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What If, Nobody Misses Me When I’m Gone???

What if, nobody misses me when I’m gone???  Then, I will be, forgotten, by the rest, of this great, and big ol’ world!

What if, nobody misses me when I’m gone???  I want someone to miss me, even IF, it’s just that one single solitary person on earth, to know, that I mattered…

What if, nobody misses me when I’m gone???  And, what IF, nobody says ANYTHING nice about me as a person when I was still alive, for my eulogy?  Because all I cared about, was ME!  What if, nobody misses me when I’m gone???  I don’t want to be, brushed to the back of people’s head, I don’t want to get left behind, like some unimportant memory.

What if, nobody misses me when I’m gone???  What’ll become OF me?  I must do something, to MAKE sure, that people WILL remember me, but what?  What, can I do, to MAKE sure that I’m remembered???  I can either do something really good, or really bad, so, which one will I choose to do???

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It Was, Never Mine to Begin With

It was, never mine to begin with, so, why am I still, so very sad, over losing it???  Could it be, that I’d become too attached to it over time?  Or, that I’d assigned too much emotional meaning to it, that losing it, feels like, killing me?

It was, never mine, to begin with, it was a gift, I suppose, from someone whom I thought loved me, but, he didn’t, not really, and now, this item is gone, and, I’m finding it hard, for me, to let it go, why is that?

It was, never mine, to begin with, and, by that way of thought, I shouldn’t even BE feeling ANYTHING as it’d been lost, but, why, am I sad over it?  Perhaps, it’s the meaning of the item, or maybe, the heart that the person had, when the item was given to me, who knows?  Point it, it is, already lost, and, no amount of tears I will BE shedding, will be helping me, to get it back again, so, I’d stopped crying, because, it was, NEVER mine, to begin with.

It was, never mine, to begin with, there’s NO need to be sorrowful, or saddened, by the loss of it, after all, it is, just something, that, is easily, replaced, it CAN be bought, with money, another one, JUST like it…how easily, things CAN be replaced, wish love was the same too, but, is it?


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Lost My Directions, the Contemplations of a Teenager

Found online, translated…

In this great big vast world

I feel, that I’m lost

Sometimes, I’d sat alone, contemplating, trying, to find

The answers to the questions of my own life

But, to no avail

Man is great, because of his dreams

And yet, where, are my dreams?

Being lost

Can I, find a way, to resolve, this problem

Which, do I choose, a regular high school, or, a technical high school?

And, what would be my areas of studies?  I’m wrecking my brains right now

Says WHO school children DON’T have any worries, this young woman is worried all right, as there are so many available options out there, for her, to choose from, and, she’s at an age where she’s still, exploring her areas of interests, and, is not to be hurried, but hey, the world, it waits for NO one, and, she must make this vital decisions, that will, affect the outcomes of the rest of her life…

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