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The discussion on how much you’re giving to the world here…

Are you productive?  Are you doing ALL that you possibly can, to help someone in need out?  Or, are you just, keeping to yourselves, making SURE that you get YOUR share of work done, and totally, oblivious to someone else’s needs?  And, what, would be considered, a productive life?  Doing all that you can, to make a difference, or, just enough, to get by?

Productivity is defined, differently, by everybody, because you and I may have similar views, but, our views are never going to be exactly identical, because we’re NOT clones of each other, are we?  So, are you being productive, and, how, do you define, “being productive”?

Productivity is defined, based off of your separate personal experiences, along with the observations you’d made, of others, but, is what you see the truth?  How, do you know that, for sure?  After all, NOT everybody wear their real selves on their sleeves, do they?  Many put on various masks, that they are required to, so, HOW, is productivity defined?

Productivity is merely this: are you doing everything in your ability, no matter how small you may be, after all, we are, only just singles here, like those millions of grains of sands, inside that hourglass, and, yet, each of us play a vital role in the world, and, had you, found your place, like I already had yet?

Those, are my questions, feel free to take with, take from, take a “doggie bag” even!

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If We’re Friends

Friendship defined, translated…

Friends is, even if they’re not around, you’d still miss them.

If you are friends, then, you must NOT do things that displease one another.

And that, is merely the B-E-G-I-N-N-I-N-G of the rules of friendship, and you still need to consider, that the other person is your friend and to keep her/his as your friend, you must work hard to maintain your relationship.

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