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He’d Hit Her, the Courts Mandated that He Would Have to Give Her All of His Assets the Next Time Because He’d Stated So, and This Time, His Wife Hit Him Back, She Ended Up, Losing Claims of His Assets

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A woman, Chen, was a domestic violence victim, afterwards, her husband wrote a confession, stated that if he’d ever hit her again, then, she would have the right to divorce him, and that he would give ALL his assets to his wife; later, Chen was once again, beaten, and she’d sued him, but the judge used the fact, that she’d hit him back, and didn’t allow her to get his assets.

The judge pointed out, that in the civil laws, when the giver and recipient had behaviors of intentionally harming one another, the giver MUST retract the assets given.  Chen was beaten by her husband, and was allowed to get all her husband’s assets, but because she’d hit him back, and hurt him, and she’d lost her right to his assets.

Chen believed that this to be unjust, and went for an appeal, the second trial maintained the verdict of the first.  And now, she’s already divorced from her husband, this time, Chen had lost everything.

Chen stated in court, that four years ago, when they’d gotten into an argument, her husband got furious and hurt her physically; she’d asked for a divorce but he wouldn’t allow for it, and so, he’d written a statement of repentance, stated that “the fight tonight was my fault, if my wife had divorced me, I will surely regret it for life.  In order to avoid this sort of situations, if this ever happens again, my wife will definitely have the reason for divorcing me, and all of my assets will go to my wife, no questions asked.  I hope my wife will forgive me this time.”

Chen said, that her husband went back on his words, last year in July, they’d argued about their kids, her husband pushed her against the walls; she’d fallen down the stairs, and to protect herself, she’s kicked and hit him back, later, she’d called in the police, and asked for a restraining order.

She’s stated that based off of the statement of regret her husband had written, he should be giving her ALL of his assets; and before she’d gone to civil court to ask for this earlier this year, they two of them had already settled on their divorce in court.

Chen’s husband rebutted, that the fight that occurred last July, was started by her, other than using verbal insults, she’d bitten him and hit him; that his wife behaved in such a way toward him, based off of the laws, he could take back his promise and what he’d given her.

The judges from the first AND the second trials both believed, that Chen’s husband had hurt her once more, and it DID breach the contract, and that the assets should go to her; but Chen hitting her husband back, and biting him, her husband can go through the court procedures to take back the promise that he’d made to her.

And so, here we have it: another D-A-Y, at the FAMILY C-I-R-C-U-S, and that, is still JUST unfair, if the woman had hit him back in self-defense, I’m sure, that the judge would rule in HER favor, but, it didn’t seem like that, was what she did, and, if you didn’t push him, why the HELL would he break?  And, they’re still TRAPPED, in the vicious cycle, without themselves, being aware, but now, they’re divorced………

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No Use Asking “Why” in a Short-Lived Marriage

A Q&A, translated…

Q: When Ms. C was thirty-five years old, she met a man who was also thirty-five through matchmaking, they’d dated for less than a year, got married.  When they got engaged, she’d noted how stingy the man was, wouldn’t even pay for a $25N.T. drink; after the marriage, they’d moved in to his younger brother’s place, with the mortgage still not yet paid up.  The dowry from the husband, the sum of $320,000N.T., she’d used it to buy the furniture, the appliances, but after they wed, the man told her, that “Dowry should be put into savings, and the household appliances, the furniture should be what the bride should come with”.

They went to Italy for their honeymoon, the husband said he would pay for the trip, but, he kept stalling on paying, the woman exchanged $25,000N.T. for Euros to shop (the man only wanted to take pictures).  The moment they got back to Taiwan, when they stepped off the plane, the man said he wanted a divorce.

Since then, the arguments continued, the woman paid for their meals, their daily living materials; the man paid for the gas, the mortgage.  The man is emotionally unstable, would often give her the silent treatment, and when he’d opened up his mouth, it was to scream to her about the little things, he had even waken her up in the middle of the nights, just to yell at her.

When the couple argued, the woman return to her mother’s household just three times, and by the second, the in-laws told her husband to change the locks on the door, that they wouldn’t want their daughter-in-law to come and go as she pleases; the third time, he’d changed the lock of the second door, and got to the point that the man had found an attorney to help him divorce.

The man asked the woman to give back the money he’d given her as gift for the marriage, otherwise, to leave ALL the furniture behind, or that he’ll call the police.  The woman returned ALL the gold jewelry back to him, but the man had refused to give back the wedding band of a little over $10,000N.T., insisted that that wedding band didn’t exist.  When they went to the local offices to file for divorce, the man told his mother, “I’m finally free!”

This short-lived marriage had hurt Ms. C, she is without dignity, what did she do?  To get this badly treated by the man’s family?  How can she NOT feel bad?

A My Opinion

Because you didn’t get a clear look, the values were totally different, plus the parents got into the wars of the couple (the woman went home to cry to her parents, the father of the woman called up the son-in-law and scolded him), causing the marriage to break up early.

And now, the divorce is finalized, the man was so glad that he’d gotten out!  And the woman is still desperately searching for what went wrong?  Isn’t it just how the man was without values AND morals, and NOT in synch with her?  Two people can’t manage a marriage, plus, they’d brought in the in-laws too.

All I can say, that the man underestimated the woman’s economics and how easily “conquered” she is; and the woman hadn’t a single CLUE of what’s going on with the man.  This, would be a good kind of clean break!  Without too much emotional investments, without children, start over again.  After you’re a little more experienced, find the right man, isn’t it better that way?  Look forward!

But the thing about this is that the woman felt CHEATED, after all, she DID shoulder UP the responsibilities of providing for her newly formed family of two, and she’d also had to put UP with his emotional ups and downs, and, that, would be what holding AN expectation (of any sort), can SCREW a marriage over!!!

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