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A Twelve-Year-Old Gets Probation for Assaulting an Eight-Year-Old

See, they DO start young, don’t they???  Found in the Houston Chronicles…

A 12-year-old Salvadoran boy accused in the sexual assault of a child at a Houston-area shelter for migrant children was placed on conditional deferred adjudication on Thursday, meaning the charge against him will be dismissed if he successfully completes probation.

Harris County Juvenile Court Judge Mike Schneider handed down the sentence after hearing testimony from the boy’s caseworker that he has had “no instances” akin to the sexual assault that occurred last summer at St. Michael’s Home for Children on the city’s north side.

The boy, one of two accused of sexually assaulting an 8-year-old at the shelter, was placed in a federally contracted behavioral treatment facility and has undergone intensive therapy for more than a year, his defense attorney, Carlos Garcia, told the judge.

“It’s extremely important that you keep making progress,” the judge told the boy, who could barely reach the microphone in the courtroom.

The case gained national attention last year after the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement issued a scathing report accusing senior managers with Catholic Charities Galveston-Houston of filing false reports about a July 2011 assault and failing to seek immediate medical treatment for the victim.

Two Catholic Charities executives resigned, and two other managers were fired over the incident. Months later, the CEO/president of Catholic Charities Galveston-Houston announced plans to resign, but the organization would not comment on whether the decision had anything to do with the fallout from cover-up allegations.

The federal government temporarily removed all of the children from St. Michael’s care. Catholic Charities shuttered the shelter where the sexual assault was reported, citing budget woes. The children eventually were returned to other St. Michael’s shelters after staff underwent training and complied with conditions outlined by federal officials.

The boys, who were 10 and 11 at the time of the alleged abuse, were charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child in November, according to the Harris County District Attorney’s Office. It was unclear Thursday what happened to the second boy charged in the case.

If the 12-year-old does not comply with the conditions of his probation, which include sexual offender treatment, he could have his deferred adjudication revoked and face trial or have the term of his probation extended.

The boy, who is not being identified because he is a juvenile, also is facing deportation to El Salvador and is scheduled to appear in immigration court next week, his attorney said.

The punishment here, still doesn’t FIT the crimes, imagine, parents, that if your little girls were the ones being raped, molested by a boy around her same age or somewhat older, would you still have the heart, to want leniency for those “young boys”?  And, what OF the traumas that your little girls would have to deal with for the future?  She’s going to have nightmares, along with night terrors too, for nights to come in her life, and, she still needs to be heavily medicated and needs her therapy sessions with a certified professional, and that, would add up to a WHOLE lot of money that you will be slaving your lives away for, and, the boys only still got that small SLAP on the wrists, and, who’s to say, that after they’re released from juvenile detention hall, that they’re NOT going to RAPE again, after all, they DID rape her, and got just a slight SLAP on the W-R-I-S-T here, are you kidding me?  And, feel free to call me INHUMANE if you want to, for NOT feeling sorry for those boys.

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When Assault Became a “Joke”

This, happened in the FREE WORLD, the US of A, found in the news…

LOUISVILLE, Ky.–Two Catholic school athletes who pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a 16-year-old told police they did it because they thought it would be “funny,” according to court records released under a Jefferson County judge’s order.

Savannah Dietrich had been frustrated by what she felt was a lenient plea bargain for the two teens who pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting her in August 2011, so she tweeted their names and criticized the justice system.

Both teens, who were 16 at the time of the assault, said in interviews with a Louisville Metro Police detective before their guilty pleas that they also took explicit pictures of Savannah Dietrich with their cell phones while she was intoxicated.

The February police interviews are among hundreds of pages of documents released under Chief District Court Judge Angela McCormick Bisig’s ruling this week that they should be open to the public.

In another ruling Friday, Bisig said Dietrich does not have legal standing to remove the county attorney’s office from the case though she can raise concerns about the plea agreement her assailants received.

After Dietrich initially complained about the plea deal the two teens received, Paul Richwalsky, chief prosecutor in the juvenile court division of the county attorney’s office, told her “get over it and see a therapist. … The jail was for ‘real’ rapists, murderers and robbers,” according to an affidavit released Thursday.

The teen boys pleaded guilty to charges of first-degree sexual abuse, a felony, and misdemeanor voyeurism as part of the plea agreement. They are required to do 50 hours of volunteer work and the Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justice will determine the level of supervision and treatment needed. The conviction could be set aside and erased when the teens turn 19½ if they complete a diversion program.

The teens told Detective Chris Horn in separate interviews that they were drinking with Dietrich and a few other people at her home in August 2011 when they were left alone with the heavily intoxicated Dietrich.

They said they lifted her shirt, pulled down her pants and penetrated her vagina with their fingers because, according to one of the teens, “we thought it would be funny, but it wasn’t.”

They said they took two or three pictures each, put Dietrich’s clothes back on and carried her upstairs to her room. Numerous other teenagers told police that the teens showed them the pictures, according to police reports.

Dietrich later learned of the teens’ plea deal, which she considered too lenient, then tweeted their names and complained about the court’s treatment of her. The lawyer for the accused at first sought to have her held in contempt for exposing what was, at the time, a confidential juvenile court proceeding.

The older of the two teens told police in his interview that he molested Dietrich because “she was fine with it.”

“How do you know she was fine?” police asked him.

“I mean she could have definitely been like, ‘Stop, don’t do this’ and we would have stopped, but she didn’t,” the boy responded, adding that she was conscious but “very drunk” and had “low eyelids.”

Before they were charged, the teens pleaded with Dietrich in several text messages not to go to court over what happened, according to copies of the texts released in the files.

This, is when sexual assault became a huge J-O-K-E, because OMG, we were kinda DRUNK, therefore, we’d lost OUR inhibitions, so, we couldn’t BE held accountable for RAPING someone.  And, I believe (b/c it’s still MY website you’re coming to) that if those boys could get away with their claims, then, a LOT of future offenders are going to take N-O-T-E, and, use that EXACT same excuse of: I dunno that raping someone is wrong, I didn’t know that she hurt, had she told me that I was hurting her, I would’ve STOPPED when she’d asked me to, and, the world will become MORE dangerous than E-V-E-R, because any of us females, risk getting JUMPED from behind during the BROAD day light too!!!

Are you kidding me???  And, the attitude of the court officials, well, that was WORSE, how can she just get OVER it?  And, those boys were REAL rapist, and that, just shows you HOW not seriously the ADULTS in the world are taking the matter of SEXAUL assault, but, think about this: what if it had happened to your own?  Wouldn’t you want the BOYS who did it to your daughters to HANG until they D-I-E-D, I would imagine so…I know, I WOULD.

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Sentenced to 119 Days in Prison for Making His Students Take Sexually-Illicit Photos

This, is still a SLAP on the W-R-I-S-T if you ask me, translated, found in the papers here…

An instructor at a cram school, Lee, posed as a female and went online to a chat room, to entice young men to send in their own personal photographs, along with videos of themselves masturbating, was sentenced nine years ago, but the D.A. found NINE of victims, among whom, a youth, Yeng, was threatened, “if you don’t show me your sex organs on webcam, I’ll come to your place and make havoc.”

Based off of investigations, on November 30, 2009, the cops searched the 29-year-old instructor’s residence, and found disturbing pictures of fourteen teens; two years ago in July, Lee was sentenced to two years in prison, which is going to be served two years from now, at the latest, and that he must pay $150,000 to the Treasury Department, and perform 200 hours of community service, and placed into therapy.

After this, the police found that there had been nine adolescent and three adult victims.  The thirteen-year-old Yeng met Lee in a chat room, where Lee posed as a woman, lured the youth to give him his naked pictures, along with videos of him, masturbating.  And, Lee recorded down what the youth was doing, to extort him.

The judge noted that Lee, knowing that the people whom he solicited were underage, in order to satisfy his own pleasures, he recorded them, without their knowledge, this had damaged the minds of those youths, so, the judge sentenced him to 119 days in prison, which he can pay a fine for.

So, that, is how you can WEASEL your way out of jail, by paying a fine…think about it, people IF this man lived in your neighborhood, and has a prior in sexual solicitations, would YOU feel safe, having this LOSER near your children?  Because, let’s face it, if this is a man that lived in your neighborhoods, it wouldn’t matter IF he’s got house arrest, or that ankle thing, he’s still going to do what he does, and, he will still get away from it, because he can pay his way out of it.  Are you FUCKING kidding me here???

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An Honor Student Who Was Placed in Jail for Tardiness & Truancy

And, apparently, the judge in this case did NOT take into consideration, EVERYTHING that this HONOR student is going through in ALL areas of her life, happened in Houston, wow, that’s my “hometown” there!!!

A seventeen-year-old 11th grade HONOR student from Willis H.S. was placed in jail after she missed school again.

The judge said that Diane Tran was in his courthouse, for truancy, and warned her not to skip school again, but, she recently missed school, and so, he issued a warrant for her arrest.

The student, Tran, said that she worked a full-time job AND a part-time gig, and takes her AP courses and DUAL credit classes, that she’s often too tired to wake up in the morning to make it to school, that sometimes, she’d missed the entire day, sometimes, she’d only missed the classes she couldn’t wake up early enough for.

The judge gave her a one-day jail sentence and fined her $100, and admits that he only wanted to make an example out of her, so, nobody else tries to skip school and gets arrested.  The judge believed that if he gave Tran a “free pass” then, the rest of the truants in the general population would rightfully ask him for one too.

The young woman said that she’s working, to help support an older brother who studies at Texas A&M, and a baby sister who lives in Houston with relatives.  The parents divorced, abruptly, and, had abandoned her and her brother and sister.

She stays with the family of one of her bosses, who owns a bridal shop.  And, Tran works at a dry cleaners on weekends, while on the weekdays, she full-timed at the Vineyard of Waverly Manor on weekends, along with a dry cleaners too.

And, on top of that, she juggles her school work, managed to pull off a high grade, and yet, the judge is trying to make an example of her, that’s why she was punished too severely, but, think about it, how, would you, the ADULTS in the population handle it, would you have gotten up to go to school, after working your afterschool part-time gigs, and that graveyard shift somewhere and managed to study for your AP exams?  If you can’t even focus, how do you suppose a teenager can, and, she was pulling in straight A’s too, and, the punishment this time, would be TOO harsh, if you ask me, but hey, NOBODY asked Y-O-U, did they?  Nope!!!

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