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A Middle School Student Pushed His Friend in Front of a Moving Car, Charged for Attempted Murder

Teenagers these days, becoming MURDERERS, because they want what someone else has, but couldn’t get it, from the Newspapers, translated…

A middle school student in Yingge, Hsu, last month on the 22nd, was pushed by a fellow classmate, Chiu, in front of a moving car, and was injured, after Hsu’s mother learned that Chiu had once told her son, “After you’re dead, your iPad and cash would all be mine!”, the mother got angered and SUED the other student for attempted murder.  Both Chiu and his mother denied the allegations, the police claimed, that after the interrogations, Chiu will be booked based off of attempted murder charges.

The police investigated and found that Chiu (age 15), the middle school student, was suspected of feeling jealous of his fellow schoolmate, Hsu, because he has an iPad and a cell phone, which was bigger than his own cell phone, last month on the 22nd, he’d bugged Hsu nonstop, and had pushed him toward the street when Hsu wasn’t paying attention, Hsu was hit by a pickup driver, Fang, in the head, he’d suffered intracranial hematoma, his lower jaw and nose was broken too, he’d lost four of his teeth as well, the lower portions of the right side of his face was completely disfigured, and the doctors were able to, thankfully, save his life.

Hsu’s mother reviewed the surveillance footage, and found, that her son was pushed by a fellow student and was hit by the pickup, Hsu also told his mother later on, that Chiu had once told him, “If you’re dead, your iPad and cash would all be mine”, and Hsu’s mother got angered because of it, sued Chiu for attempted murder.

Hsu’s mother was also displeased with how the patrol officer from the Sanxia’s traffic team, Chang, that he’d used “I have other pressing cases”, to not go through the procedures of taking care of her son’s case, and, afterwards, the mother was so depressed that she couldn’t sleep on days on end, and on the very day, she’d taken her son to the police station to get his statement taken; and, because Hsu’s mother sued, yesterday, Chiu’s mother also showed up at the police precinct with her son, to get their second statements in, and Chiu still denied having attempted murdering his classmate.

The Sanxia Subprecinct told, that after the investigations, they will be booking Chiu based off of attempted murder charges, and, because the officer, Chang was not paying enough attention, he’d received one minor reprimand, and they will keep on checking to see, if there are, more negligence in relation to the case.

And, all of this still happened, because a kid got jealous of how another kid has everything, and, the kid just kept showing off, and, finally, the kid who pushed the other cracked, and that just shows, how emotional they can get during the teenage years, that anything and EVERYTHING can trigger their emotional responses, and, because they’re at their teenage years, they lacked the inhibitions toward their behaviors, and that, is why this had happened.

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Motive for Murder: Getting Yelled at

The “buttons” just keep on “popping up”, and, it IS enough to make someone C-R-A-C-K too, translated…

A man who works at a bar because he was displeased at how his two-years-older than he was girlfriend had called him “without work, useless” several times, he took advantage of how his girlfriend got wasted after using drugs to choke her to death, then, he used a knife on himself, after accompanying her body for two days, he found himself alive, went to the cops to turn himself in.  The district court in Banciao found him guilty of murder, sentenced him to thirteen years’ prison.

Based off of understanding, after Kao used a knife on himself, he became dizzy, believed himself to have died already, he admitted to killing, but, claimed to be temporarily insane when he committed the murder.  The courts, after sending him to a psych evaluation, believed that while he was committing murder, he was quite sound, disregarded his claims; and because Kao had turned himself in, so, they gave him a lighter sentence, plus, he’d admitted to what he’d done in court.

The verdict stated that the deceased, Yang (31-years-old) was working as a bar girl at the Hotel Shangri-La in Taipei.  After started dating Kao (29-years-of-age), who worked as a service guy at the bar, she moved in to his place of residence at Yung-He.  And, because Kao didn’t have a steady source of income, they’d argued often because of the economics.

Last year on October 2, at around nine o’clock at night, Yang started nagging at Kao once more, told him to go out and earn some money, called him “useless, without a job”.  Kao lost control, pressed hard on Yang’s neck, and because Yang was using ketaminee, she couldn’t fight him off, she suffocated to death.

Kao saw he’d made a huge mistake, started swallowing sleeping pills, slashed his own wrists, and stabbed his own abdomen several times, then, fell unconscious.  Until the morning of the 4th, he woke to find himself still alive, then, he called to turn himself into the cops.

See, this IS how you CAN push a man’s buttons, call him INCAPABLE of providing, call him IMPOTENT, and that, should do the “trick”.  The man was pushed, no doubt, but, because he was having psychological issues with himself when the woman started yelling at him and called him those bad names, that, along with probably difficulties at work, along with a MULTITUDE of causes (which we don’t know what they are), all accumulated, and, that, was why he cracked, and, he still couldn’t prove that he was temporarily insane, that he had NO control over what he was doing, because he might not K-N-O-W what he was doing, but, he still did it, so, the “insanity plea” won’t work here.

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