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Prevention of Date Rape, Three “NO’s” of Online Friendships

Put a STAR next to this one, y’all, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

There are so many cases of how online dates became date rapes, the Police Department of the City of Taipei remind the youths, to follow the “Three NOT’s” of online dating: “Not too deep”, “Not Exposing Oneself Too Much”, “Not Going Out with Someone You’d Met Online Alone”.  And the parents must zoom in on the number of hours that kids are spending online too, to teach them the RIGHT kind of values, and, if your kids are meeting up with someone they met online, the parents should be closely, to keep an eye out for them.

The online world is false and it is also real, the evil persons would use humor, care and concerns as baits, to lure the females out, and then, they’d RAPED them, there had been many cases already.  The Detective Squad just last month had cracked the Sex Ring, Tien Dao Group”, the main suspect, at the start of this year, lured a twenty-six year old female to the north, on a date, and to shop, but, had spiced her drink with date rape drugs, and forced her to swallow illegal substances, then, forced her to SELL; the female, even though, managed to escape, but was found dead, later, suspected of having too much illegal substances in her system.

This June, the man, Chu (age 22), from Hsinbei City, used “Love Apartments”, and started dating a second year middle school girl, the female student took her younger school mate along to meet up with Chu at a motel, to play cards, and Chu had took advantage of the situation, and RAPED the younger girl.

The police pointed out, that the teenagers are faced with the online age, liked going into chat rooms, even as they’d done their homework, they’d needed to conduct researches online; making friends online had become the norm for this generation, but it would also allow those who are evil, to use it, to lure those young and naïve girls, then, to FORCE them to have sex with them.

The police called out to the parents, that in order to protect the children, other than showing care and concerns every now and then, they must also teach and correct children’s way of using the internet too.

The police used the Three Simple Rules of “NO”: Not getting into too deep, NOT showing too much of one’s own skins, NOT go out on private dates; to NOT let the world wide web affect your regular life, to NOT give out one’s own personal information or to send videos or photographs that are too sexually illicit, and if you must meet, meet the person in a highly populated area.

If the children must meet up with an online friend, make sure that they’re NOT there alone, there must be a friend or a family there too; at the same time, the children should also let the parents know the time of the meeting, the place, and the time when they’ll be home, that way, their safety will be secured, and they will be safer too.

Yeah, all of that is extremely I-D-E-A-L still, but, which one of you, (hadn’t properly gone THROUGH puberty) would tell your mommies and daddies, where you are 24/7?  And, because of how “wired” we’d all become these days, there would still be an INFLUX of WOLVES (ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooooo!!!) online, and, this time, Little Red becomes Granny the moment they’d accepted that “e-vite” (electronic invitation???).


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Posing as a Doctor

See, you CAN “pose” as JUST about ANYBODY online, translated…

A middle-age and married skilled worker, Yang went online, searching for someone to “connect” with, in order to up his own “price”, he lied that he worked as a doctor in the psychiatric department of a hospital, Lin, and he’d even set up a blog of “Small Doctors in Small Hospitals”, and successfully got a woman named Lai to fall for him; Lai wanted to role play, pretended to be a patient, in need of a doctor, and because when they met and started conversing, she realized that he wasn’t who he said he was, and she was heartbroken.

When the real Dr. Lin knew that his name and identity was “stolen”, he SUED Yang for damaging his reputation; the Taipei D.A. believed that Yang did NOT call nor did he libel OR slander the doctor, neither had he post bad things that proves to be damaging to Lin’s reputations online, that the whole case is an incident of civil suit, and so, the D.A. didn’t prosecute him.

Based off of investigation, Yang, starting from last November, went online and met Lai, the female, pursued after her passionately; when Lai inquired about Yang’s work, he lied about how he was a psychiatrist from a hospital, that he not only brought in the big bucks, has a graduate degree, and also, specializing in analysis of the complex human mind.

In order to gain Lai’s trust, Yang had set up a blog called, “Small Doctors in Small Hospitals”, “borrowed” Lin’s identity, published numerous articles on medicine.  Lai believed that “Dr. Lin” was multitalented, that he is high on the socioeconomic order, and agreed to date.

But, Lai had asked Yang to meet up several times, and Yang had always claimed that he had to work; Lai couldn’t wait to meet with Yang, so, she posed as a patient, wanting to “rendezvous” him at the hospital, to give her “doctor boyfriend” a surprise.

After Lai went into the doctor’s office, she introduced herself to Dr. Lin, but realized that he doesn’t even know her; and Dr. Lin was curious as to why Lai pretended she knew him, they conversed on different planes, and thus, broke Yang’s lies.

This just shows Y-O-U how EASY it is to POSE as someone you’re NOT online, and, a LOT of people would BE doing so, because they are too bored with their daily lives, they wanted something F-R-E-S-H, a way to REINVENT themselves, and so, they start up a FALSE identity, to see if anybody out there (the population in the WWW???) is going to fall for it, and, surely enough, some UNSUSPECTING IDIOT or BIMBO (no offense) takes the “bait”, and, everything still B-L-O-W-S if the individual wants to “meet up”…

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Laughing at Rapes

The bystander effect had been EXACERBATED, even further here, translated…

A man named Chen met a first year junior high level girl last month, on their third date, he’d taken the girl to a motel, and had bragged to everybody he knew about having sex with her, the girl couldn’t stand the looks she’d gotten from her peers, she’d used a crafts knife to slash her own wrists more than ten times, she told her mother she wanted to transfer out of the school, and that, was how the mother found out what had happened, she didn’t want to see her child suffer even more, so, she called the cops and the cops arrested Chen.

The girl was from a single-parent household, after she’d rolled up her sleeves, there were a LOT of knife cuts, the mother cried at the sight of this, said that Chen had lost his humanity, and how can her daughter live on after the incidence?  The mother said, that the daughter begged her to let her attend another school at the beginning of the month, and that the “whole school knows, that she could NO longer withstand the looks she’d gotten from others anymore”, the mother became confused as to why the daughter was saying this, after much inquiry, the mother had learned about what had actually happened.

Chen said, that they were dating, that, was why they’d had sex, that it was consensual, that he never raped her.  Chen had even disclosed intimate pictures of the two of them together, stressed that they were both willing and able, and that he was shocked that the girl would react this way.  Chen had once came clean about having had sex with other females to the girl and her god sister; without knowing that after the words got spread out, he “tried texting her, and there was NO reply”, he thought she wanted to break up, that’s why she’d cut off contact.

The police discovered that Chen had priors in rapes and attempted rapes, that he got to know Chen from a god sister of hers, met her on the 8th of last month, and had sex on the 16th, during which time, they went out to parks and cafés, they had two dates together, Chen also came clean about how he’s only into younger, under aged girls, that there are many other photographs of a lot of girls and he, being intimate together.  “Told you not to date those underage girls, and you just wouldn’t listen to me!” Chen’s father scolded his son, that he’d done nothing BUT hang out at Internet Cafés all day long, that he “deserved to get caught by the cops”.

One MORE reason why you shouldn’t date anybody that you don’t even know, chances are that this teenager had met this male online too, and, they hit it off, and, so, she forgot about all those “dangers of online dating”, etc., etc., etc., and went with her “feelings”, and, surely enough, she DID get raped, and, the role of the PEERS played an important role in all of this too, because the teenager was laughed at by her peers, that was why she started mutilating herself, and that just shows Y-O-U how cruel children’s world had turned, and, bullying NO longer occurs JUST on the playground when you take someone’s toys without asking anymore, that was your grandmother’s bullying, and now, this is your children’s???

And parents, START paying attention to your offspring, because if they’d gone through such traumas, then, there will be SUBTLE hints!!!

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