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Both the Deceased and His Killer Went Abroad When They Were Younger, Were Very Close to One Another Normally, the Last Note from the Suspect: Mom, Dad, Don’t Cry for Me

The aftermath of murder-suicide, a follow-up story, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The murdering of his classmate, Liu by Huang from Kaohsiung Medical University, because he was jealous, as the news got passed, everybody in their department was shocked, stated that although they were three, four years apart, but, they were sent abroad to study, and, because of how similar their backgrounds were, they’d hung around together usually.

The classmates stated, that after the news of Liu three days ago, everybody in the department was having a difficult time, accepting; and these couple of days, when Huang failed to show up for class, everybody thought that it was because he was upset about Liu’s murder, nobody expected the end to be like this.

The medical student, Chen stated, that both Huang and Chen did well in class; both were optimistic, and were both very actively involved in extracurricular activities too, Huang belonged to the football team, Liu acted in a miniature short film directed by a fellow classmate, they both interacted normally with the professors, as well as other classmates too.

The school investigated, that Liu and Huang were Chinese students from Canada and U.S. respectively, both studied abroad when they were younger, because of the similarities in their background, they’d become, the best of friends after they’d started in Kaohsiung Medical School.  Huang showed up for activities on April 28th, then, never showed up again, nor was he there, for the meeting of extracurricular club he belonged to, and, the upper class member was just about to tell the professors about it, and the professors were on the verge of trying to find out what happened to him, they got the news of his death.

The office of Student Affairs had already counseled the close friends of these two young men, the classmates were all, heartbroken, “We were together, and, all of a sudden, they both died”, as for the words of how they got jealous of the attention of a girl, the school said, that they’d heard the classmates talk of how they were both seeing someone, but, they’re not clear on the details.

Yesterday, the school managed to get into touch with both Huang and Liu’s parents, both their parents started crying like hell, upon hearing the bad news, “We’d worked so hard, to get them educated, with such bright futures, and now, they both died, it is really difficult, for us, to accept.”

Huang who’d burned charcoal to commit suicide left two notes, one was for his parents, the other, for his younger brother, in the one for his parents, he’d stated, “I’m truly sorry toward you, I hope you won’t feel sad about me again, I was, my mistake, to have, let you down, I love you, I’m sorry, I couldn’t fulfill the duties of a good son to you, if I could, I’d wanted to return to before, when I was led, by the Lord.”

The other note, was for his younger brother, he’d told his younger brother, to take good care of their parents, said that he’d set an awful example, wanted his younger brother to behave, to listen to the teachings of their parents.

And so, this, is the aftermath, and, from this you can clearly see, how easily love can turn the best of friends against each other, that just shows, that love is something you need to be careful around…

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The Last Words of a College Student

From the news, translated…

A junior-level applied arts major student at Fu-Jen Catholic University had a fight with his mother two nights ago, yesterday afternoon, had jumped off of the eighth story top floor from where he lived, to commit suicide, he wrote his final words on the walls of

his bedroom, for his mother to “not miss me”. And, because the mother broke down and was unstable, the reason for their spat is still in question.

The cops said that the 20-year-old youth had jumped off of the eighth story building, and died upon impact. At the time, the next-door elementary school teacher had seen someone waving at the other side, and called the cops, but, when the cops arrived, it was too late.

The youth lived with his mother and younger brother, the father is not around. The mother was emotionally distressed, because she’d lost her son. The father pointed out, that two nights ago, the son was fighting with his mother, because the mother told the child not to skip any more classes, to study hard; the child regularly keeps to himself, never discusses anything that’s going on in his life with his family. The cops had determined the cause of death as a suicide, but, they’re investigating further, to see if that’s the real reason.

And, to think that ALL of this could have been PREVENTED, had the child’s parents paid MORE attention, but, the sign are too subtle, and, unless you have an ANTENNA on your heads, then, you would N-O-T pick up on the signs…

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