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The Teachers Changed the Grades, Falsifying Remedial Teaching?

For the sake of looking good on the records, and, for real?  Have they even, THOUGHT about that at all?  Apparently N-O-T!!!  From the Newspapers, translated…

Last year, the Department of Education set up the rules, but, because there’s NOT enough time given, and the bars were set way too high, in order to let the middle schoolers graduate, the teachers gave curves.

The national education subdivision of the Department of Education recently sent the notices to education facilities, that in order to make sure that the last year middle schoolers can graduate without fail and not need to take the examinations to enter into high school, that the instructors must offer remedial teaching to the students who didn’t perform as well as they ought to in various subjects.  But because there’s only a short period of time being given to the instructors, and, the requirements for graduation was raised up, there were schools, with teachers who were suspected of changing the grades, in order to reduce the ratio of the students who graduate, and, this remedial teaching became falsified.

But, the man in charge of the 12-years’-of-education of the Department of Education, Huang said, that he was shocked, to hear about what had been done by the individual instructors, and that there was no way he could know what the truth of it all was, that he will visit the schools in the various regions, to get to the bottom of this mater.

So, we still have instructors, falsifying grades, so, it’d look better on the records, and, guess, if this was done, who are the ones getting SCREWED over?  The students, because this had occurred on the middle school level, and, IF you can even pass those basic level education standardized tests on that level, how, even IF you were to get into an All-Star high school, will you ensure, that the students won’t SINK?  But, because the Department of Education just wanted to use the American ways, without realizing, that hey, maybe what works over there, may NOT work well here, and besides, these policy implementations still won’t run smoothly overnight, it takes a long time, to change, to get settled, but they’re expecting immediate results, which, was what drove the schools to falsify the grades.  And, you DO see, how all of it, is interconnected, right?

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