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The “Accidental Death” of Chong-Chiu Hong, the District Court Found, that it Was “Accidental”, the Eighteen People Involved Got a Light Slap on the Wrist

This, is the long awaited INJUSTICE, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The case that caused dramatic changes in the military, the tortured death of a soldier, Chong-Chiu Hong got the verdict from the first trial yesterday, the Collective Courts in Taoyuan found, that Hong had died due to an accident, and of the eighteen plaintiffs, the most serious sentence was just eighteen months in jail, and, of them all, five were found not guilty; after sitting in on the trial, the mother of Hong cried and told, “It’s too light, I can’t accept this”, the white-shirted soldiers cried out, “the courts are NOWHERE near the level of court marshal”.

“We are displeased too!”, the former officer of the platoon stated, and, through his lawyers, he’d claimed, “I’m facing this head on, and I maintain my innocence”, He, Hsu, Fang, and Chen, the ones who were involved in the tortured death of the man all claimed, “Nobody wanted to hurt him, we should all be found NOT guilty, and so, we will surely go for an appeal.”

The district court in Taoyuan said that it’d respected the sentiments of both sides, that it had NO comment.  The D.A.’s office in Taoyuan stated, that they will decide whether or not to appeal after they’d received the verdict in print.

The District Court’s determinant of it was an accidental death was reliant on the coroner’s testimonies, of how the damages from the heat won’t accumulate, and that after taking a break for two hours, the man will be okay, the officers started drilling Hong at seven in the morn, and, fifty minutes later, he was returned to his regular activities, and, the drills didn’t come again until three in the afternoon, and that it was ANOTHER army officer who’d watched the men do their drills, and Hong didn’t get his heatstroke until five in the afternoon.

Shih’s testimonies cut off the cause and effect between Chen and the abuse to death, and, it’d lessened his sentence from life in prison to just SIX months, which he could pay his way out of serving hard time.

Yesterday, when the verdict was read, the group of public dressed in white shirt all stood outside the courts, supporting the family of the victim, and of the defendants, only Shen, and Liu were there, and the family of the deceased soldier were all there.

After hearing the verdict, the family sighed that they’re “disappointed”, Shen and Liu were very calm, after getting out of the courthouse, Hong’s mother had tears in her eyes, and refused to speak, the father and the older sister stated that “the law did NOT match up to the expectations of the public”, they’re thinking of appealing the case.

The one who’d gotten the harshest sentence in the case was the platoon leader, Hsu, with eight months, Shen, He, Liu, Chen, Feng, along with others involved only got six months, and they can’t pay their way out of serving hard time.  The collective courts found that they all knew that there’s NO punishment for taking a phone to the drills, and they’d still signed the papers, to send Hong into the chambers, and prosecuted them all based off of laws against using military resources privately.

And so, this, is still a SLAP on the wrist, seeing how the man D-I-E-D, so horribly, he was drilled too hard, because the superiors didn’t like the way he’d done things, and that, would be a problem in the M-I-L-I-T-A-R-Y, because you couldn’t show your individuality, you must go with the flow of the group, because if you stand OUT too much, then, you’d end up just like this guy, tortured to D-E-A-T-H!!!

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