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Price for Keeping Her Youth Intact

What’s it gonna cost me this time, an arm, AND a leg???  The “price” we pay for wanting to be young AND beautiful, translated…

After the long holidays, my book club started meeting again, the owner of a bakery, Huei asked me mysteriously, “What do you think has changed on the boss’s wife?”

Because there’s a TON of different people in our book club, we’re used to call on one another, based off of our husband’s jobs, “Is there something different about her?”

Huei answered right away, “Sure, her face looked firmer, whereas from before, it was very loose.”  I closely observed the boss’s wife, her skin does look more delicate, she DID look younger.  Turns out, she’d had work done on her, but she didn’t dare talk about it with the rest of the group, fearing that we might make fun of her.

There was once that the two of us walked together, we’d gotten into conversation, she’d told me that she’d had some “work” done on herself.  She said, that her family is in business, and when everybody got together, they’d always judge one another based off of each other’s looks, what sort of moisturizer they’re all using, which plastic surgeon they went to to get work done; or whose husband was having affairs, because the wives let their bodies slide.  At first, she didn’t take their talks seriously, but, after a short while, every time she looked at her own reflections, she’d felt that she’s NO longer young, and that the years had left their tracks on her face, and so, she’d thought about plastic surgery.  Right after work was done, she did feel a bit guilty, but slowly, she saw that all around her, people she knew are getting work done, and so, she worked up the courage, and marched into the plastic surgery clinic herself too.

“After you looked younger, do you feel happier?”  I asked her, curiously.  “Looking at how young I am now, I’d feel somewhat a sense of vanity, like I was, returned to my past.  But I also know, that the cost of keeping up with youth is huge, not only in the monetary sense, but also, the adjustments on the inside, and facing the ever-changing futures too,” she’d told me.

Based off of understanding, a year later, she’d still gone into the clinics, to get the same work done, because she’s already used to seeing her own flawless face, and, if there’s a small wrinkle, a laugh line, a blemish, she’d feel awkward, and she kept getting addicted to being young.

There IS a huge price for maintaining youth, because it is, addictive.

And, all of this, is still due to VANITY and OUT of fear, fear of being old, of looking UGLY, wrinkled and everything like that, and, vanity, because once you’d done it, you’d felt great about yourself, and, you WILL keep on doing what makes you feel good about yourself, and, before you know it, you are constantly looking into that VAIN mirror, trying to see if there are blemishes, dark sunspots, and, if there is one, then, you’d start wanting to get it removed, lasered or whatever’d, and, you don’t even KNOW it, but, you ARE, addicted!

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