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Stealing Someone Else’s Credit Card, to Take Out the Pretty Ladies, Managed to Swipe Away a TON of Someone Else’s Money

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Niu was seeing two women, Peng, and Hsieh at the same time, he was suspected of stealing both women’s credit cards, and swiping the cards without their consents.  The investigative officers found, that Niu and Peng went to the motel to get a room, he’d stolen Hsieh’s credit card to pay for it.  The High Courts in Taiwan found Niu guilty of stealing the credit cards twice, and, used the cards a total of twelve times, and, the courts found him guilty of theft, fraud, along with some other charges, gave him two years in prison, but he can pay his way out of serving time.

Niu in October of 2012, became a couple with Hsieh, whom he met online, he’d gone to Hsieh’s house as a guest, went into her bedroom, took her credit card without her consent.  And, Niu started swiping her card in both Taipei, and Hsinbei, as well as the city of Hsinchu, to treat himself to Japanese food, coffee, motels, charged a total of over $70,000N.T. onto her card; and, there were several charges to the motels, which he took a brand new woman he’d recently hooked up with, Hsieh to.

During the time when Niu was “cheating” on Hsieh, he’d swiped her card, and later on, he’d left Hsieh’s credit card in Peng’s car, then, took Peng’s card, and swiped it instead; he’d taken Peng to motels in the city of Hsinchu, to a bar in Miaoli, to fine dining, and also, to the movies in Taipei, swiped nearly $50,000N.T., and, it was, all, on Peng’s account.  Peng realized that her credit card was missing, and found Hsieh’s card in her car, thought that something wasn’t right, reported it to the credit card centers, and called the police too.

Niu denied having stolen the cards, claimed that Hsieh had authorized him, and that Hsieh knew of EVERY single charge on her card; in the almost fifteen days he’d started dating Peng, he’d paid for their meals, and he handed the cash to Peng, and Peng had swiped her card, to get the bonus points.

The High Courts believed, that credit card is a matter of personal property rights, unless two people were very intimate, most people would not allow someone else to use it; and, Hsieh and Niu only dated for a month, and, based off of normal reasoning, she wouldn’t have allowed him to swipe her card as he pleased, and, that as Peng was dating Niu, she’d never paid, and, the slips that were signed for the credit cards, the handwriting was different from her signatures, that, Niu had taken her cards and swiped, without her permissions.

So, we have, another scammer for money, and, this time, he’d still used LOVE as his cover, and, that, was his way of doing things, and, gladly, this LOSER only HAD two victims, and, if he wasn’t caught, GOD knows how many ladies would fall…


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A Man Made Up Stories with the Scripts that Sounded Like the Soap Operas, and Managed to Trick a Third-Year Middle School Girl

So, how gullible CAN you get???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A fifty year old cabdriver, Kuo falsely claimed that he own a filming studio, and that because he was sought after by his enemies, that, was why he’d falsified himself into a cabdriver, he’d lured a last year middle school girl by using these stories, to have sex with him, and captured the footages; later, he’d suspected that the young girl is dating another guy, he’d threatened to kill her then himself with a gun, the Taipei District Attorney’s Office found him guilty of possession of ammunitions, threats, and having sex with an underage minor.

As the D.A. interrogated, the adolescent denied having dated him, and sued Kuo for rape, but the D.A. reviewed their messages, and found how the youth nicknamed Kuo “hubby”, and they’d shared sexually illicit dialogues, and in the sex tapes, she’d interacted naturally with Kuo, and so, the D.A. dropped the forced sexual acts charges against Kuo.

The indictment papers from the D.A. pointed out, that Kuo met the adolescent last September on Facebook, falsely claimed that he’d owned a filming studio somewhere up in the mountains, and had shot commercials for underwear; but because his ill, and was about to die, and was pursued by enemies, which, was why he’d falsified his identity as a cabdriver.

Six months after they met online, they’d met up, on two separate occasions, Kuo took the adolescent out on different high-end cars, making her believe in his lies about his own status, she’d rode the car, to the Daja Riverside Park with him, and parked in the parking lots under the bridges, and had sex for the first time with him; afterwards, Kuo took the girl to Taipei, Hsinbei, Keelung, along with other places to have sex, they’d had sex over fourteen times, and he’d recorded the process of them having sex with his tablet computer.

The young girl had asked Kuo to take her to his filming studios or his home, but he’d always diverted her attention to something else, and the youth started suspecting that he’d been lying to her.

In October of this year, Kuo discovered that that adolescent girl went out with a male friend, thought that she’d found another guy, he’d called her, texted her, to threaten her, said that he was going to leak the sex footage out onto the internet.  The girl was forced to meet up with him again, and Kuo took out a modified gun, pointed it to his own head, and the gas tank of his car, threatened that if she won’t be with him, then, he will not only leak out the video footage, he will kill all her friends and families, and then, himself.  The youth agreed, even though she didn’t want to, and afterwards, she’d notified the police.

Those girls ARE really getting dumber by the nanosec here, aren’t they?  Or, are they just into getting famous quickly these days?  But in the end, this LOSER still didn’t get away unscathed, but the girl’s innocence was also, lost, and it’s still, too high a price to pay…

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A Woman Was Certain that It Wasn’t a Scam, the Police Acted as Her Younger Brother, to Protect Her Assets from Being Taken from Her

Some people are just WAY too S-T-U-B-B-O-R-N, for their own good here, from the newspapers, translated…

A sixty-year-old woman, took her two-year-old young grandson to the post office, withdrew almost one million dollars, and told the people there, that she’s building a house, the post office immediately notified the police, the police came, and discovered that it was the overly used scam of the district attorney’s office, the officers decided to go along and said to the elderly woman, “The D.A. told us to come and escort the money being transferred”, after three hours of knocking some sense into the woman, the police had managed, to keep the woman’s money from being scammed away from her.

The Second Substation of the Hsinbei Police Department in Chunghe said, at the end of last month, the three officers, Pan, Tsai, and Wang gotten a call from a post office, saw Huang the woman, looking panicked, and blamed “How is it wrong, if I’d withdrawn my own money, to build a house?”  Afterwards, she’d told them, that she was giving the money to the D.A., believed that the police are there, to “obstruct” her “freedoms”, that “you all are killing me”.

After an hour of consoling with the woman, they still couldn’t manage to bring Huang back to the subprecinct, and, even those unrelated bystanders stepped in to consult the woman, but Huang was stubborn, held fast to the beliefs that “D.A. has a higher rank than officers”, and so, she still wouldn’t listen to them.  The patrol officers used their minds, and changed their claims, “The D.A. told us to watch over the money!”, and said, “If you don’t go, we won’t go either!”, that, was when they were able to, successful, “trick” Huang onto the patrol cars with them.

After they’d arrived in the subprecinct, the police took two more hours, explaining, Wang asked the woman, “How long did it take you, to earn the nine-hundred-thousand dollars?”, Huang was hesitant in replying, and seemed to understand, that she shouldn’t just “hand off” her hard-earned money, to a stranger.

Then, the officers got in contact with her son and daughter-in-law, to have them explain it to the elderly woman, and then, she’d understood that it was a scam, the police escorted her back to the post office and redeposited the nearly one million dollar she’d withdrawn, and, after she saw the record on the bankbooks, she felt relaxed.

The police investigated, that the scam rings had called, using blocked numbers to Huang for two days straight, claimed that someone had used her accounts to launder money, that the D.A. is going to freeze her account, for the purpose of investigations, asked her to make a withdraw of the money, to give to the D.A. to look after.  Huang was so fearful, that she couldn’t sleep, and on the third day, she’d gotten another call, she didn’t dare hang up, she’d ran straight, to the post office, to make the withdrawal.

And so, the police were able, to STOP this elderly woman from getting SCAMMED this time, and, even when the police had shown HER the evidence, she still didn’t believe that she was being scammed, that just shows you, how the elderly population could be an easy target for scam artists, but this time, the police were able to STOP this woman, from giving away her life savings.

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A Girl Who Dreamed of Being a Star Was Molested by the Scout

Didn’t anybody READ up on that last one called, uh…Star Search, I believe, was what it was called???  From the Newspapers online, translated…

A man, Hsieh, used his spare time off from his acting, and asked the temporary actress, a teenager out.  He led her into a dark alley, then, he molested her and got his way.  The District Attorney’s office finished cross-examining the case today, and filed a FORCED sexual act suit against Hsieh.

The D.A. said, that the thirty-year-old Hsieh used his spare time from filming this August, asked the stand-in, a teen, to head to a convenience store to buy some alcohol.

The district attorney said, that the man led the girl, who’s not yet sixteen, into a dark alley, claimed that he was going to introduce her to a director and claimed that “if you wanted to become a model, then, you must sleep with the agent.”  He attempted to put his hands down her blouse and pants.

After the District attorney’s office did their investigations, they decided to prosecute him based off of sexual molestation charges.

Because you’re young, and you dreamed of becoming a STAR, and, here comes the opportunity, when a man who claimed that he is a scouts agent said that he can get you on that road, and because you are young AND naïve, you fell for it, are you kidding me?  How many C-A-S-E-S had there been already???  NUMEROUS, and yet, you still don’t learn???

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