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Reliving the Traumas of Your Childhood Years

This, is what you’ll ALWAYS and FOREVER BE doing, until you’d dealt with everything!  Reliving the traumas of your childhood careers, you have NO other options but to, because growing up, you were never given the time, to cope, to deal, with the losses of your youthful careers, and now, all of that’s caught up to you.

Reliving the traumas of your childhood years, you will, until you’d finally figured it all out, the origins of your pains, and, come to your senses about how those two people who should love you, never had, and, that, is the cruel, cold truth that you will get murdered by, as I’d already been MURDERED by the same things already.

Reliving the traumas of your childhood careers, and, until you can, feel ALL those emotions that you’d prevented yourselves from experiencing fully and completely, you will NEVER be able, to get out of the darkness you live in.  Reliving the traumas of your childhood, you must, because if you don’t, you will NEVER realize and come to acceptance that you’d been damaged, and that, you were, BEYOND repair!

Reliving the traumas of your childhood careers, you will, but, you can’t, because even AT the “tender” (yeah, you’ve GOT to be SHITTING me here!!!) age of SIXTY, you still can’t admit that you had abused your own offspring, like your parents had abused you, because, they were beaten up, physically, by their own adoptive parents, and this sort of SHIT will keep getting passed down from one generation to the next, until someone takes notice, and change, but, can someone be intelligent enough, to realize one’s own mistakes, admit to it (without apologizing!), and change?  Yeah, I’ll get back to you on that, sometime, in the future………

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Your Successes Became the “Filler” of the Holes of the Dysfunctions of Your Families of Origin

Overcoming the obstacles you’d had to deal with in your childhood years here…

Your successes became the “filler” of the holes of the dysfunctions of your families of origins, and that, was a must, because you will always be living UNDER THE INFLUENCES of the dysfunctions of your separate families of origin, there’s NO doubt.

And, you may have been, misled, into believing, how your successes had somehow, filled UP the holes of the dysfunctions of your families o origins, but, that, is NEVER the case.  You will, keep on, working hard, to become, more successful, only to, find out, that NO amount of successes will EVER fill that hole left, by the dysfunctions of your families of origin, and this will take you, oh, dunno???  ‘bout say???  MORE than your lifetimes, to finally figure out, and yet, how many lifetimes have you got?  Oh yeah, just THIS one!!!

When your successes became a filler of the holes of your families of origins, well, congrats, on your successes, but, you still couldn’t, go BACK in time, to fill up those HOLES your families of origins had, left, inside of your hearts and souls, and so, you will always, keep on, wandering around L-O-S-T in the world, NO matter how hard you work, to try, to find the things that you actually needed in life………

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