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Prolonged Suffering

The question is, IF you could end it, would you?  If your loved ones got so freakin’ ill, that the quality of life drops to next to ZERO, what would be the purpose, of keeping them alive?  And would it NOT be considered UNFAIR to the sick?  What would they want you to do?
Prolonged suffering, when it can be ended, why not?  Oh yeah, because it wouldn’t be RIGHT, for us (any of us, actually!!!) to DECIDE when to END someone’s life, right?  But, think about it, what IF your loved ones got sick?  To the point that breathing becomes too difficult, that the ONLY way for them, to live OUT the remainder of their years (however long that may be) is by getting CONNECTED to tubes, would you want that, on your loved ones?

There’s NO point, in prolonged suffering, and, just because you can still EAT, drink and perform ALL the “normal functions” of your lives, still doesn’t meant that you WANT to be KEPT alive, after all, you ARE the one who’s ill, and the rest of the OUTSIDE world knows SHIT about what you’re going through, including those who are closest to you, your families.







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Keeping Our Love Alive

Let’s just EUTHANIZE it already, look at it, it’s gasping for air, it can’t swallow its foods, look at how miserable it is?
Keeping our love alive, but W-H-Y?  I mean, it IS already on the verge of dying, so, why would I want to save its life?

Keeping our love alive, this is actually NOT a wise decision, but, because we’re both unwilling to let go for whatever reasons there may have been (like say??? Revenge???), that’s why we keep each other T-I-E-D up and B-O-U-N-D.

Keeping our love alive, is this absolutely N-E-C-E-S-S-A-R-Y?  I mean, look at it, so miserable, let’s just use that RIFLE of ours and PUT it out of its misery for once and for all, what do you say?  Oh, what was that?  You want to see it get W-O-R-S-E?  Fine by me then.

Is there a need, in keeping our love alive?  I mean, look at it, it is SICKER THAN a D-O-G, so, let’s just shoot it already, put it OUT of its misery, it’s suffered, long enough, or, would you RATHER that it suffered some more?  I, really don’t care anymore about it.

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