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After a Swiss Man Gunned Down His In-Laws, His Wife’s Younger Brother-in-Law, the Neighbor, He’d Committed Suicide

This, is TRULY SHOCKING, in ONE of the world’s HAPPIEST nations too!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Happiest Country in the World Has Over a MILLION Guns

A thirty-six year-old Swiss man on the ninth, gunned down his parents-in-law, his wife’s brother-in-law, and a neighbor, then, committed suicide.  The police quickly ruled this incident out as a terrorist attack, but a domestic tragedy.  Just last month, Switzerland was voted as the “World’s Happiest Nation”, and, this murder-suicide had shocked the entire nation, and, some attributed the events to how guns are in excess.

The murder happened in the city of Verenigingen, close to Zurich, the suspect was a father of three, but he didn’t live with his family, the police said, that he didn’t have a license for a gun.  The suspect first, broke into a resident, gunned down his fifty-eight year-old father-in-law, fifty-seven year-old mother-in-law, and his thirty-two year-old brother-in-law, then, broke into another resident, gunned down a forty-six year-old neighbor, then, committed suicide.

The suspect had a prior in violence, lived alone in the state over.  He was under investigation, after a 2007 confrontation when he’d caused someone to get injured, and in 2012, he was arrested for using verbal threats on someone.  Before the murders on the 9th, the wife and children of the suspect had moved out, and entered into a shelter already.

Last November, a similar incident happened in Switzerland too.  And this time, this massacre had caused a huge ripple in the originally peaceful Switzerland, the local papers wrote: “Impossible, after all, we are the world’s happiest, richest country.”

Based off of estimation, there are a total of 4.5 million guns floating arou9nd in Switzerland, and the number of guns owned in Switzerland is among the tops of the world, second only to the U.S., Yemen, and Serbia.

And so, you have to wonder, even IF this was only an ISOLATED incident, why, is it, that the world’s happiest nation would own the greatest number of guns?  And, this, may only BE a dispute in the family that went wrong, but, it still raised concerns for the world.

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A Man Was Mocked “to Only Have the Abilities to Urinate Left”, He’d HACKED His Wife Up

This, I would imagine, would be, a build-up, to murder???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A sixty-three year-old man, Chang, early yesterday morning, used a kitchen knife, hacked his fifty-nine year-old wife to death, afterwards, he’d attempted suicide by crushing himself down with the steel gates, but because it was too painful, he couldn’t do it, he’d called the police; he’d falsely claimed to the police, that his wife would often come home in the middle of the nights, that early yesterday morns, she’d headed out again, he’d suspected she was having an affair, and she’d insulted him by saying, “you only have the ability to urinate left”, he couldn’t withhold his own anger, that, was why he’d gone to get the kitchen knife, and, hacked his own wife to death.

The coroners examined, that Chang’s wife had a total of twenty-eight knife wounds on her, and, the slash that killed her was the one on her neck; Chang was booked on murder charges, and the reason for Chang’s wife’s death, and the reason for the murder, is still under investigation.

The paramedics told, that early yesterday morn when they received the call, to Chang’s place, the steel gates were already rolled up, and as they were taking Chang to the hospitals, they’d found Chang’s wife, lying on the living room floor, with knife wounds on her face, her neck, and the left and right hands, as well as the legs, she was, already dead, and, there were blood, in the kitchen, the bedroom, as well as the living room too.

Chang said, that he’d gotten so furious after his wife made fun of him, he didn’t recall how many times he’d hacked up his own wife, that in order to get away from him, his wife had, run from the kitchen into their bedroom, then, to the living room, in the end, she just, fell.  After he’d learned what he’d done, he’d tried to commit suicide, crawled under the electric steel gates, and, attempted, to close the door on himself to try to suicide, but the steel gates crushed his back, and he couldn’t withstand the pains, that, was when he’d called the police.  He said, that his wife has a history of depression, is long-term medicated, and had, used a fruit knife, and threatened to kill him.

But, his second son stated, that his parents hadn’t been getting along for a very long time, that his father has records of domestic violence, denied that his mother was depressed, believed, that it was his father, trying to weasel out of getting charged with murder; the residents of the same building told, that the Changs weren’t getting along at all, the husband had often complained of how his wife doesn’t cook for him, and stated, that his wife tried to hack him up with a knife, two years ago, he’d filed for a restraining order against her.

And so, we still have, a NUT who cracked here, and, because his wife made fun of him for long term, and this time, he just, CRACKED, and, in the HEAT of the moment, he’d HACKED her up, and that just shows you, how you should NOT make fun of someone, because, the person is surely to take it to heart, and, who knows, WHEN it’ll BLOW UP in your face!

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The Twenty-Two Year-Old Male Returned to School to Commit Suicide on New Year’s Holidays, Left His Family Members Broken Hearted

Let’s see, what factors may have contributed, to this young man’s suicide, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A male student, Wang, from the continuing education department of a certain technical college in Chiayi, yesterday was found by his father, to have taken a leap off of the buildings at school, and committed suicide; the school stated, that Wang had a history of mental illness, that after a fight with his family members last night, he’d left home, his father tried to find him throughout the night, and saw his son’s skulls, cracked open, and had died, it was, a sorrow stricken Chinese New Year’s.

The school stated, that the twenty-two year-old man, Wang, in order to get his high school equivalent degree, started taking the classes last August, and after he’d fulfilled his forty credit hours, he could get his high school equivalent degree and take the college entrance exams.

The police investigated, that two nights ago, at about 9:30, Wang who lived in Chiayi had an argument with his family, afterwards, he’d rode his motorcycle out, and had not returned for a long time, Wang’s father thought that something wasn’t quite right, went to Langtang, Chiayi, as well as the reservoir to find his son, but, he’d searched throughout the entire night, still hadn’t found him.

At a little past eight in the morn yesterday, Wang’s father took his last bit of hope, to his son’s school, not expecting, that he’d see his own son, on the pavements of the first floor of a ten story building, his skulls cracked open, his son had bled to death, as the ambulance rushed to the scene, the son was already dead, and, the police speculated, that he’d taken the leap from the school’s building, there wasn’t anything left behind by the young man, not even a note.

Yesterday was a day for gathering of families, and, seeing how his son died in a such horrid manner in the hallways at school, Wang’s father was heartbroken.  The school pointed out, that Wang didn’t show any abnormal behaviors at school, and, he’d passed all his required classes too, that they didn’t hear about him being under too much academic pressures.

So, we will NEVER know, what, exactly caused this young man to commit suicide, perhaps, it’s a break up with a girlfriend, because the school said, that he’d done okay in his courses, or maybe, it’s because of the history of mental illness, compounded with the fight he’d had with his family two nights ago, that pushed him over the edge, who knows???

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“She Put Everybody in the Household Under Enormous Amount of Pressure”, on Killing His Older Sister

The stresses of living with someone with a mental illness, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Wang in Kaohsiung, after stabbing his sister to death in her sleep, he’d turned himself in, claimed that he was displeased at how his older sister would defecate and urinate all over the places in the house, and took their mother’s saving without her consent, that, became the motive of him, murdering her; but the police found, that last year, Wang had taken his mother’s money, and his sister found out, and he’d beaten his older sister up, and they will look more into his claims.  The D.A. asked the courts for his incarceration.

The police investigated, that the forty-four year old man, Wang, and his forty-five year old older sister were both unmarried, and had long time, lived with their seventy year old mother, yesterday morning, he’d walked into the subprecinct, got down on his knees, said to the officers, “I’d murdered my own sister.”, the police were in doubt, took him to their residence, and, lifted up the quilt, found his sister already dead; the police immediately arrested Wang, and they managed to find the murder weapon in a corner of the room; as Wang cried and pleaded to the police, “Do save my mother, she’s had it hard.”

Wang claimed that his older sister had put both him and his mother under great emotional distress because of her mental health conditions, other than urinating and defecating everywhere inside their residence, she’d tossed her used tampons everywhere on the floor too, “there are spots of blood on the floors, and, my mother still had to clean up after my older sister.”

“It’s bad enough that she’d picked on our mother, she’d also stolen money from my mom.”  Wang said, that when his older sister ran out of money, she’d started thinking of how she could get money from their mother, and would make illegal withdrawals from her mother’s bank accounts, “it’s bad enough that she couldn’t make money to help out the house, she’d started taking advantage of mother too.”

Wang said, awhile ago, he’d found that his sister threw some feathers into the washer, and he’d finally had it with her, he’d written out a note, waited until his mother was out, used a fruits knife and murdered his sister.  He said, he’d gone to the kitchens, got two knives, walked to his sister’s bedroom, while she was asleep, he’d stabbed her, over, over, and over again, until the blade of the knife broke in half, saw that his sister was dead, he’d pulled the quilts over her, then, turned himself in at the subprecinct.

The medical examiners checked, that the deceased had multiple knife wounds on her, and the fatal wounds are on her chest, at least five times, and, they’d booked Wang on murder charges.

“He is a very good son to his mother,” the man in charge of the borough stated to the police, that Wang’s mother was demented, and, had been long-term, cared for by Wang, and, all the neighbors knew he was a wonderful son.  “How can this have happened, my two precious children.”, after realizing what her son did, Wang’s mother melted down, held onto her younger sister and cried, “I’d loved them both, how am I supposed to handle it?”

And so, you CAN imagine, the amount of stress this man lives under, can’t you?  Having to deal with everything that’s going on inside, being unemployed, and, his older sister, making a mess in his life, no wonder he’d cracked.

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A Grandmother Slashed Her Granddaughter’s Tendons on Both Her Hands, and Claimed that There was Too Much Stress in Her Life

Yeah, a really BAD parenting example here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A woman, Chiao, in Sanchih, Hsinbei City, was suspected of being under too much stress, yesterday, she was suspected of losing control, and used a crafts knife and slashed her granddaughter’s wrists, and then, she’d slashed her own wrists, and bit down on her tongue, the family heard the child’s painful cries, sent the grandmother and granddaughter to the hospital, thankfully, they are both in stabilized conditions now.

The police investigated, that Chiao lived with her father-in-law, her children and grandkids, last year in August, her eldest son had a daughter, who was regularly in the care of Chiao, the neighbors said, that Chiao loved her granddaughter, and would take her out on strolls, but they’d heard her complained of how hard it was, how much pressures she’d been under, and she’d on the verge of breaking.

The family said, that grandma had become extremely anxious from awhile ago, and had taken her to the doctors, but, the doctors had NOT give her any psychological diagnoses, and because she said that she no longer wanted to take care of the youngest granddaughter, the daughter-in-law quit her job and stayed at home to care for her own baby; the family was scheduled to take Chiao to a follow-up visit at the doctors, and, this happened.

Yesterday was Sunday, and the family got together and had a pleasant meal together, everybody was still laughing and chit-chatting, after the meal, the family was originally resting on the third floor, when Chiao said that she wanted to take her granddaughter to the lanai on the fourth floor for a short stroll, not long thereafter, the child’s aunt heard painful cries, and rushed upstairs.

The family found that the child was lying flat on her back on a table, and, she twisted her body due to the extreme pains, and the wounds on her wrists were so deep that her bones showed, and the tendons were all severed, and blood was all over the baby’s body, and the grandmother was limp in the staircases; the aunt picked up the baby, and rushed downstairs immediately, the family immediately notified the police, and they’d applied pressure to the child’s wrists to stop the bleeding while waited for the ambulance.

Later, they’d found, that the grandmother’s right wrists also had knife wounds of six centimeters, and, as the police took her downstairs, she tried to bite her tongue to commit suicide, and the family opened up her jaws to prevent this; later, the grandmother and granddaughter were both lifted to the hospital separately, and, they’re both in stable conditions now, and even though the doctors managed to connect the tendons of the child’s wrists, but, it may be damaged.

The police found the crafts knife Chiao used to kill herself at the scene, and they’re waiting for Chiao to come out of anesthesia from her operation to take her statement.

And so, the grandma just couldn’t take it, after all, she’d already raise HER children, and yet, this granddaughter was dropped on her head, and, taking care of a child is not an easy task, and, this woman just CRACKED.

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A High-School Student Beaten His Neighbor to Death, Because the Dog Peed, Got Seven and a Half Years in Prison

Boy, are THEY getting more and MORE violent by the generation here??? From the Front Page Sections, translated…

An eighteen-year-old last year high school student, Fu, is very well built, a star of the baseball team, because his neighbor, Hu’s dog came to the front of his house to urinate, and after he’d told Hu to clean up, and was ignored, he’d used a baseball bat, and clubbed Hu’s son to death, the Hsinchu District Courts gave him seven and a half years in prison for damages to death.

Fu is a current student of a certain private high school in Hsinchu, 5’6, 233 pounds, after he’d committed the murder, he’d been in police custody to date, the parents of the deceased had already moved away, and, two families, ended up, broken.

The verdict stated, that the victim’s Hu’s house is right next to Fu’s house, they were neighbors for over ten years’ time, Fu was displeased at how the Hu’s Chihuahua would defecate and urinate in front of their house, they’d already had a feud going.

Last year, on the evening of September 26, Hu’s dog urinated again in front of Fu’s house, it’d made the female head of the household angry, and she’d screamed out, “Come out and clean it up!”; the Hu’s remained indoors, and, Fu stood up for his mother’s sake, took out his aluminum bat, and broke the potted plants in front of Fu’s house.

Hu’s father was angered, came outside with a shovel, the two got into a huge argument, Fu used the baseball bat, beaten the father ‘til his head bled. Hu’s son saw his father getting beaten up, he’d gone up to stop Fu from beating his father, and he too, was beaten over the head and his skull fractured, after ten days in the hospitals, he’d still DIED.

Fu admitted to committing the crimes, said that it was self-defense, he said, that he saw the deceased pushed and shoved his mother, and because he wanted to protect his mom, that, was why he’d resorted to violence, Fu also claimed that Hu’s father took a shovel and beat him, but the police couldn’t find traces of Fu’s DNA on the shovel.

The judge believed, that Fu is young, and because the next door neighbor’s dog urinated and defecated, and his requests weren’t taken seriously, he’d used an aluminum bat and murdered the neighbors. But took into considerations, that he is still in school, that he’d had a sense of remorse, so the judge gave him seven years and six months jail sentences.

And this still just SHOWS how easily those teenage NUTS cracked, and because the families had been feuding for a long time, and this time, it was due to something so simple like a dog, peeing, and that drove this teen over the edge.

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