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Work Hard, and Your Dreams Shall Come True, on Education of Children


I’m a last year middle school instructor, I’m also the parent of a examination taker, toward the parents of my students, along with my own child too, I’d had a very different testing season.

After the major tests were done, after the first scores were noted, a TON of the kids in my class said that they don’t want to go for another test anymore, that they’re only young once, they don’t want to waste their youths away, cramming, but, they seemed to be dissatisfied with the schools they’d gotten into.  I’d asked how they felt, a lot of them believed that they should party hard first.  There are, however, three or four kids that told me, that they wanted to take the specialty exams, to give themselves another shot.

As I’d returned home, my only baby girl too, was crying, she seemed dissatisfied at the school she’d been accepted to, she told me, that she wanted to take the specialty examinations and was ready to buckle down and study.  I asked her, if there’s anything I can do, to help her out?  She hoped to take extra sessions at cram school.

And so, she started focusing on her plans of beating it, and, every day before seven I’d taken her to San-Chong MRT Station, where she got on, to go to cram school on her own; and at eleven in the night, we’d picked her up at the MRT stations.  My wife felt bad, seeing how my child would drag her tired body, she’d felt her heart ache, but I’d told my daughter clearly, that going to school is the easy part, that there are more challenges in her future up ahead, and that she should treat this time of her life, as the most hard-working time of her career as a middle school student then!

And so, some chose to party, other, to give oneself another chance.  Because of the typhoon, the grades were posted early, and my daughter got into the top three schools she’d hoped for, and those students who’d given themselves another chance, all performed relatively well too, some had even gotten accept to their first choice.  But, I’d seen on Facebook, “It must be easy for you, who’d taken the specialized examinations, so easily, you’d scored so high, had I known, I would’ve signed up too…”, without realizing, that on this road, those kids who walked it, had already worked real hard, to get to where they currently are.

In the depth of the night, I saw an article I’d saved after I’d retaken the entrance for my technical college, it wrote: “This, is probably how we all grew up/when we were younger, the meaning of life/existed only in July of the year/and so we worked hard/and studied underneath the early morning bus stops/to the lamplights of late nights…………”

Then, I wanted to cry, working hard, and, you will achieve your dreams!  Recalling my students, my own daughter, and I’d also gotten reminded of how I’d retaken my exams too, how much stamina I’d had back then.

And so, this, just shows you, how you need to set a good example for your kid to follow, like the writer of this article, he too, retook his entrance, because he didn’t get the desired grades the first time, and, because of his hard-working, never-quitting attitude, he’d gotten where he was.

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When the First Choice Didn’t Fall Through

After the examinations, comes the hard part, which school do I go to???  Translated…

Lord Henry Brougham once said, “If you can erase everything someone learns, then, what children learned from when they were younger will take them their entire life to clear, and, what they’d learned after they’re grown gets wiped out within a week’s time.”  The editor of a certain childrearing practice magazine wrote: Does this belief go accordingly with early head start?

The answer is “NO”, Lord Brougham’s words, is stressing the importance of one’s early childhood experiences, and back then, early childhood education is NOT teaching the kids math, English, or other talents early, it means what the parents allow the kids to model after, especially, that sense of security that cannot be put into descriptions, the emotional development of children when they are still very young is all too vital, and the moral education of early childhood can and WILL affect the child throughout her/his life.

The parents are stressed out over early education, because they feared that their child might lose to others at the starting point.  But the truth is that successful people don’t necessarily have a head start in life, they’d gained the head start at the turning points of their lives, because life cannot be all smooth sailing, there MUST be twists and turns, and, being able to make the right decisions when those turns came is the key.

People who are wise can make the right choices, and, the correctness of the choices comes AFTER the decisions are made.  So, win or lose, it’s reliant upon whether or not one has made the right choices in life, NOT about how fast one can run at the start of the race.  When the first choice fell out, the child MUST accept other possibilities, and allow oneself to become flexible.

There was a story: a river ran from the heights of the mountains, it passed through the deserts to head toward the seas, but, on its way, the water was evaporated by the heat in the deserts, it cried, “I may never reach the oceans now.”  The desert told the river, “You can still reach it, you’re evaporated water now, and evaporated water will flow along the atmosphere, the breeze will take you to the oceans, and, when you meet the cold, you’d become the rain, and, as you’d come down, you’d end up in the oceans.”  The river said, “But, if I become moisture, then, I’m no longer a river!”  The desert said, “Actually, your key qualities had not changed, you’re still liquid.  But, when you insisted on staying a river, you’d lost your chances of emptying out into the oceans.  The reason why you fought, is because you never really knew what you were, so long as your key qualities don’t chance, why do you care about your forms?”

A lot of spoiled children, when they wanted something, they MUST have it, describing it in positive terms, it’s “persistent”, but, there’s NOTHING that one CANNOT live without in the world, like people can’t be replaced, give yourselves some flexibility, then, you’ll have a bigger room to grow.

Tagore said, “If at night, you cry for not seeing the sun, then, your tears will blind you from the sky full of stars.”  The sun and the stars are all glowing, but when you MUST have the sun, your eyes are blind by the tears, and, you wouldn’t see the starry skies.  William James also said, “Lives can change, because of one’s altering one’s own attitudes.”  Once you’d let go of your persistence, a LOT of choices will come before you.

There was someone who’d taken the entrance exams twenty-seven times, and then, finally gotten into school, his life had flown by him (graduated out of college at age twenty-two, two years in the army, twenty-seven tries for government position exams, the man should be in his fifties.”

If you don’t have flexibility in thought, and becomes too stringent in your ways, you are bound to become a tragedy.  For instance, lost love, that, would be a turning point, and, the person who’s stubborn MUST keep this lost love, and, when one can’t have that, s/he will be willing to sacrifice one’s own life to get it; the wise would say, “There are plenty of other fishes in the seas”, let go, and find other chances.

So, in the child’s coming of age, you should train her/him to become flexible in thought.  In the Bible for Jews, the “Talmud”, there was a very good line, “the human eyes are made of two portions, black and white, so, how come only the black portion can see things?  It’s because we must go through the darkness first, before we know what light is.”  So, the smart take chances, know when to strike, the wise know when to fold, letting go is a much more important thing to learn than trying to gain.

The sense of security we have as children will become the determinant of how we react to problems in our lives.  Lord Broughman reminded us that the KEY to childhood education is NOT in acquiring all the knowledge one can get for one’s lifetime.  The experiences we’d gained from our early childhood years can be erased for the rest of our lives, because it is stored in the parts where the nerve endings connected.  A positive outlook on life, and having the flexibility, is a lesson that parents can teach, without spending too much money on the lessons, and the parents can teach this lesson to the kids themselves, and the kids will find it useful for the rest of their lives.

And so, the education in the home is still the K-E-Y (like I’d already said, hello, hello, hello???), and yet, how many of you parents are spending ENOUGH time with your young, to read their bedtime stories, to sit with them, helping them with their homework assignments?  None, because, you got ends to meet, and, the cost of living is getting higher, higher and higher by the NANOSECOND, and, you won’t be able to afford to lose any time in making money, and so, you let your kids “slide”…

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