson just had a stroke at the beginning of the year, and the team of medical experts couldn’t find out the cause, because his grandson is slimly built, and enjoyed a good workout regularly, and there was no family history either, he’d suspected that the cause was how much bad oils from the fried food from outside that his grandson had consumed.

Liu called out to the government, to increase the budget on securing the issues of food safety, “what they’d budgeted in, $800,000,000, it wouldn’t be fitting, until it is increased by ten times!”

Liu attended the economic forum yesterday, and commented on KMT’s loss of the recent elections, Liu commented on how the reason why the KMT lost was because people couldn’t see the progress that the KMT’s making in the country, that if they can start to structurally change the problem in food safety, then, the people’s confidence in the political party might be restored.

Liu said, that his grandson, at the start of the year, had ruptured a brain vessel, and the medical team had been searching for answers for almost a year now, and still couldn’t manage to find the cause, because the family is very focused on health, and there was no medical history in the families, he’d suspected that it was because his grandson had had the lunches provided in the schools, and, the oils the schools are bad, and for long-term, it’d caused the damages.  He believed, that from the rise in the problems of gastric sort and malignant tumors’ growth being higher than all other cancers, one can see a pattern.

The manager of the hospital said, that on one morning this year, Liu’s grandson had a stroke inside his own home, and, they didn’t delay, taking him into the hospitals, and after six months of physical therapy, he’d recovered physically now, but the family still worried about the damages internally.

And, because this man’s grandson had a stroke, and is generally healthy, exercised regularly, so, the grandfather attributed the cause to the bad oils, which may not have been the cause, and that still just shows how people are going to blame something else that might seem like the cause of an illness or whatever when it hit someone they loved.

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