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The Political “Mamas’ Boys” are Created by the Bigshots

How when the heads don’t set a good enough role model, the lower down starts to, “misbehave” too, and it’s still these higher-up government officials who needed to get their moralities in check, but they just, don’t, they still just, covered up those who are their, “favorites”, and this is a bad way of leading a country!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

These years, we’d used, “Mama’s boys” to describe those who are adults, who can’t take responsibilities for their own behaviors, the adults that needed their parents to wipe their asses when something goes wrong.

There’s a trait of the mama’s boys, that no matter what, it’s not one’s fault, that everything is caused by someone else.  And reason why this trait happened, is because during the upbringing, the parents took care of their children’s needs to the t, that these children had been spoiled rotten.  For instance, the things that the kids needed to do themselves, the parents did; the items that the children should carry, the adults carried them.  Getting into trouble at school, the parents arrived to the school, not to correct their own young’s behaviors, but to apologize for their kids’ wrongdoings, or that they’d blamed the schools for not instructing the children right, that it’s the instructors who’d not found the correct means to get through to their young, or that they found numerous means to explain why their kids misbehaved…………and after awhile, the kids can’t learn the responsibilities, they can’t be held accountable for their own, actions.

And recently, we sighted one of these, “Mama’s boy” in the politics.

Something went wrong with the thesis, involving the severities of plagiarism, the misspelled words are exactly identical to the original paper too.  But as he was caught, he’d, denied it, which was reasonable, but what’s more wayward was that the president spoke on the politician’s behalf before clarifying if plagiarism had, occurred or not, and left the message of “you’d been tried” on this individual’s FB, then, used the ideologies to, twist the matter around.

And, the professor who oversaw this politician’s these had explained using close to 4,000 characters, that the plagiarism was “similarities of the use of terms”, this is, truly, amazing, a modern day sort of, weaseling.

Even on the press conferences, the thesis written by the person in question was explained by someone else other than himself, and he’d, seen himself as excellent with words.  This is where it got confusing for me, this was, your own paper, why would you need someone to explain what you wrote FOR you?  Anyhow, this individual’s means of handling the accusations of plagiarism, is a classic, “Mama’s boy”.

And who had, created this, political “mama’s boy”?  Of course, it’s the “adults” all around him.  The thesis was questioned on integrity, with the accusations of plagiarism, that it’d breached the ethics of research, but what the “adults” did, wasn’t to get to the bottom of all of these, instead, giving the person in question a shoulder to cry on, then, speaking on his, behalf.

With the “adults” in the higher up position to back him up, so long as the color is right, the individuals gained the complete support, it’s a wonder, that the person in question in the matter still doesn’t feel that he’d done anything wrong.  Or maybe, it’s how the higher up set a bad example for the lower down, that a lot of the younger generations are modeling these behaviors, making it harder for the parents to educate their own young.

And so, this is still a top-down problem, the heads of the government did NOT set a good example, and the rest of the lower down citizens, all followed their leads, and not behaved morally.  This, is how the DDP is ruling, how it’s, setting, a BAD example for all the people here to follow, and, if the people watched and learned, then, yeah, this country is going to, sink to the, lowest of, the L-O-W-S!

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The Voters are Responsible When the Politicians Won’t Admit to What They’re Doing Wrong

Of course, we the voters are, responsible, because it’s still???  Oh yeah, an ABUSER/ENABLER interaction style that we’d, trapped ourselves, in!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

As the system of election is set up in its, completeness, those who want to get elected into office needed to stand in front of that show-all mirror, put oneself under the microscope of the public eyes, and most of the politicians can’t pass this, examination; there are, three ways of how the politicians handle it when they were caught dong something bad: first, no matter what, deny all, trying to get oneself off the hooks, the second kind, like squeezing the toothpaste out, admitting to the wrongs, with however much evidences that became available, that showed that they’d, faulted; the third, owning up, and explain oneself to the public out in the opens.  I want to know, which one of these would you, vote for?  (and of course, you can, vote for, none of, these too!)

The debates of plagiarism of the graduate papers, the man under the spotlight, Lin had all the media’s attention, that is, a heavy burden he can’t, withstand; the internet started bubbling, “the same hoard of people get together, the students don’t fall far behind, the masters………”, of course, I know, what is, going on.

He isn’t the one to take anything lying down either, he’d immediately, fended for himself, and, had the related officials of the schools to vouch for his, behalf, so, I believe, he’d, belonged to the first type, “to get himself off the hooks!”, then, using his image of his youthfulness being the “president’s protégé”, to remove that huge rock that’s, in his, path, the appointed professor for his papers stated shamelessly, “I had an older schoolmate to refer back to his thesis, the original writer was, Lin!”  Can’t believe that the professors of university could be so, shameless, not only did he scapegoat the older schoolmate, he’d, brought the public to doubt the individual who actually, received the degrees by his own, hard work, this is, truly, immoral.

And now, let’s look at the councilman who didn’t get nominated by his party in Miaoli, the lines of “regulation of the restricted” cast him out completely; he’d belonged to the third group, hosting his own press conference, to defend himself, admitted to what he was thirty, forty years ago, when he was still young, and hotheaded, ripping open that scab that’s, already healed back up, so it’d, bled out in front of the general public, bravely, faced up, to what he was in his, younger years.

And, by reason, the basic principle for those in politics should be willing to admit to one’s own mistakes in the public’s eyes, and if the politicians can’t even do this, then, they’d all become, wolves in, sheep’s skins, how can they manage to rule over us justly?  How do they, lead us, to a brighter future?  And yet, the conflicted is, that the head of council, Chung’s, ripping his own pasts apart, did he gain the understanding, the forgiveness of his, constituents?  Not so much so!  The negative words started flowing out now, “he’d admitted to his own guilt, he dared stand as a candidate!”………not only did he not gain the affirmation for his honesty, he got, pounded down on being, truthful about his own, pasts.

From this, we can, arrive at the conclusion, that the voters’ attitude is the determinant of the candidates’ admitting to their own faults, if the candidates can still win, stating that they’d not done anything bad or wrong, who would be foolish enough, to admit to one’s own, faults?

And so this is how the political world works, with the politicians, not manning up to their own, faults, their mistakes, and we the people play the enabling parts of this abuser/enabler interactions, letting these, bad politicians, rule over us all.

Boy, are we the people, STUPID, or are we the people, S-T-U-P-I-D here???

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The King’s Horses, the King’s Men, All Paid Off Big Times

How the DDP worked, corruptions from the top, all the way, down, to the, entry level workers here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Three years ago after the smuggling of cigarettes case occurred in China Airlines, the president’s special airplane became, a “private plane for smuggling”, the DDP had lost it’s dignity completely.  The entire case involved the Presidential Office, the NSA, the Military, as well as the higher-up offices of China Airlines, and, the outside world already, questioned, that nobody dared prosecute the “king’s horses and king’s men”.  After this incident, the blames were scapegoated to the entry level, everybody from the head of military protection of the president, to the woman, Lo they’d still, got promoted up the chain of command.

In July of 2020, Tsai took a group to visit the diplomatic well-related countries to us using the claims of “Continuing the Freedom and Democracy”, a group of Tsai’s parties, took advantage, and bought large quantities of duty-free cigarettes, planned to escape the customs, following the president’s group, but were caught, and the tips called in to the investigation office, worked with the custom’s offices to conduct the bust.

The presidential office stated that they’d bought “too much”, the spokesperson of the president’s office, Chang called the case as “exceeding the limits in purchasing”, turning smuggling legal, and blamed it to the karmas of history, claimed, that what happened was from long-term bad behaviors, and posted that the former presidents Chen and Ma, on their visits to countries to continue the diplomatic ties, they’d also, bought the cigarettes as well.

Until the whole case kept burning, causing the head of National Security to get ousted, it became clear, that the Presidential office needed to pull the plugs on the losses.  The second-in-command to the Head of Offices of Transportation back then, wAng claimed, that “if the C.E.O. of China Air, Hsieh was going to resign, he would approve of it”.  Back then, the swords were already pointed at the senior vice president, Lo who was in charge, of supervising, yet the head of transportation, Lin stated, that “that’s only the first step of punishment”, transferred Lo out of the post, then further investigations shall be, conducted.

Back then the former manager of the offices of president’s office’s guards, Chen received one major written reprimand, and a year later, he was promoted to major general with seven stars and stripes; the head of the guards of the presidential office, Chang, due to the cigarette smuggling case, transferred to the member of the board of committees in the marines, and he was transferred to the post of vice president of the National Defense University, and the dean of school of tactics.  Lo, after the events, also returned back to her original post of senior vice president, and she’s, going for the C.E.O. of China-Air next.

The cigarette smuggling case showed the abuse of power of the higher up offices of security, and it’d, told of how China Air is now, the host of the parasites of “kings’ horses, kings’ men”.  After everything blew over, the individuals had, climbed even higher on the status quo, and, similar things had happened for the individuals who were accountable for the gas explosions in Kaohisung, the major power outage across all of Taiwan from Taipower Company, as well as the cigarette smuggling cases.

And, the corruptions here are still from the top, down, because of how the head of the country, the president is immoral, therefore, all of her subordinates, followed her example too, and, that, is what we get, for voting an immoral woman into office, and there’s nothing we can do about it, because we are a people, enslaved by our government, still, following the leader, blindly.

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