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The Potential of After Age 50, the Growth of a Woman

I thought you’re headed down that slope after 50, apparently, I’m mistaken here!!!  Translated…

The sixty-year old Mr. Lai, had run his toddler percussion classes for a couple of decades now, in recent years, many of the preschools either closed up shop, or took their businesses to China, making the instructors unemployed, or making them find another kindergarten to teach in.

He’d sighed on how the market is getting smaller, but he wasn’t willing to keep these musical instruments in a storage unit, to let them rust up or gather up dusts, so, he’d decided, to build a musical instrument museum.  He said that nothing in his life had made him so energetic as this.

At fifty-two, Ya-Hui had planted pineapples for almost a decade, she’d wanted to make changes in her life, but, there’s nothing else she can do in the countryside.  She’d thought long and hard, and, decided to utilize the resources of the vegetable farmers in her region, and set up a restaurant that gets the produce from the growers, to cook what she knows best, to sell the tastes of her home.  She’d told me, that she was once, very swaying, didn’t know what a middle-aged woman can do, and now, life is so busy, she’d forgotten how old she is.

I’d once feared too, that don’t know what I can do at age fifty.  Worked for so long, the days became routine, it’d made me believe, that I was only, mediocre, and I’d felt fear when I contemplated about the future, I’d asked myself, “What, am I able to give back to the world?”

One day, I’d decided to combine my love of writing and photography, made it into a curriculum, sent it to an orphanage nearby, told them that I’d wanted to give a class to the older kids there on photography and writing, after they’d read my proposal, they thought it was interesting, and, I was able to make the trip there.

As the children took up the cameras, focused, took the pictures, whether they’re taking pictures of themselves, or the sceneries, the smiling faces, they’d moved me so.  After they’d shared their photos with one another, I’d asked them to pick one that was their favorite, and had them write something encouraging on the back, to make it into a card, that they get to keep forever.

Because of this experience, it’d made me sent out my second proposal, and, each and every time I’d finished a project or an activity, I feel my happiness factor rise up.  I’d found, that I can bring smiles to other people’s faces, and, this smile, became the strength for my own life as well.

Turns out, that everybody over fifty CAN have the ability to find a separate set of skies they can work under, and are able to offer energies to others too; because potential doesn’t fade with time, instead, it’s increased, with each coming year of life you’d had.

How old are you?  Are you afraid that people might ask you this?  Tell yourselves, so long as I’m willing, my potential is waiting, to EXPLODE!

So, this woman had found her drive, and, she used that drive, to help herself through her midlife crisis, and this goes hand-in-hand with E. Erikson’s Generativity vs. Stagnation phase of psychosocial development, because this woman was willing to step outside, she was able to find her own skies to fly under…

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