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The Healing Powers of Facebook


As I’d marched into the late adulthood years, I was introduced to Facebook with the mindset of not wanting to get involved, and curious, and, my curiosities go the best of me.  At first, I’m only a reader, seeing how my friends are doing, and would leave a message every now and then.  Later, something happened at my house, that I must report it to the fans on Facebook about.

That, was when my mother who had Alzheimer’s having a heart attack and was taken to the ICU, my moods sank to rock bottom.   I’m the primary, and the only caretaker of my mother, the long hours of waiting outside the ICU, along with my anxiousness of the events, was even worsened by the coldness of the hospital air.

When I was feeling so alone and so helpless, the phone calls from my friends, with how bad my mother’s getting, because a huge pressure to me.  In order to keep everybody posted, I started updating my mother’s conditions on Facebook, and recorded down my own emotional ups and downs, and my friends kept giving me the support online, to allow me to carry on.

My mother would get better sometimes, and get worse at other, and my friends, with what I’d posted on Facebook, get affected too, and even those friends who rarely used Facebook, in order to NOT bug me, checked online periodically, for the updates on my mother’s condition.

What’s sad was that my mother still passed away.  During the time she’d just passed, I feel that my heart had been emptied out, when my tears overflowed, I’d write it out on Facebook.  Thanks to my friends’ encouragements and consoles, after a short while, I’d finally found a VIP spot for my mom in my heart, and those sad days are slowly behind me now, that, is the accidental healing effect of Facebook.

So, you didn’t start out getting all into Facebook, you’d just used it from time to time, and, because of what happened to your mother, you felt the need to pour your heart out, and, people are showing sympathies to you, and that makes you feel a LOT better, and that, would be how Facebook had helped, in THIS particular case.

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Facebook Had Made Her Blue, It Also Helped Her Feel Better

Said of the “case” with the suicide broadcast by the woman, translated…

The young woman, Lin’s broadcast of her own suicide online, the “friends” tried consoling her, but, didn’t call the cops, causing her to die.

Suicides had been listed on the top TEN reasons of death in Taiwan for the last twelve years, up until 2010, did it fall out of the list.  And, Facebook is the most “in” online social networking, and so, people who had attempted suicide had

started claiming to take their own lives online.

There is a Swiss scholar, Thomas D. Ruder, who discovered this “trend”, fearing that others might “copy” the suicide attempts and claims.  But, Facebook’s ability to get people to respond has also helped people take notice of dangerous situations.  Thomas D. Ruder and his team had set up a study, wanting to find a conclusion of how Facebook can help stop suicides, and they’d gotten published on the international magazine of “Crisis”.

The studies pointed out that the claims of suicide can get the attention of the population online in a very short time, but it didn’t point out how those “claims” of suicide might initiate people to copy that behavior.  Based off of the current research, there are more evidences, suggesting the Facebook helps prevent suicide more.

But the writer of this article is currently treating a young female client, she had wanted to leave an anonymous message, criticizing a classmate, but, she accidently “opened” it up, causing her to become the blames of everybody’s words, causing herself to become depressed, to the point that she’d hurt herself, and this, is the negative point of the world wide web.  But this student had asked for help from her friends on Facebook, which gave her the courage to seek help, thus, avoided an originally-bad tragedy.

Although the research results showed that there’s a lot of good points to how Facebook can prevent suicide, but, if someone is too into the online world, causing them to become socially inept, with the increase of surface interactions and decrease of in-depth interpersonal interactions, then, it would be more harmful than helpful.

If the masses had found a message by a close friend or relative using Facebook, claiming that they no longer wanted to live, please DO call for help, and do NOT take these events lightly.

So, does FACEBOOK help or hurt?  I dunno, because there’s NOT enough “literature” to PROVE or to DISPROVE how Facebook is helpful or hurtful yet, because Facebook had not been around for a very long time, it’s just recently “gone up”, so, the effects of Facebook is still yet to be seen!!!

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