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The Dangerous Thing About Trust…

It’s either make, or BREAK, and, when you BREAK, you REALLY, REALLY, R-E-A-L-L-Y DO B-R-E-A-K!

The dangerous thing about trust, is that if you’d placed your trust into the wrong people, then, you’d be, totally SCREWED, and, there’s ALSO that GOD DAMN problem of T-R-A-N-S-F-E-R-E-N-C-E (hello, hello, hello, Uncle Siggy, anyone???).

Trust is a dangerous thing, especially in this world, filled with a TON of SHIT, how do you know, WHO you can trust?  I mean, lookin’ ‘round here, you’ll see, ALL those GOD damn BUSINESSES that put people’s lives in danger, because they’d wanted to save up on the dollar, and, you ALSO have people, who are still ABUSING one another’s trust, everywhere.

The dangerous thing about trust, you can’t just, TRUST anybody, especially strangers, because you don’t KNOW what their intentions are, and, more often than not, their intentions are NEVER good!

So, what, do we do?  Do we, become skeptics, in the realms of trust?  Do we, still keep that faith, that people are naturally good, and, how, can we, make sure, that the environment won’t get to us, with ALL those bad news that are still currently, playing, playing, playing, AND replaying out there?




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No If’s of Life

There are, NO if’s of life, because that only leads to mountains and mountains of regrets…

No if’s of life, because life is NOT suppose to have any “if’s”, after all, what good, would “if” do now, now that it’s already, over and done with?  No if’s of life, because I won’t allow myself to live in regrets, to keep myself guessing nonstop.

No if’s of life that’s just not how it’s supposed to be done.  No if’s of life, because I’m just NOT going to allow for any “if’s” in my life.  No if’s of life, as those if’s had become, a total waste of my god damn time, and, I will not waste, another moment of my life away, on the if’s, the possible outcomes, had I gone some other way………

No if’s of life, and that, is final, I will NEVER again, cast myself in that ironclad self-doubt, after all, if I started doubting myself, then, I’m totally screwed that’s for sure, because I’d end up, just like YOU, and that, is NOWHERE I want to be.

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