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A Fractured Personality

There was a man, with a personality that’s been fractured into million bits AND piece, because he’d endured through a TON of abuse and what-not growing up.

The day the man realized that he wasn’t a “whole” again, was the day he’d lost parts of his memories, and, things just went SOUTH from there.  A fractured personality, how would it adapt to this world we live in?  Oh wait, it IS, maladapted, and, anything OR anyone that shows a deviation from the standard or the norm should get tossed inside a looneybend, should her/him not be?

A fractured personality, it’ll be like looking at a puzzle, with most of the pieces gone missing (either got taken by that child, or mistaken as treats by the dog), and you’re sitting right in front of it, looking at this huge BLOCK of BLANK, not knowing how to piece it all together…

A fractured personality, personalities get fractured easily, and no, this, is still NOT from the easily shattered at all.  But, the personality WILL be fractured, each and every time you’d done, or said mean things to it, so, how many times had you fractured someone else’s or your OWN personalities today???

A fractured personality, it must be reconstructed, and, the missing pieces must all be recollected, then, we can finally, use our sewing threads and needles, and start patching that “quilt” back up, and, there would still be threads that came loose from time to time, so yeah, this work is real hard all right!

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