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The Psychiatrists’ View on Anxieties of Vaccines

The observations, of a PSYCHIATRIST here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The patients of my treatment clinic composed of mostly elderly population, at the start of the outbreaks, a lot of the families were too nervous, to not bring their elderly parents back for treatment; finally, the long-awaited vaccines are here, but, the media press embellished on the adverse side effects for the elders who received the vaccinations, which caused my elderly patients to grow even more, anxious.

I’d asked my patients to take out the medicine pouches, explained to them, “all the medications help, but there are those with the side effects, it’s all printed on the bags, and, there would be those who have the allergies because of their systems, but, do we stop taking our medications because of it?  If because of ‘the possibilities of’ and ‘risk factors’ we’d stopped, taking the medicines altogether, then, there would be, no medication available, because there are, NO perfect, medications.”

I said, “everybody loves her/his parents, we all want that perfect vaccine for them, but, there is, NONE!  See from our medical care workers, at first, when they’d been told, that they needed the flu vaccines, from the start, they’d, started, comparing the various kinds, and yet, year after year, they’d started, getting used to, any brand would be fine, and then, they’d gotten their flu shots when they’d become, available, and everybody became, less, selective.”

The members of the families thought a bit, and stated, “yeah, every time the physicians notified me, that mom needs the flu shots, I’d taken her to get her shots, without a second though.”  I’d asked her then, “do you think the COVID-19 shots are only the two this year, or, do you think it will be like the flu vaccines, by the year in occurrences?”

“I get, that everybody wants the best brands, but, it’s like how it is with the flu shots, this is the very first year, and everybody worries about the differences in side effects, the effectiveness of the various vaccines, but, a few years from now, after we all get used to it, it won’t make, any, difference anymore.”  Every medication has a side effect, but, nobody can predict the chances of the side effects that might happen.  We can encourage our elderly parents to get the vaccines, and, keep close tabs on the reactions in their bodies after they received the vaccines, have them rest more, drink more fluids, to not add on to the external factors, that, is the best way.

Because the “side effects” of MERS-CoV vaccines are as serious as DEATH, that, is why all those, elderly in the population, who are up for their vaccines are, backing out, and because of how there are only, one kind of vaccine available, and, because of the magnifying of the side effects of the vaccines by the media press, that’s why, the elders are now, super reluctant, in getting their, MERS-CoV vaccines, but like this physician told, everybody may have a different kind of response, depending on their separate systems, and, you just, can’t predict, what sort of a response might happen to you, before you get the shots, and now, it’s, best, that the elderly population just, line up to get their shots, because, we the younger generations want the shots, but, we are still, waiting our turns, as, there are, NOT enough vaccines going around.

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