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The “Growth” of Education in America

This, is REPORTING L-I-V-E, from the D-E-S-K of the Q-U-E-E-N, and, the “forecast” for the future still ain’t lookin’ BRIGHT at A-L-L, translated…

Since the start of American history, the education had always been better from the generations before, and now, the growth had slowed down considerably.  The Wall Street Journal posted a finding on the 26th, stating that this sort of a trend had made a huge “DENT”, as the difficulties of holding on to a high-end, high-paying job, to maintain one’s current living standards, this will also put a DENT on the competitiveness that U.S. has, compared to the WORLD.

The article pointed out, that the growth of education in the U.S. had also slowed down by a considerable amount, with more than just the reason of tuition is on the rise, causing those who wanted to further their education to not do so, because they’re unwilling to have a huge DEBT to their names.  And, a LOT of Americans are doubtful, as to whether or NOT having a higher degree would indeed gets you a better paying job, and, that is also the reason why the statistic of high school dropouts are still very high too.

And so, as the “story” will go, the U.S. of A will eventually end up with the MOST number of illiterates, and, it still won’t BE because OMG, what’s she saying (can’t read???), but because people are too L-A-Z-Y, to get themselves O-U-T of that HUGE jam that’s caused their lives to tangle up completely, hello, hello, hello, do you NOT remember my “equation” of ILLITERACY=LAZINESS from a VERY (and I DO mean, a V-E-R-Y!!!) long time ago???  Yeah, so, go CRACK open that book of yours, and start learning something, okay???


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