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Thanks for the Hospitality

Cooking for those you loved, translated…

Awhile ago, I was watching the Japanese soap, “Thanks for the Hospitality”, the main character, Meiko worked as a small food stand owner after the war in the black markets, in the story, she constantly, waited for her husband who went away to war, to come back home again.  She loved cooking, loved sharing her cooking with others even more, the hard-to-come by rice and foods, she’d cooked it all, then, shared it with the villagers generously, the returning servicemen, along with orphans as well.  She held firm, to the beliefs that you MUST have food, in order to live, and, no matter who ate her cooking, they’d always carried that same smiling expression on their faces: she’d warmed up the people’s hearts with her food, encouraged them to keep on living, that so long as they’re alive, there will always be hope too.  Everybody nicknamed her, “Mrs. Thank-You-for-Coming-by-to Eat”.

Her own mother, had given up on working after she married, and her thought behind this, was so very simple, just wanted her daughter, to be able to come home to a home cooked meal for supper, so, she’d taken up odds and ends at home.  Waited until her kids are all grown, she’d still sat in the kitchen, waiting for her kids who were working late, to help them make a meal, or midnight snack before they head off to bed, and maybe, all that’s left for her to work with were the leftovers from supper, but, she’d added fresh vegetables, and maybe, an egg too, then, dish after dish of yummy food was presented on the supper table for her kids, it’d allowed her kids, to feel energetic.  Recalling how my mother cooked from whatever she could get her hands on thirty years ago, it felt like the egg and chicken rice in the Japanese culture.

And now, at the age of almost eighty, my mother still busied herself in and out of the kitchen, because her baby grandchildren loved her cooking, one time, her grandson who goes to school away, missed his grandma’s cooking, he’d come back home in the spare hours between his cram sessions.  Before he left, he’d begged for another bowl of grandma’s famous rice.

Those who loved cooking have a warm heart, that, was why they’d gotten so used to the heat in the kitchen, and not getting bored by the washing and the chopping of vegetables, insisted on their careful thoughts, and patiently, prepared the dishes, and, it’d put that warmth into the hearts of those who ate, and the diners got that boost they were needing, that, was how they showed their love to the ones they cared about, so, all who’d had a chance to sit down and dine, should all say to the cooks, “Thanks for the hospitality!”

And so, cooking, became a show of love?  Because of the way they were raised, in a poverty-stricken era, where they didn’t get enough to eat, and so, the older generations believed, that cooking the items that their young loved is the best way to show them their love, that might have worked in the past, but, NOT so much so in modern day era, but, the heart is still there, so, you should still say thank you to the C-O-O-K-S in your lives.

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