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Becoming a MAN, at the Age of Sixty

Because that, was how LONG it took for your father to DIE, and, “a boy becomes a man, WHEN his father dies”, right???  Uh-huh!!!

Becoming a MAN, at the age of sixty, well, that sure took you, LONG enough, where the HECK have you been, all these years?  Did you take wrong turns or something, was that why, it took you, FOREVER(because it W-A-S!!!), to become a MAN.

Becoming a MAN, at age sixty, well, unfortunately, because you’re heading into your elderly years, well, your physical abilities (I don’t need to DRAW, do I???) are on the decline, and, you are just NOT as fit as you once were, are you???  Becoming a MAN, at the age of sixty, because???  That, was how long, it took, for your father to finally D-I-E, and, at the age of sixty (woo-hoo!!!), you’re finally, FACED, with the CONSEQUENCES of your own FUCKED up behaviors, and, this time ‘round, YO mama or YO dada ain’t gonna cover YO ass, not even your EX-wife, or that WHORE of yours???  Or me, to boot!

So now, tell me, LOSER, how, does it feel, to finally MAN up at the “tender” age of SIXTY, and, you have GOT to be SHITTING me here, and, some of you, who are even older, are you MANNED up yet???  Yeah, go take a number………

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