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Selling Your Daughters off as WHORES…

What sort of fathers are you, selling your daughters off as WHORES???  Where’s that protectiveness that ALL daddies feel toward their, baby girls, huh???  Oh, my B-A-D, there’s NOTHING called PATERNAL instinct, only MATERNAL instincts isn’t there???

Selling your daughters off as WHORES, that’s, what you, FUCKING fathers do, because you got used to having us women, come serving you on your hands and feet, and, it’s only natural, that you start, selling us, your daughters off as WHORES, to make you the money to live off of.

Selling your daughters off as WHORES, I’d been “sold” too, for just, those, CHEAP, $2,000 (roughly $71.42USD’s, based off of the current exchange rate, and yes, I checked it okay???, on my twenty-sixth too!), and, the way that mother FUCKER slapped down those, CHEAP two thousand dollars was like he was, paying me off for some sort of shit, and yeah, I still took it, ‘cuz, I was, “running short” on the cash in my wallet then……………………

And, that is, some of you, FATHERS are prone to do, selling off your own daughters off as, W-H-O-R-E, and us baby girls, well, we deserved, a WHOLE lot better, than to be, sold of like them WHORES, ‘cuz, not all of us, are whores, I know I’m not, for I’m, still, a total B-I-T-C-H here!

And, here’s that “side note”, you might want to be my P-I-M-P, but, I AIN’T your WHORE!!!

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To a DEADBEAT, on Father’s Day…

Seeing how it’s, Father’s Day in the U.S. of A. today, here goes…

To a DEADBEAT, on Father’s Day:

You were NEVER there when I was growing up, and now you expect what, a Father’s Day card each and every year?  You have GOT to be, shitting me here!  Why the @#$%(maxed out) should I give a SHIT about you, huh?  Just because you “kindly donated” that mother @#$%ING (holding back on swearing here!) TADPOLE, to “make” me, that made you, my father, is that it?

To a DEADBEAT, on Father’s Day, do NOT expect a thank-you card, a huge cake from your children to, celebrate you, you MOTHER #$%@ER (so???), ‘cuz there wouldn’t be none (and your point being???).

the man who’d CHEATED on his own wife, walked out on his own children, does NOT deserve the “title” of a “father” here! Photo from online

Now that we’re, all grown up, we got NO need for you to hang around, as you’d never given a FLYING FUCK (yeah, so, I’m swearing again here!) about your own children, so what right have you, to ask us, created from your fucking tadpoles, to give a flying @#$% about you, huh?

So here’s to you, my DEADBEAT father on Father’s Day, and you still can’t blame me, for being, an INGRATE that I became, and it’s all because of you, that I’d become, a total, INGRATE, so yeah, thanks for that, you MOTHER @#$%ER (maxed out here???)…

And then, all fall silent, you can hear those, tear drops, hit the hard concrete…………

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The Memories of My Father

Is it fact, or is it, fiction?  Does ANYBODY care?  I wouldn’t think so…

The memoires of my father, hmmmmmmmmmmm, let me just see, IF I can, DIG it out, of that JUNK pile in my mind here…………okay, think I got it!

The memories of my father, I actually don’t recall having a father anywhere in time, because he’d always BEEN away, “providing for” the family, without knowing, that HIS family members needed him there, because he grew up, in poverty stricken ways, and, he’d ASSumed (and that still made him into???  EXACTLY!!!) that he needed to provide MONEY for us, and, before we could know it, we’d gotten dressed up in polo shirts, Docker pants, along with wearing them Fendi watches, and all that.

The memories of my father, there really isn’t that much to tell, because I don’t EVER recall having a childhood, let alone, a father for that matter, and now, as I’d grown up, into a well-rounded woman (yes I am!!!), and I still credit my own achievements to nobody ELSE but me, as for the memories of my father?  I’d burned that up, a very long time ago, when he came to where I used to live at, with those childhood vacation photos, with my, smiling, and I realized back then, just how FAKE they were, and torn it all up!

So, NO memories of my father here!!!

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A Man Who’s Abandoned His Family Comes to Get Money from the Children…

News from the Front Pages, translated…

A man named Peng while he was younger, he’d abandoned his wife, went abroad, took another wife and had children, two years ago, he had a stroke, was taken to a hospice, he asked his first set of children for money to care for him, the children said, “He never took care of us”, his wife testified that “I took care of our children on my own.” the judge proclaimed that he was misfit as a father, ruled that the children wouldn’t have to pay for his care.

“Back when we were just kids, he’d abandoned us, and he has the GUTS to try to get money from us, thankfully, the court was just and gave us our rights.” After Peng’s children got the verdict, they were glad of the rulings. The family court in Taoyuan pointed out, that if the parents failed to take responsibility for the care of their young, when the parents grew old, the children don’t and won’t necessarily have to pay for their elderly care.

This, would be ANOTHER example of a DEADBEAT father, I mean, he never took care of his children, he ABANDONED them, and now that he’d gotten a stroke, he wants them to care for him? Why should they? After all, they ARE related by blood and they are the fruits of HIS loins, right? But, what about all the years that he was missing from their lives before? Whose fault was that? The children’s? I think not, and the children have the right to get angry when the father asked for them to pay for his elderly care.

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