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After She’d Scammed Him for Money, She’d Faked Her Own Death, the Engineer Felt Guilty…Was Scammed, Again

Stupidity, stupidity, AND, more of that, S-T-U-P-I-D-I-T-Y, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A woman, with priors in fraud, after putting her make up on, she looked like a female star, she’d used her beautiful photograph, to seduce a man who’s an engineer for the Southern Scientific Park, De (a false name), used the excuse of needing money to get her dance recitals set up, and borrowed one million dollars from him, after they’d met up, she’d shown her “true self” to him, but, refused to give him back the loan he’d gave to her, and, she’d faked her own death, and, took the identity of the man’s friend, and managed, to scam an extra three million dollars N.T. from him, the D.A. charged her with fraud yesterday.

The woman, Lin (age 33) from, Hsinbei City, weighed about 154 pounds, with long eyes, voluptuous in figure, is the mother of two.  Four years ago, she’d used MSN messenger, to meet De (age 37), she’d told him she was a school dance instructor, would ask him how he was every single day, plus, Lin’s photo resembled that of a female actress, De had fallen for her, and, in three months on interacting online, they’d started referring to one another as boyfriend, girlfriend.

But, as they’d dated, for not yet three weeks, Lin lied about how she’d lost her purse, and needed the money to put on a dance exhibition, needed the money for her outfits, etc., etc., etc., and managed to get De to lend her a total of over a million dollars.  In De’s requests, the two of them met, and, De’s dreams were shattered immediately, the very next day, he’d asked to break up with her, and asked her to give back the money he’d loaned to her in three days’ time, Lin started crying into the phones, on how poor she was, and told him that she’d swallowed some pills to commit suicide already.

Not long thereafter, Lin took on the identity of her younger cousin, Wang, said that Lin couldn’t be saved, after being rushed to the hospitals, and had owed a lot of debts before she’d passed, hoped that De would help her pay it up, so she could go ahead, get the paperwork sorted out, and that she will be paying him back, on her “cousin’s” behalf.

De took it to be real, believed that he had pushed Lin to commit suicide, and felt awful, and paid up Lin’s medical bills and her debts, also, he’d paid for her child’s hospitalization fees from getting the stomach flu.

The character of Lin’s cousin whom Lin impersonated later on said that she was hospitalized due to a car wreck, and, she’d taken the persona of her female friend, Hsiao, as the window for communication between De and the ladies, but it was still just her; and, the persona, Hsiao told the sob story of how she’d owed debts, and was sold to the strip bars, and, De felt sorry for her, and started wiring the money, to help get her out.

In just six short months, De had wired a total of one-hundred fifty times, in the total of four million, one hundred thirteen thousand, dollars N.T., and, all of his own savings are now, gone, but, he couldn’t get the autopsy reports of Lin, that, was when he realized, that he was scammed by Lin, who took up three different persona, he got angry, and sued, and, they’d reached a settlement of $2.5 million N.T.s.

Who’s the SUCKER here???  You ASSHOLES are!  And, that just shows how easily, you DUMB-ASSES would fall for these BULLSHITTING S-O-B stories, and, it all started with the intentions of “hooking up” too, so once again, love, was the primary way, used to SCAM.

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A Nerd Was Tongue-Kissed by a Fake Hottie and Fed Sleeping Pills and Afterwards, She’d Robbed Him

Problems of being a NERD???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A woman, Tsai was able to entice a geek engineer, Hsieh, into a one-night-stand, said that before they have sex, he needed to take a pill that can make him last longer, she’d pushed the pill into his month, using tongue kissing, then, after Hsieh was out, she’d robbed him clean, the District Attorney’s Office in Taipei yesterday prosecuted the woman on charges of robbery.  And the man who falsified himself as her father, who’d sold the stolen goods was also charged too.

The D.A. investigated and found, that in the month of July, Hsieh, through using a communications application on his cell, met Tsai, who was using the false name of “Jen-Jen”, she’s already thirty-six, but falsely claimed she was only twenty, and attached a photo of a good, younger looking woman; Hsieh was taken by Tsai’s beauty, and invited her to Ximending to get a hotel room with him.

After Hsieh saw Tsai, he realized, that “Jen-Jen” was dark and small, was totally different from her picture, was about to leave, but Tsai took out a white pill, said to him, “If you take this, we will have a crazed love making session.”

Tsai then tongue-kissed Hsieh, and pushed the pill into his mouth, and, after Hsieh took the pill, he’d immediately fallen unconscious, after he woke, he’d found everything gone, his cell phone, his I-Pad, along with all the cash he had on him, and afterwards, he’d gotten calls from his bank that there was a woman who’s using his credit cards at jewelry stores, and that, was when he came to his senses that he was robbed blind.

Based off of understanding, when two people are using the same communications app at the same time, the system can show who else in the vicinity was also using the application, and match the people up automatically.

And so, this, is one MORE case (still won’t be the last of its kind I’m sure of it!!!) of how a LOSER who had absolutely NO experiences with the ladies thought that he could get his one night stand easy, and, there are women out there, targeting those men too.

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