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The Bridge


Being the eldest son, his father had a fortune-teller do his charts.  His life was supposed to end at age forty-five, and, the fortune-teller told him that if he’d done good deeds, then, maybe, he could extend his life to fifty-five, at most.

At age forty, he’d gone out, to have the dates read, and, he’d had to check out the days to get his own hair cuts, he’d become extremely superstitious.  In a few more years, he’d gotten asthmatic, with a TON of ailments, angered easily, and he was sick the majority of his days, and, allowed his field to go to waste.

At age forty-five, he’d finally let it go.  He’d helped patched up the roads by the side of his own field that his neighbors trampled down, and gone to the river by the front of his house, and put rocks into it, to make crossing over to the other side easier for people.  The flood came, washed the stones away, and, before the waters receded, he’d gone out into the streams, and put those stones back again.  The river became over flown, he’d chopped the bamboos, to make a bridge, and had added the rails, so the children who pass through to go to school wouldn’t fall.  When the waterway was too wide and too deep, he’d made bamboo baskets, filled them up with rocks, and then, he’d made handrails using the bamboo growing along the sides of the river, and added the handrails too.  I’d helped him tied the cages from the bamboo together, to allow him to go into the icy, cold waters, to place the stones into the river, when I did this, he was already in his sixties.  Or, maybe, it’s building the bridge, it’d not only cured his asthma, and he’d firmed up his muscle tone too.  I’d heard, that before the day he’d passed, he’d still gone to the fields, and moved over ten basket full of vegetables.  He was seventy-three years old.

When I left home for school and to enlist, I’d never wondered who was there to help him till his land.  Decades after his death, there was an exhibition, and, in the paintings, there were five children that belonged to his older brother, some are sitting on the bridge, with a hat, splashing the waters around, it was very beautiful.  But the bridge……………too simplistic.  The bridge was already slanted, without the railings, probably from his elder years, when he had to finish the bridge on his own.

Looking at the painting, I was, all of a sudden, reminded, of how as I’d carried his photo in the Hurst, as we were about to drive across the bridge in the village, the Buddhist master told us to call out, “Dad—we’re passing over the bridge now!  Walk slowly, and don’t fear.”

And so, this, is how one passes on his legacy, and, the fortuneteller, telling the man that he will have a very short-lived life is probably why he’d spent his life, doing as much good as he could, and, he was troubled by the words too, but, when he’d gotten older, he’d set his own mind free, and started to do good things, NOT because he wanted to prolong his life, but because he wanted to, and, with that change of attitude, he no longer feared, and when he’d died, he’d died, a good man, in other people’s minds………

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A Sixth Grade Boy Fell Out of a Thirteenth Story Window and Died, His Five Playmates Were Too Shocked to Describe to the Police Exact What Had Happened

You’d think that kids at THAT age would know better, right???  WRONG!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A sixth grade boy last night, fell from the thirteenth floor, the TOPMOST level of his home, to his death, the police investigated and found that he was playing with his five other classmates, and, afterwards, the five classmates were too dumbfounded to tell the police WHY their friend had fallen off.  The police already reported this, and are now, checking into exactly W-H-Y he’d fallen off.

The subprecinct in Taoyuan investigated that yesterday at 5:40 in the afternoon, the fire departments got a call, that there was a boy, lying, on the pavement in front of his building; as the firefighters arrived at the scene, the little boy had NO sign of life, and, after they’d rushed him to the hospitals, he was already gone.

The security guard looking over the building told the firefighters, that the little boy who’d died was NOT a resident, the patrol officers had found five other little boys at the topmost floor, and found that the one who fell off was their classmate, that they were horse-playing together, but the five kids couldn’t stop shaking, and couldn’t tell exactly how the tragic accident had occurred.

The police notified the child’s parents, and after the parents heard, they’d rushed to the hospital, and found, that their son was JUST at his friend’s house playing, and now, he’s a DEAD body, they were too emotionally distraught, and couldn’t accept it, kept asking, “What the HELL happened?”, hoping that the police can get to the cause of their son’s death.

The police pointed out, that they’d already taken the other little boys into the precinct for questioning, and had called their legal guardians or their parents, but the five kids all told that they’re “unclear of what’d happened”, or that they “didn’t see anything.”

The preliminary inquiries found, that the boy who’d fallen off is around 4’6, and that the wall was just a little BIT shorter, and that it could be possible, that he might’ve flipped over the walls, while horse playing.

And so, these boys are still OLDER, and, it was still, JUST an accident, after all, parents still can’t keep TABS on their children 24/7, and plus, the parents had to work, and, so, NO supervisions, that, is why and HOW this had occurred, and yeah, it could’ve been avoided, but why wasn’t it???

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Toward the End

This, IS the FINAL stage!!!

Toward the end, you were too ill, you were too drugged, because you needed the medicines, to kill the pains from your cancer, and, you were sleeping, ALL the time…

Toward the end, you still have NO right to C-H-O-O-S-E, HOW you will “go”, after all, it is still, NOT up to you to decide, it’s all in fate’s hands now.  Toward the end, but H-O-W?  How can we “reach” the end so quickly?  Toward the end, if you’re still NOT ready to deal, BOO-HOO-HOO for you, as time, had been “cut” short, and, you just got NO more time.

Toward the end, there’s NOTHING you can do, to lessen the impact of death on your lives.  Toward the end, did you get everything “in” before you die?  Did you make ALL the wrongs you’d done right, best as you could again?  If so, congrats, on NOT leaving A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G behind, if not, that’s WAY too B-A-D.  As the “buzzer” just went OFF on your life!!!









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The Funeral of Childhoods

We got up, dressed in black…

We are gathered here today, to mourn the loss, of childhoods, now, we don’t know HOW they all died, it seemed, as though they’d joined a CULT, and committed a group suicide together, and in the morning when we woke, we’d found them gone, taken from our sides.

The funeral of childhoods, because we did NOT give ourselves enough time, to MOURN for the losses of it.  After all, with the death of our childhoods, gone are the innocence, the carefree days that we ran wild and free through the fields in the back of our minds, and, NO more daydreaming either!!!

So, the death of childhoods should BE mourned, and, the mourning will NEVER be completed, because throughout the remaining years of your lives, you’d get reminded, from time to time, H-O-W your childhoods were MURDERED, stripped from you, yanked away from your hands.

And so, it’s with this heavy heart inside, and deepest sorrow, mixed in with insurmountable regret, that I’d called you all up, from the medical examiner’s office, for you to come down to the station, to identify the DEAD bodies of your separate childhoods………







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The News of His Death

The news of his death, it shocked EVERYBODY, I mean, he was still very young, at the prime of his life, his career just took off too, then, WHAM!!!  Came the news of his death.

The news of his death, he didn’t deserve to die in such a horrid way at all, he was a good man, but, apparently, fate didn’t see him as the good man we all knew.

The news of his death, it hit me, really hard, we were childhood playmates, we grew up in the same neighborhoods, I got out, while he stayed behind, and, we’d lost touch over the years, but, we’d still chatted on the phones every now and then.

And now, I’m HIT, with the news of his death, and, I rushed back home, to his funeral, to pay him my final respects, and, sitting there, as the funeral processions went on, it felt surreal, it’s like he wasn’t at all gone, oh no.

The news of his death, he’d died, too young, he has such a bright future ahead of him too, then, he was diagnosed with a terminal illness, and, he just withered away, and now, we, all of his friends since the very start of his life gathered up, to give him ONE last show, as we are all a part of a band from our schooling days, and, his funeral was what brought the group back together again.

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Spend These Last Days

He will be spending these last days in peace, just waiting for death to come claim him, he has NO regrets, he’d lived a full life, but for the rest of us, we still felt that time is running out.

Spend these last days, how will you?  Will you start looking back, and see ALL the faults of your ways, and, you’d be reminded of the mistakes you’d made, and you still couldn’t make it all right again, because time HAD passed.

Spend these last days, I will, accompany you, my love, you will NOT be alone, I will be holding your hands, as the angels’ come and claim you, and then, you’d be able to leave your ill body behind, and finally, be F-R-E-E.

Spend these last days, I am NOT going to spend these last previous days with you, CRYING my eyes out, because losing you IS an inevitability.  Spend these last days, having fun with you, because I WILL make it my goal, to give you the BEST time of your life, NO matter how short it will be.

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Unidentified Victims, Buried, in Mass Graves

Hey, at least we’re NOT leaving those dead bodies, lying, everywhere on the streets now, are we?  Nope!!!
Unidentified victims, buried, in mass graves, and that, is the BEST we can do, after all, this, is ONE of the biggest storms E-V-E-R, and, as the government that’s just WAKING UP (b/c NOBODY gives a FUCKING SHIT!!!), slowly sends out the national guards or whatever, to the areas that had been hit the hardest, the number of dead bodies are piling UP, sky-high here.

Unidentified victims, buried, in mass graves, that, is what will happen, to all those who were taken, and, because the number of the deceased is increasing by every single second, as we needed to make MORE room, for those babies, being POPPED out at the rate of thirty thousand per second, we just don’t have the time, to give the deceased, a proper burial, and given the families the allotted time to M-O-U-R-N.

So yeah, we will, keep on, throwing those DEAD, unidentified victims, into them mass graves, as land and space had become more and more precious these days, and, we’d eventually, become the ground too ourselves, and, people will walk all over, you and me one day, but, I still got a pulse, so, that ain’t NOWHERE N-E-A-R happenin’, NOT just yet, anyways.


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The One Who Found His Body

His toddler, was the one who found his body, she’d found him, face down on the bed, she nudged him, and said, “daddy, wake”.  He didn’t move, the toddler pulled and tugged him some more, still, NO response.  Then, his wife came into the room, she saw that he was dead, she quickly pushed their three-year-old baby girl outside, closing the door behind her.

The one who found his body, there’s NO doubt, that anybody who’s seen him like that would be shocked.  His face, all black, like he’d died of some strong kind of poison, his eyes, wide open, like they were STARING someone down, it was a horrible sight.

The one who found his body, she quickly buried him, and told him to NOT come back and haunt them again, but she knows that he would always be close by, be around them, in their daily routines, there was NO way of getting RID of the ghost of her dead husband, that, is for sure.

The one who found his body, did NOT call the cops immediately, because she did NOT want to incriminate herself, being his wife and all, and, he was an abusive man, with a HOT temper when he was still alive, would beat her and the kids up regularly, and now that he’s dead, the outside world will surely believe that she’d done it, even IF she didn’t.

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