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Because You Don’t Want to Die Alone…

Because you don’t want to die alone, seeing how, nobody WANTS to be alone, when they’re, still alive, why would anybody want to die, all alone on her/his own?  Because you don’t want to die alone, you’d started, imposing your imminent death onto someone you knew from long ago, and that person, was the only one, that you’d known, who’d, come to, your beck and call.

And because s/he allows you to control her/him like that, you’d, started taking advantage of the fact of how s/he couldn’t, turn you down or away.  Unbeknownst, you’d, started, using manipulative ways, to control the other person.  Because you don’t want to die alone, but, you know what, EVERYBODY dies alone, nobody (not even G-O-D) can help you through the passage from life TO death!

Because you don’t want to die alone, such, a selfish motive, still, you’d, used it, as a VALID excuse, a form of, rationalization, of how and why people, should treat you kind, because you’re dying, therefore, you DESERVED to be shown, some extra kindness, right???  WRONG!!!

Because you don’t want to die alone, well, when I die, I’d much rather be, alone, on my own, and, someone will find me, a little while, AFTER I’m dead and gone, and follow everything I would’ve, specified, in my will, to handle MY final affairs…


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His Heartbreak Took Me Hostage

His heartbreak took me hostage, because I feel sorry for him, and, he’d used that, to his advantage!

His heartache took me hostage, and, I’d worked hard, to break free from him, but, after so many failed attempts, I’d stopped, trying to break free.

His heartbreak took me hostage, I felt sorry for him, and I gave him my sympathies, and he’d used my kindness, and I ended up, paying the price.  His heartbreak took me hostage, I found myself, in this deep, dark hole that he used to keep his broken heart buried in, and now, I’m its next victim, getting buried alive by the pains from his broken heart.

His heartbreak took me hostage, how will I break out?  Guess I can just, run, and never look back?  But, I know that I will totally, look back at him, and see how pitiful he looks, and I’d gone soft, all over again, and, be taken hostage, by his broken heart once more.  His heartbreak took me hostage, and there’s no way I’ll ever break free from his controlling ways, because each and every time I tried to leave, he’d painted his face to resemble pain and suffering, then, my bleeding heart would “act up”, and, it just keeps on repeating over, over, over, and it just NEVER ends for me!!!

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