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A World Fueled by Intolerances, Indifferences, and Hate

This, is currently WHAT, is going on in this world…

A world fueled by intolerances, indifference, and hate, because we do NOT even want to take the time to know other people, we just let our preconceived notions of certain groups keep the members of those groups inside those little boxes.

This, is problematic, because, what CAN we do, when we are dissatisfied with one another?  Oh, I know, we’ll just BOMB the SHIT out of one another, and, guess how that’ll end?  The world is already in ENOUGH chaos here, and yet, there are those, with revenge on their minds, that just wanted to get even, without first, taking a look at themselves, and EXAMINE if they’d done something wrong, that’s caused others to react to them that way, hello, hello, hello???  That’s still what???  Newton’s LAW of MOTION: for every action, there’s an equal/lesser/greater (don’t know which one!) RE-action”???

A world fueled by intolerances, indifferneces, and hate, this is still passed down, from father to son, mother to daughter, one generation to the next, and this vicious cycle will just keep on, gaining momentum, until this “snowball” finally ROLLED OFF of the edge of the planet, oh wait a minute, isn’t the planet ROUND?  So yeah, this “snowball” will just keep on going ‘round and ‘round, and ‘round and ‘round…………until maybe, one day, the earth disappeared into a SONIC BOOM!

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