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The Sighting of a Predator by the Mayor of Tainan’s Side, Huang was Criticized for Allowing the Predator to Go Unpunished

And the DDP ruled city still covered the ASS of this, @#$%ING, sexual predator too, believe it or don’t!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The former assistant speaker of the Tainan City government, Yi was reported for cases in sexual harassment of children and adolescents, the issues were brought up in yesterday’s press conferences, the city councilman, Hsieh criticized the mayor, Huang for not being careful enough, that he’d allowed a predator to work for him; and took out the intel papers of how the head of economic development, Chen had been taking bribes in money and in sexual favors too, demanded that he be suspended from his position, to be investigated, Huang stated that everybody is innocent until there’s proof that s/he had committed a crime, and stated that he’d demanded Yi to explain himself as well, to tell the public the truth.

Yesterday, Yi posted on his FB, that he’d not had any intentions of sexual harassment, but, he apologizes for making others feel uncomfortable by his words, or his, actions.  Called out, that if there are any physical evidence that others are accusing him of, to pursue him in court.

from ten hours ago

“the assistant spokesperson of Tainan City Office, Yi suspected of sexually molesting multiple children for as long as three years”…from a Chinese paper based in Hong Kong, from online

The KMT hosted a press conference yesterday, that after Yi was accused of multiple counts of sexual harassments of teens, he’d only sent in his resignation, but the city government didn’t investigate the matters further, suspected that the mayor, Huang was, overlooking the illegal behaviors of his own subordinates., to the point that as soon as the city government received the notices, someone had pushed Yi to resign, and Yi immediately used his friends to pressure, told the victims to withdraw the claims, suspected, that the personal data of the victims had been, leaked out.

The mayor of Tainan, Huang stated, that as he’d been notified that the Children & Youth Welfare Leagues told that they were hosting a press conference, he’d had Yi speak to the press, and explained himself, that day at 5:45 in the afternoon, as the city government received the letter that accused Yi, Yi also sent in his resignation, stated that, he had new plans of what he wanted to do with his life, that nobody had, forced Yi to resign.

Huang told, that the contents of the disclosures are between the individuals involved only.

And so, there must be, a leak, based off of this, otherwise, how did this get out into the open, and clearly, this mayor was, covering for his subordinate’s ass, because, there were multiple accusations of this LOSER (b/c that was what he was!) sexually molesting the minors, and as the mayor learned of this, he’d not fired the man, instead, he’d, vouched for him, not even a suspension.

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The Day Following the Victims’ Reporting of the Sexual Harassments, the Victims Were Pressured, there’s a Leak in Personal Data Suspected

Being RE-victimized here, because the information had, leaked out, in an originally, what-would-have-been, confidential call!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

There were, already EIGHT victims who’d come out to accuse the assistant spokesperson of Tainan City government, Yi already, the Taiwan Youth Right & Welfare Advancement League already filed the reports to the local domestic violence prevention center, and notified the Examination Department on the Department of Education’s lagging on supervision of the backgrounds of the youth lecturers.  But the league told, that the day following the reports, there were the victims who were demanded by Yi to drop their accusations against him, and used the groups to pressure the individuals, and the victims were suspected of having their personal data leaked out.

A victim described, that it was during the seminar camps that he’d been invited by Yi to his room to discuss the special case, he’d turned Yi down, but Yi still continually harassed him verbally, and wrapped his arms around his waist, and his shoulders continually in the seminars, that awhile ago, he’d filed a complaint with the city government along with the youth division of the Department of Education in Tainan the following day, and Yi had found him the next day, used his friend’s to try to get him to drop the case against him.

Lin the C.E.O. of the Children & Youth Welfare League told, that the reports of the case had, immediately, leaked out, and Yi started calling up the adolescents and children he knew, and pressured them, “Did you, misinterpret my behaviors?”, “you need to vouch for me in front of the press!”, to the point of knowing who it was that that made the call, and called the individual to ask him to clarify and used the groups that the victim was in to pressure him, causing yet more damages on the victim’s life.

The youth division of the Department of Education stressed, that the case is sensitive, to protect the related individuals, everything is to remain, confidential.

Yeah uh, this still just showed, how easily information leaked out, too quick too, and this LOSER definitely had ties with the agencies where these reports were filed, otherwise, how the HELL could he possible know the identity of the youths who’d tattled on him?  So yeah, the youths’ privacy got invaded, and they got, molested too.  With the law, doing, DIDDILY SQUAT to protect them!

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Nine Years Ago, They’d Picked Up an Abandoned Infant, Gave Him to the Police…It Was, Actually, Their Blood

Wow, is this outrageous or what???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The twenty-four year-old woman, Hsu came to Taiwan to find her mother nine years ago, she was already five months pregnant, after she’d given birth to her son, Hsu’s mother feared that her daughter might not have the money to take care of her own son, with her husband, and her daughter, the three of them falsified reported that they’d found the child as abandoned; the Taoyuan branch of the Immigrations Department recently got to the bottom of the matter, all three individuals are now, being sued, for falsifying documentations.

As for the young boy, back then, the Taoyuan Social Services Department already found a couple, and legally adopted him out, the child is now in elementary school, is well taken care of; Hsu had no intentions of getting her own son back.  Hsu stated, she felt so much guilt for abandoning her own child, back then, she was too young and naïve, after she’d learned she was pregnant, she’d panicked, and, followed her mother’s words on taking care of the matter.

The case started when the specialist team in Taoyuan getting a tip from the hotline of the immigrations offices, to look into the matter of children who were born to noncitizens, and the Department of Sanitations logged into the system, and tracked the separate cases for fifteen days, last week, they’d found, that Hsu had come to Taiwan in March of 2005, and in December of that same year, she’d had a male infant, and so, they’d decided to check out how the child was doing.

The specialist team found, that Hsu was from Fujen, China, after her mother divorced, she married to Taiwan.  A little over nine years ago, at age fifteen, she’d filed to come here to be with her kin, and, after she’d entered into the country, Hsu’s mother found, that her daughter was five months pregnant, and, in October of that same year, she’d given birth to a baby boy, back then, the hospitals told the social services departments, and, it was recorded down.

At the end of that same year, Hsu was found for having overstayed in Taiwan, was sent back to China, to be taken care of by a relative.  Four years ago, Hsu came here again, with her mother’s status, she’d married a Taiwanese man who works in the wholesales of seafood, they have a son together.  The stand in captain of the Specialist Squad went to Hsu’s registered location, and found her mother, and Hsu’s mother couldn’t tell them the whereabouts of the baby boy her daughter had, and so, the mother and daughter can only tell the specialist squad the truth.

Hsu’s mother stated, that back then, her daughter was underage, plus she’d had an expired visa, feared that she will get sent back to China, and she couldn’t possibly raise her grandson on her own, so, she’d discussed with her husband and daughter, waited until her daughter recovered from her birth, in December, they’d gone to the police, stating that they found their own blood was “abandoned in the parks”, and handed the baby boy to the police.

The social services department said, that after they’d received an abandoned child, they’d posted the flyers, and if no one comes forth, then, the children would be adopted out, through the legal procedures.  And in the best interests of the child, the birth mother has NO right to get the child back; and if the birth mother wanted to see the child she’d given up, she must ask for the adopted parents’, as well as the child’s permissions to see him.

And so, you got knocked up as a teen, you panicked, and, your mother who married here came up with the plan, and because you didn’t have a clue, you’d gone along with it, and now, you’re left, with this regret, and that, is how it goes, when you throw your own kid out like trash!


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