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Seventy-Percent of the Government’s Energy Spent on Breaking Down Hou, Thirty on Breaking Down Ke, are the Greens Worried about Getting Voted Out of Power?

Apparently, the people’s lives, weighed a HELL of a LOT, less than trying to, silence those who have a difference of opinion than they have here, the government is totally, missing the point here, and yet, it’s still, in power!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

In the midst of the outbreaks, nobody is completely safe, working together is the key, while the DDP still had the mind to beat down the mayors of Taipei, Ke and Hsinbei City, Hou, splashing the soiled waters onto them.

The legislator of the party Lo, and the councilman, Chang started it first, attacked Hou for not blocking out the virus from spreading too fast throughout the city, criticized how the city government didn’t make a single move last yar, that Hou was behind Ke for over a year; the commanding center’s using the claims of “Corrected numbers” made the entire nation upset, while the mayor of Kaohsiung, Chen immediately spoke on the central government’s behalf, that this was caused by both Taipei and Hsinbei Cities.

As Chen finished firing off, the legislator from Tainan, Kuo fired up, pointed out that Hou asked the Central Government to NOT block out the privately owned organizations to buy the vaccines, that he’d not examined his own city, with the rate of inoculation of less than fifty-percent.  Then, the former legislator, Duan criticized on how the rates of those staying in the quarantine hotels in Hsinbei City were lowest of the nation’s, that he’d called the hotels to become quarantine hotels at random, and criticized him on calling to “seal up the city” too often, and that it’d caused a scare among the general population to fly into a shopping feeding frenzy.

The DDPs spending “Seventy-percent of their energies on trash-talking Hou, thirty on grilling Ke”, the inoculations of the vaccines in Taipei also got criticized, the net armies started calling out on how it was faster to get inoculated in Kaohsiung than in Taipei, the assistant mayor, Huang of Taipei stated, that most of the vaccines were specified for the hospital workers in the front line of defense, that there are tons of specialized wards in the city of Taipei, the medical professionals are getting their turns by shifts to get the vaccines, so of course it’s, slower.

The DDP continually hitting Hou, Ke, and this is clearly, a fight for power in the politics.  All of us knew, that both mayors are hot for the presidential election of 2024, while the breaks in preventing the spread was, caused by the DDP, it’s not on Hou or Ke, and the people watches the government, attacking them using all their might, are the higher up officials of DDP treating citizens as idiots?  Or are they, already, anxiety stricken about, losing their, status of power over the control of this government?

Or maybe, both?  Because this current government does SQUAT for its people, and now, as election comes closer, it’s afraid, which is why it’s using all the guns, the cannons, the knives to ATTACK the heads of these two major cities up north, and the party IS, at its, wits end, on maintaining control over power here, that’s why these attacks on the mayors of these two major cities are occurring right now.

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Because There’s a HIGH Chance You May Lose to Her, You Call Her “Crazy”

Uh, yeah, that’s the way, to play it all right, trash-talking YOUR opponent in the race, and that still just showed how LOW you are in life!

Because there’s a HIGH chance you may lose to her, you call her “crazy”, and because you always got your ways, by throwing your, temper tantrums like a god damn @#$%ING two-year-old who don’t know better, you think you can somehow, sway the masses, to not vote for your opponent in the race, is that it?

the face-off in 2020! Photo from Yahoo!

The WAR of S-P-I-T-S had begun, I suppose, as all the candidates, ready themselves, to battle it out at war, and, with the “inventions” of Tweeter, FB, LINE, etc., etc., etc., making it even harder, to run a CLEAN race………

Because there’s a HIGH chance you may lose to her, as election time draws nearer, and nearer, and nearer, you’re, feeling, a bit, more stressed than usual, so, you SHOOT of your mouths.  And guess W-H-O will, eventually, DROWN in your spits? 

Yeah, it’s Y-O-U!

This is only one human being’s opinions on things, it’s NOT directed toward anyone out there, but if you think this is about you, well, I can’t help you there, okay???  Yeah, uh-huh, uh-huh, and, where the HELL are those TWO-CENTS?

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If the Only Way You Will Have the Chance of Getting Elected is by Talking SHIT About the Incumbent

The world of D-I-R-T-Y politics, like someone from my previous blog had left the message: yeah, why can’t they just run a clean race???

If the only way you will have the chance of getting elected is by talking SHIT about the incumbent, then, CONGRATULATIONS, you had stooped, to the LOWEST of the L-O-W-S there.

But hey, that, is the world of politics and currently, the world’s government systems ARE run by politicians, with agendas of getting elected AND re-elected, so they can FUCK up their own separate nations even more.

If the only way you will have the chance of getting elected is by talking SHIT about the incumbent, well, maybe, it IS the incumbent who needs a reality check, after all, if s/he did her/his job well enough, then, why would there room be SHIT, for you to talk about, right?  Thus, ends the day, in the world, of P-O-L-I-T-I-C-S, and NO, the world still hadn’t “gone” to the D-O-G-S, because IF dogs ruled, then, at least, there WOULD be MORE order, as the ALPHA males will take charge, and the REST of the “population” would DO what they’re supposed to, without QUESTIONS A-S-K-E-D!

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